Fourteen Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day. Some people look forward to it, some people dread it. I mostly look forward to it for tasty treats.

Here are fourteen different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or, as I prefer to call it, Single Awareness Day:

Valentine’s cards for your coworkers. Remember in elementary school when you made Valentine’s cards for your classmates? You haven’t outgrown them! You can make kind notes to give to your coworkers and make their days.

Cupcakes and cookie cake. Boxes of chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries sound tasty, yes. I’m a huge fan of cookie cake and cupcakes, however, and I look forward to enjoying them over the week of Valentine’s Day. Cookie cakes and cupcakes are an amazing treat.

Treats for your pets. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a different pet, try giving your pet a delicious treat on Valentine’s Day. Pets are valentines, too!

New meal traditions. My junior year of college, I started enjoying Taco Bell on Valentine’s Day. I plan on continuing the tradition. Try making a new meal tradition, such as Coco Pebbles for breakfast or packing a cheesecake slice in your lunch.

Image result for culver's chicken tenders meal
A delicious chicken tenders meal from Culver’s. I may make Culver’s a new Valentine’s Day tradition. (Credit:

A trip to the aquarium or zoo. Why not take the day to celebrate with some of your favorite animals? It will make a wonderful day with your family, friends, and/or significant other. You can even go by yourself, if you’d like!

Shopping excursions. Okay, maybe not everyone is into shopping. But why not treat yourself to a new pair of running shorts or new lipstick?

Learn a new subject. Be your own valentine and treat yourself to a new subject. From learning about thermonuclear astrophysics to sharpening your knowledge about content marketing, there’s a lot to learn.

Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bears are so cute! Why not treat yourself to an adorable stuffed animal that you create yourself?

Image result for build a bear star wars
A cute Star Wars Build-A-Bear that you can get as a gift for yourself or a Star Wars fan in your life (Credit: HelloGiggles)

Start a new series on Netflix or Hulu. Currently, I’m watching ER on Hulu. Give yourself a treat and watch that Netflix Original Series you’ve been meaning to see.

Self-care day. Face mask? Nap with classical music? Treat yourself and take care of yourself!

Self-care day. Face mask? Nap with classical music? Treat yourself and take care of yourself!

Skype or FaceTime a faraway family member or friend. They will appreciate the kind gesture and they will feel loved.

Buy something you’ve been saving money for. Treat yourself to the new car or new piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing for a while.

Image result for buying a new car
Be your own valentine and treat yourself to a big purchase you’ve been wanting to make, such as a car (Credit: HowStuffWorks)

Learn a new recipe. Ever wanted to learn to make apple pie or tomato soup? Be your own valentine and teach yourself how to make a recipe you’ve been itching to make.

Get crafty! Draw, paint, take photos, make pottery. You might discover a hobby you never thought you loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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