Seven Reasons Cats Are Amazing

Since I was almost ten years old, I have had two adorable cats. I hope to have more cats in the near future. They are so cute and precious. Little angel babies. Here are seven reasons why cats are amazing animals.

1. Complementary massages. I remember one time my cat pushed her paws into my hands. Kind of like a kitty massage. It was beyond adorable. I love that she thinks of me as mother cat. Sometimes a massage from your pretty little kitty is all you need. Best part about them? They’re free!

2. Head butts. Sometimes when I give my cat my hand to smell, she will just rub her cute little face across my hand. She also loves to rub her head on shoes, boxes, furniture, you name it. It’s a sign that cats love you very much. It’s so sweet and magical.

When it comes to pets, my adorable cat loves neck scratches the best

3. There’s no love like a cat’s love. Cats are quite independent and they seem to get a reputation as mean and selfish. When a cat loves and trusts you, it’s a magical feeling. I feel extra special because of the way my cat loves me. It makes me feel like she sees me as one of the best family members she has ever had during her life.

4. They’re great at pest control. The main reason my father wanted a cat was to catch the mice my family would get in the house since we literally neighbor an open field. I remember my sister sent me a Snapchat saying my cat got a reward for catching a mouse. The day after my birthday, while I was getting ready for work, my cat caught another mouse, and I posted on her Instagram saying that she got rewarded for being a good girl by catching it. That’s the best thing about cats, partially complementary pest control experts.

I noticed my cat lying on the stairs in a loaf position and of course had to take a photo of her

5. Kitty kisses. Cat kisses are adorable, especially because of their coarse tongues that are good for cleaning their fur and eating dinner. I love when my cat gives me kisses. It’s a major sign she loves and trusts me.

6. They are beneficial for your mental health. I suffer from generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and severe depression. My cat really helps with that. Whenever I scratch her head, neck, or belly I feel all my cares melt away. I’m happy as a woodchuck in a furniture store when I get to pet the little lady.

I’m obsessed with booping my cat’s cute little head

7. Their beautiful, expressive eyes. My favorite feature on my cat? Her piercing blue eyes! Cat eyes are so beautiful and so expressive. Whether looking at something with surprise, disgust, or interest, cats use their eyes to make the cutest faces. Plus, they are such beautiful colors that will make your heart explode.

I love cats so much. They have stolen my heart and they are amazing. Cats are forever.


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