The Science Behind Being A Kyle Freeland Gal/Guy

There are baseball players, then there are baseball fans, then there are baseball players with the most dedicated baseball fans in the world. Kyle Freeland falls into the third category without a doubt.

He has an army of dedicated fans, called Kyle Freeland Guys and Gals. There is even an Instagram account dedicated to being diehard Kyle Freeland supporters, who I follow and who follows me. There even is merchandise with “I’m a Kyle Freeland guy” written on it available for purchase.

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The “I’m a Kyle Freeland Guy” T-shirt loyal defenders of the Rockies pitcher can wear (Credit: Purple Row)

Kyle, who plays for the Colorado Rockies, was born in Denver, home of the Rockies. As a result, he’s seen as a hometown hero. I’m extremely proud of Kyle for working hard to not only get to the Major Leagues, but for playing for the team he grew up supporting.

Kyle had an amazing rookie campaign in 2017. Through all the magical moments and rough patches he’s gone through, he’s proven he deserves a Cy Young award, which is awarded to baseball pitchers each year for good pitching performance. He finished in the top ten recently, and soon enough, he’ll end up in the top three! I have faith in Kyle that he will have a successful 2020.

Not only that, but Kyle loves dogs! Kyle grew up surrounded by dogs. As a child, he had a German Shepherd. Today, he’s a dog dad of two super cute pups. I love dogs, and people who love dogs. The fact that Kyle is a dog dad gives him brownie points.

In addition, Kyle is a giving person. One day, Kyle decided to give back to his elementary school. The fact that he wanted to help students at his alma mater and make life amazing for them makes him fantastic. He’s a fantastic person on and off the field.

Image result for kyle freeland elementary school
Kyle, along with mascot Dinger and two teammates, visit elementary school students (Credit: Longmont Times-Call)

Kyle is also kind to his fans. This past Rockies Fan Fest, he played in a Family Feud spin off. He got to shake my friend’s hand and I felt envious at the time. She let me know that Kyle was really nice to her and took a picture with her. Knowing that Kyle was really polite to my friend makes me admire him even more.

I’m a loyal defender of Kyle. I have chosen to not tolerate people being rude to Kyle. Even if he has a rough outing, in my opinion, that does not excuse people being mean to him. I prefer to hope he gets plenty of rest and is feeling healthy, instead. Bad day or good day, I have Kyle’s back. I will show positivity to Kyle no matter what!

I really appreciate Kyle’s positive energy as well! He always is excited to shower his teammates with support and enjoys celebrating his great outings. There’s no doubt I want to support a human like that. He’s who I want to be when I grow up.

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Kyle tips his hat to the fans (Credit: BSN Denver)

I posted a photo of Kyle’s iconic celebration in my last blog post. This is the photo behind the Kyle Freeland Guy/Gal movement. That photo encapsulates how I feel when Kyle has a great day, and when his team does well. That iconic image brings mountains of optimism to my life.

Being a Kyle Freeland gal has become a very critical piece of my identity. Whenever I hear the song, “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, instead of singing “Open up my eager eyes ‘cause I’m Mr. Brightside,” I sing “Open up my eager eyes ‘cause I’m a Kyle Freeland Gal.” Following and being followed by the Kyle Freeland superfan Instagram account has really solidified my place in this fan community.

I really do hope that I get to see Kyle play in person this season. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get my hands on a Kyle Freeland jersey. Once I do find out if I get to see Kyle play in person in Denver this year, you bet your heart I will be wearing his jersey to the game and supporting him with every stem cell in my body!

I also hope that this year is excellent for Kyle. May this be the year that Kyle gets nominated for the Cy Young award and gets to pitch in the baseball All-Star Game. May this be the year that many more people join the community and hopefully he gets a chance to win an award given to players with amazing offensive performances known as a Silver Slugger award.

I will support Kyle Freeland, day in and day out, good outing or rough, pitching or batting. I’m a Kyle Freeland gal, yesterday, today, tomorrow, for all eternity.



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