The Magic Of Colorado Rockies Photo Day

July 2010. My very first Colorado Rockies game. It turned out to be Photo Day, too! I remember that day very well. Reminiscing on my first trip to the ballpark makes me happy as a woodchuck in a furniture store.

I was so excited. From what I remember, I was wearing a bracelet that looked like a baseball, an adorable straw hat, a purple Colorado Rockies T-shirt, a bright purple skirt, and sandals. There’s no feeling like going into the ballpark. My family and I mistook it for autograph day, so obviously we took many things for the players to sign. Since it was photo day, only photos were allowed and no autographs were permitted.

No problems. Getting to meet the players was still amazing. I fondly remember pitcher Huston Street. When he walked up to us, my older sister was telling him that he was her favorite pitcher. My siblings and I got our pictures taken with him. As he was walking towards the next person to take photos with, I made sure to scream, “You rule!” to him. “Thank you,” he mouthed back.

Image result for huston street
Huston Street and then-teammate Chris Iannetta (Credit: Getty Images)

One of my absolute favorite parts was meeting Ryan Spilborghs. Mr. Spilborghs, known to Rockies fans as Spilly, is one of my favorite people in the world. He was so sweet to me and I will never forget having my photo taken with him. My upper arm will forever be blessed by that man. I started crushing on him then. Even now, as an adult, I have a crush on Spilly. I’ve seen posts on social media saying he’s a great person, and I agree wholeheartedly.

The day got even better as I got to meet my absolute favorite baseball player of all time (well, tied for first place with Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story), Troy “Tulo” Tulowitzki. I’ve had a huge crush on Tulo since I was in the sixth grade, and honestly, I still do. Getting to have a picture taken with him was a dream come true.

Another memory that I really enjoyed was when one of the staff members complimented me on my hat. It was a small gesture, and I hope that person knows just how more magical they made my day. What really put a smile on my face was when Brad Hawpe still came to take a photo with my family. The players were supposed to go back to the dugout to get ready for the game against San Diego, but Mr. Hawpe still wanted to take one more photo. Sweet as sugar of him.

I loved everything about that day, from the photo opportunities to eating my very first Rockie dog, from watching the Colorado Rockies win to seeing a home run in real live time. The fact that the photos were taken at Coors Field, one of the prettiest baseball stadiums in the United States, makes it extra special. Such a wonderful experience. I wish I could repeat that experience all over again.

See the source image
Brad Hawpe during his time with the Colorado Rockies (Credit: High Heat Stats)

Going to the ballpark is magical, but going to the ballpark on photo day makes the ballpark experience extra wonderful. I hope that soon, somewhat soon, I will get to experience this wonderful day again.

I strongly recommend going to a Photo Day game to anyone. There are few things more wonderful than getting to getting to meet some of your favorite baseball players. I can’t begin to describe how starstruck I felt getting to meet Tulo and Spilly, as well as then-manager Jim Tracy. The players were all sweeter than chocolate-covered marshmallows. They made me fall even more deeply in love with the team than ever before.

 It’s a wonderful way to make memories that will last a lifetime. It can also make a wonderful gift. Celebrating a friend’s birthday? Surprise that friend with tickets to a Photo Day. Has a family member recently graduated from law school? Congratulating them on their graduation with a trip to Photo Day at the ballpark isn’t half bad. Did your significant other get a promotion at their job? A wonderful way to celebrate the promotion might mean taking them to the ballpark on Photo Day.

The Colorado Rockies Photo Day experience is a wonderful one. It transformed me into a diehard Rockies fan. I got to meet some of my favorite people. I got to experience my very first baseball game of my life, as well as getting to see a home run by Melvin Mora—my very first time ever seeing a home run. I will forever associate Wendy’s Frosty treats with ballpark magic as I got one for the very first time that night. I ate it with a French fry, and in my humble opinion, it’s the better way to eat a Frosty.

See the source image
Former Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy (Credit: The Beacon Herald)

Honestly, that day in general was amazing. It was a filled with a bunch of excitement and happy memories. That day made me a bigger baseball fan than I could have ever imagined. From that day on, I was always giddy while walking up to the entrance to Coors Field. I may be a grown human now, but I will forever be a giddy, gleeful middle school student inside when I step into the beautiful ballpark deep in the heart of Downtown Denver.

Every single time I pass by Coors Field on my way to and from a musical in the lovely city of Denver or another event, I will have to say hello to some of my favorite players on that team, such as Nolan Arenado, Ryan McMahon, Charlie Blackmon, Trevor Story, and David Dahl. That’s how much I adore this team due to my first Coors Field experience as an incoming eighth-grader.

Shout-out to the Colorado Rockies for the amazing day in 2010 and the magical memories that have happened in the years since. This is why you are my favorite baseball team.


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