My Ultimate Coors Field Bucket List

I love Coors Field. It’s my second home and my favorite ballpark. With that comes a list of things I would love to do. Some of the things I have already done, others are things I have considered doing but still have yet to do. I strongly recommend that anyone who will be visiting Coors Field do the things on this list.

From where I’d love to sit for games to taking advantage of ticket promotions, here are the top twenty items on my ultimate Coors Field Bucket List:

1. Sit in the first row behind second base. I sat close to the first row behind third base in 2017. It was a really great view. I liked seeing the plays very closely, it felt like I was playing the game myself or playing a video game version of Major League Baseball. I would really like to sit in the absolute first row behind second base. Second base is my second favorite position (shortstop is my favorite), so that would be a fun experience.

2. Attend a concert. For the past few years, Coors Field has hosted some fun concerts, from the Zack Brown Band to Billy Joel. I, myself, would love to attend a Coors Field concert. It sounds like a ton of fun.

3. Watch a postgame movie. Something fantastic that the Colorado Rockies did on September 1, 2019, is offer the opportunity to watch the classic baseball film The Sandlot to anyone in attendance, regardless of whether or not they had purchased the special movie day ticket. Since The Sandlot is my favorite baseball movie, I wanted to stay and watch. However, my sister and I decided to head home in the eighth inning since I wasn’t feeling well due to the heat and my half-dark-colored outfit. Otherwise, I would have loved to take advantage. Hopefully I will in the next couple years.

4. Attend a Weather & Science Day game. When I was in middle school and/or high school, I wanted to major in meteorology in college. As a sixth-grader, I wanted to enter the pre-veterinary career path in college. I have acquaintances, family, and friends who studied or are studying for careers in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields. Therefore, a Weather & Science Day game sounds very fascinating.

Ian Desmond and Charlie Blackmon during a game against the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5. Attend an Opening Day game. Opening Day sounds like a lot of fun! It sounds like a great way to reconnect with fellow fans and enjoy a very special time at the ballpark. I’d love to experience the magic of the very first game of the year at Coors Field.

6. Attend a college-themed game. What’s amazing? Supporting your university. What else is amazing? Supporting your favorite baseball team with all your heart. What’s the most amazing of them all? Supporting your university AND baseball team with every ounce of spirit you can muster. That’s reason enough to motivate me to attend a college-themed Rockies game.

7. Attend a Bark at the Park game. I LOVE DOGS. They’re four-legged therapists that accept payment in the form of noggin pats. I would be in heaven if I got to see dogs at the Bark at the Park game. I can imagine seeing their cute little faces make my cares melt away. Dogs and baseball. It’s a beautiful combination.

8. Go on a tour. I’ve been to the ballpark many times, for games and for Fan Fest. I still would love to go on a tour. Coors Field is a drop-dead gorgeous ballpark and getting a tour of the amazing parts of the field sounds like a great way to spend day.

9. Watch a game from The Rooftop. The Rooftop seems like a very fun place to watch a game from. It sounds like it has a really great view and sounds like it’s loaded with a lot of fun and love of the team.

10. Sit in the Rockpile. I might get to cross this off my bucket list this year, depending on how the coronavirus pandemic affects the Major League Baseball season. The Rockpile seems like it has a great view of the ballpark. I have a feeling that it will provide a beautiful image of the entire ballpark.

11. Attend a game as a Season Ticket Holder. I would love to be a Rockies Season Ticket Holder. I imagine that it will provide a lot of extra ballpark fun. Side note, the Rockies ticket agent is a really great person. They are the reason I am extra interested in becoming a season ticket holder.

Nolan Arenado and a teammate warm up before a game against the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

12. Shop at the Diamond Dry Goods Store. Okay, I already crossed this off my bucket list twice in the past year. I window shopped there during Labor Day Weekend to check out the merchandise, also to keep cool during the hot day. Shortly before I got scanned in for Rox Fest in January, I shopped there and got the cutest hair clip and my Larry Walker hat. I highly recommend that anyone who is at Coors Field check out the Diamond Dry Goods Store.

13. Eat frozen yogurt from a baseball helmet-shaped bowl. I wanted to do this in July 2018 but the concessions stands were closing up shop that night. I love the concept of putting a dessert in a helmet-shaped bowl. Bonus points to people who turn the bowls into cute little batting helmets for their adorable pets.

14. Attend a ball game that Kyle Freeland pitches in. What’s better than attending a Rockies game? Attending a Rockies game where Colorado-born starting pitcher Kyle Freeland plays! That sounds like a ton of fun and totally something I would love to do. I can’t wait to wear my Kyle Freeland T-shirt and scream all my love and support for Kyle all game long.

15. Catch a foul ball. Catching a foul ball sounds like a very daring experience. It also sounds like fun, a great souvenir. I’ll be honest, I find foul balls fascinating. It’s interesting seeing how different timings can affect the direction of the ball.

16. Catch a home run ball. What could be better than catching a foul ball, you may ask? Catching a home run ball, of course! I’m intrigued by home run statistics. exit speed, exit velocity, launch angle, all so beautiful.

17. Attend a fireworks game. This is another item I have already crossed off the list. However, it’s an experience I’d love to enjoy once again. The display was beyond beautiful. I am amazed at how well the fireworks are put together. I was originally fascinated by fan appreciation fireworks in 2016 and they were gorgeous. Shout out to the Rockies for putting on an amazing display.

18. Sit in Purple Row. Another item I have already done, but it was worth it. Beautiful view, great seats.

A blurry yet detailed photo of Purple Row at Coors Field

19. Enjoy a Helton Burger. They sound so delicious. Also, they are named after the best first baseman in team history. Reason enough for me to want to get one.

20. Attend Game 162. I wanted to attend Game 162 in 2019 so badly. I didn’t go and I wish I did. Can’t wait to shower the team with love during the last game of the regular season and let them know that they are my favorite team all year round.

Once a Rockies fan, always a Rockies fan. Love this team, forever and always. Coors Field will be my favorite ballpark for as long as I live. Hope to see my Sugar Sweet Black Vest Boys play soon!


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