A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Rockies Outfielder David Dahl

I remember the Wednesday in early 2017 that the Colorado Rockies went to visit my university. Since one of my classes that day was canceled, I had the chance to go visit my absolute favorite baseball team ever. I am still so starstruck that I met David Dahl. I spoke about it with my sister, who agreed that David was a kind person. Not only is he a wonderful person, but also a wonderful player, in my opinion.

David, a native of northern Alabama, has enjoyed an impressive amateur career. When he was a freshman at Oak Mountain High School, he made the varsity baseball team as a shortstop. In my opinion, that is extremely impressive. Joining the varsity team your first year of high school sounds like an extremely high form of praise. In addition, I believe that set in motion a wonderful career for David.

Things got better and better for David when he appeared in the 2011 Pan American Games. During the 15-game tournament, he recorded 11 runs batted in, and Team USA won the gold medal. That is extremely impressive and I am beyond elated for David for that. That adds 119,714 fabulous points to his awesome factor.

Just when David’s high school career couldn’t get any more magical, he had a wonderful senior season. Not only did he have a batting average of .412 and 34 RBI, but he also stole eighteen bases. An absolutely beautiful way to finish out your high school baseball career, at least from my perspective.

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David is all smiles during spring training in Arizona (Credit: The Denver Post)

Looking back on all the accomplishments David had during his high school career, it’s no surprise he exceled in the minor leagues. During his time with the Prairie League team Grand Junction Rockies, he hit .379/.423/.695, along with 57 runs batted in and nine home runs. In the end, he was the Prairie League’s Most Valuable Player. Very high praise in my eyes. I absolutely believe that is an ingredient in the formula for success.

Adding to his resume, he was a Baseball America best prospect in 2013, participated in the 2016 MLB Futures Game as an injury replacement, and was promoted from Class AA to Class AAA to the Major Leagues all within the year 2016. That goes to show just how fantastic David is. I am very grateful he is part of the Colorado Rockies organization.

Some of David’s major league achievements include a 17-game hitting streak in 2016, an All-Star Game appearance in 2019, and a 100-game 2019 season that included fifteen home runs and 61 RBI. Overall, he has a .297 batting average, 133 runs batted in, and 38 home runs. I really believe that David is going to have a wonderful career. I am so excited to see where his beautiful baseball skills take him. I hope he wins a batting title and hits for the cycle soon.

Can we just take one second to appreciate David Dahl’s golden retriever Rookie? Rookie is an adorable dog and a very good boy. From what I see, David is a fantastic dog dad. Not to be dramatic, but I would do a plethora of things to protect Rookie.

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David celebrates scoring a run against the Los Angeles Dodgers (Credit: Rox Pile)

Also, David is sweet as sugar! I have met him twice during my life, and he was really, really sweet! When I met him at my university in 2017, I was really excited to meet him. I was so excited when he and his then-teammate Tom Murphy signed my phone case. I noticed him shaking students’ hands when he met them. That gave me a wonderful first impression of who David is as a person. I fondly remember my sister telling me over Facebook messenger, “David Dahl more like David Doll.” I wholeheartedly agree with her.

I met David again in January of this year, the weekend after my birthday. I was getting a little antsy because I felt like the line was going to last forever and I was also really curious as to who I was going to get to meet. When my sister saw that we would be meeting David Dahl, she sent a message to the family group chat. I can still feel the emotions to this day.

As soon as it was my turn to have a baseball and a photo signed by David, I could feel the joy. “Hi, David, how are you?” I asked as soon as I saw him. I then let him know that I was so sorry to hear that he was hurt and wanted to see if he was doing better. He was very happy to sign a picture for me upon request. That is the textbook definition of southern hospitality. He literally lives up to his last name.

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David high-fives his teammates after an excellent play (Credit: Rox Pile)

David Dahl is a talented player, a fantastic dog dad, and one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life. I am beyond glad he is a member of the Colorado Rockies organization and I look up to him. Stay amazing, David!




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