A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Rockies Catcher Tony Wolters

What do you get when you cross a California boy, a loving dog dad, and a Wild Card game hero? Rockies catcher Tony Wolters! I really appreciate Tony and I am very happy that he is a member of my favorite baseball team.

Tony was originally a member of the Cleveland Indians, however they cut him from the team and he was claimed by the Rockies. He became a key role in the Rockies roster, as he has done wonderful things. I remember getting to watch him play live in 2016. It was my first Rockies game since 2010. Getting to see Tony catch was a real treat. At the end of the season, I let him know on Twitter that he made the night special.

I will probably remember the National League Wild Card game for the rest of my life. I had just taken my first midterm of the semester that day and was just exhausted. I wanted to tune in to the game, however. That game was a wild ride. It put the “Wild” in “Wild Card.” I was so emotionally invested in that game that I felt much too nauseous to eat my dinner. My ear was aching because I was so stressed out by that game.

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Tony celebrates an RBI during the 2018 Wild Card game (Credit: Larry Brown Sports)

My Tweets from that game were high stress. All I could really talk about was how I wanted the innings to end and how I was slowly losing my mind. Tony saved the day by hitting a go-ahead single. I was so relieved when they finally won that game. I will forever adore Tony for that.

Another wonderful thing that Tony did was walk off Baltimore on Sunday, May 26, 2019. I remember Direct Messaging a friend on Twitter having high feelings and how upset I was that Baltimore was in the lead. While I was away from the internet getting ready for my summer RA job, Tony hit a sacrifice fly after a series of walks. My friend let me know the team won and there were enough runs for the Rockies Taco Special. I felt so relieved.

Tony is also a really nice person. Back in July 2018, he decided to host an impromptu meet-and-greet with fans. He offered to meet fans at a Denver Starbucks before he went to Coors Field to get ready for a game. A group of Rockies fans, many of who I consider Twitter buddies, spent the morning with him. That was so sweet of him to do and I am so happy that the fans enjoyed their morning with him. Tony seems like an amazing person to be around. I honestly have the impression that he’s the type of human you’d want to invite over for tacos and Disney+.

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Charlie Blackmon dumps a cooler on Tony to celebrate a walk-off victory (Credit: Rox Pile)

Also, Tony has a super adorable dog. Dogs are literal furry, four-legged angels. There’s just something about athletes who love their dogs. There’s something about people who love dogs that makes my heart happy. I find loving dogs and other pets as a personality trait, people who love dogs are amazing in my eyes. He is extra amazing because he has a very lovable, good-looking pup.

I imagine Tony winning a Silver Slugger award in his near future. He played well in 2019, with 42 Runs Batted In and a .262 batting average, so I honestly see that as a possibility. I know, deep down in my heart, that he will only get better and better at batting. I have a ton of faith in him.

I also really hope that he gets into the All-Star Game soon. He is certainly proving his place in the Colorado Rockies organization. In fact, I remember in 2017, I offered to be an ambassador for why Tony should be voted into the game. I let the Rockies know that I would be able to describe Tony as a wonderful person and player. They were impressed with my sales pitch. I would love to spread the word about it again. I’d love to make the case for Tony, or any of his teammates, being All-Stars.

Colorado Rockies news: Cute pets that might make you forget about ...
Tony and his dog, Levi (Credit: Purple Row)

Tony, I really appreciate you as a player and a person. Keep up the good work, you have a lot of amazing things in your future. Also, quick question: May I pet your dog?






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