My Top 25 Favorite Dog Breeds

Dogs literally exist to make the day much better. They are known as man’s best friend for a reason. Dogs will stick by you through the good times and the bad times. They are such loving little angel babies. They are very welcome to cuddles and kisses. They are such wonderful workout and adventure buddies. Whenever I see a dog, I can’t help but smile inside. I hope to become a dog mom myself one day.

Every spring semester in college, I made sure to pet a dog-petting event. I remember one dog jumped onto my lap when I came to pet him. Another dog gave me as many kisses as she could. One of my favorite moments was getting to hold a dog’s leash, as she was a young dog and very mischief prone. I even got to take a photo of her posing like a ballerina!

Originally, I was going to make a top 10 favorite dog breeds, but there were so many cute dogs, I couldn’t do ten. Here are my top 25 favorite doggy breeds ever. This list is based on the physical features of the dog, as well as their personalities and love of activity.

25. Italian Greyhound. They are like little silver or golden unicorns who are described as playful, alert, and sensitive. I fell in love with Italian Greyhounds from watching JennaMarbles on YouTube. I was instantly endeared by her dog, Kermit, and her partner’s dog, Peach. They are so energetic and full of love. From what I’ve seen, they seem like excellent jogging and hiking buddies. They also are great companions. They were born to be that way and love being around their owners. Due to my depression, anxiety, and OCD, I’d love to be surrounded by that kind of love and affection from a fur baby.

24. Shar Pei. There’s just something about these wrinkly doggies, who are described as loyal, independent, and calm that makes my heart grin. A professional soccer player I follow posts photos of his Shar Pei and/or Great Dane on Wednesdays. They just seem like super sweet dogs. Shar Pei pups also give me the impression that they are great adventure companions and spread joy wherever they are. These doggies are smart and loyal. They also are calm, but look out for threats. It’s like having a dog who is a good friend but a furry bodyguard simultaneously.

23. Shiba Inu. Ah, yes. The dog breed known for the meme. These puppers, who are described as alert, active, and attentive, are just so much fun! I saw a video where a Shiba expressed love for its new toy by howling hilariously at its owner. I thought it was hilarious and adorable. In addition, they are just a whole mood. They are muscular doggies with confident personalities. I could learn a thing or two from these dogs who are confident in their own paws.

22. Saint Bernard. Yes, I love Saint Bernards because of the Colorado Avalanche. However, there are multiple reasons I love the playful, charming, and inquisitive dogs. They are strong, smart, and totally amazing canines. They help save people caught in snowstorms and their adorable faces are a welcome sight for people in peril. Time for the biggest question in the dog species: Who’s a good doggy? The Saint Bernard, of course!

21. Bernese Mountain Dog. These dogs are good-natured, calm, and strong teddy bears. They are people pleasers. These majestic dogs will fall in love with practically anyone. I would love to receive love and comfort from a Berner one day. I believe they give really good kisses and cuddles. Not only that, but I feel like they are an excellent dog to have around to help calm me down and cheer me up. I also adore their cute little heads. Berner heads are so scratchable, kissable, and rub-able.

20. Boxer. Here’s what makes up the Boxer package: a bright, fun-loving, active, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, hard-working, and good-looking pooch. They’re great with kids because of their positive and playful energy. Not only that, they also will protect you, whatever it takes. I like to think of boxers as a wonderful three-in-one fur baby: a mood-boosting companion, a hiking buddy, and a four-legged body guard.

19. Doberman. These loyal, fearless, and alert dogs are very elegant. They also make great guard dogs. I love dogs like that. I feel like they give really good kisses. I would also be super excited to see such a beautiful, graceful dog every single day. In addition, they seem like a really good exercise buddy. I enjoy hiking, so I feel like they’d be a wonderful companion when I go hiking. Plus, they seem like a wonderful pup to help me with my anxiety. Their loyalty make them good candidates to comfort me when I have anxiety or panic attacks, plus their fearlessness and alertness will be useful to keep me out of danger.

A very good-looking Doberman plays fetch (Credit: Spirit Animal Totems)

18. Chihuahua. Another fur baby that I fell in love with as a result of watching JennaMarbles. The charming, graceful, and sassy little doggies have personalities multiple times larger than they are. They are also known to love being in people’s laps. I can vouch for this because I visited a longtime family friend’s home many months ago and their chihuahua spent time in my sister’s lap and was open to giving kisses. With that in mind, they seem like an ideal four-legged mood booster. They seem like an ideal candidate to cheer me up and comfort me with their loving, loyal behaviors.

17. Schipperke. An acquaintance of mine has one of these confident, alert, and curious dogs. They are hunting pups, with catlike hunting instincts. As someone who gets uncomfortable when mice are in the house, this is a wonderful feature. In addition to that, they have such adorable little foxlike faces! I just can’t resist melting at the look into a Schipperke’s eyes. Their faces just scream love bug. I consider them a good candidate for being a comfort pupper and four-legged pest control expert. Call me biased, but my acquaintance has the best Schipperke in the history of Schipperkes.

16. West Highland White Terrier. I like to call these loyal, happy, and entertaining doggies little four-legged snowballs. They also are smart, confident, faithful, alert, and active. That’s a big personality packed into a little pup. Their sugar sweet energy and personality make them an ideal candidate for being a comfort doggy. Once the pandemic’s severity has dropped substantially, I’d like to go on hikes and walk on jogging trails in my area. The Westie’s activity level make them an ideal exercise pal.

15. Pomeranian. Oh my goodness, how I adore these inquisitive, bold, and lively four-legged balls of yarn! I fell in love with this breed because of dogs such as Jiff, a popular Instagram pup, and the late, great Boo. They have big, sugar sweet personalities in little furry bodies. They are also alert and intelligent. This makes them an ideal little guard pupper. They love bringing laughter and compassion to their owners the most, though. As a result, they make a great mood-enhancing fur baby. They also are active puppers, which make them an ideal candidate for being walking and hiking partners.

14. German Shepherd. There’s no way that these confident, courageous, and smart fur babies would ever be able to avoid stealing my heart. They are very good doggies. These puppers can go from trot to run. Therefore, they are wonderful hiking and jogging companion candidates. Not only that, but they are some extremely loyal pups. They will do whatever it takes to protect the important humans in their lives. It’s also no wonder why the good-looking pups make amazing police puppers and fantastic therapy, service, and seeing-eye dogs!

13. Borzoi. I am automatically endeared by these big, beautiful, affectionate, loyal, and regally defined puppers. What really makes me adore this breed is their long, unicorn-esque snouts and their fluffy, paintbrush-like tails. These strong, graceful, glamorous creatures have a pouncing instinct and are very good runners. If there were a Canine Olympics, Borzois would absolutely medal in the hunting and track-and-field events. In addition, I believe they would made excellent exercise pals.

Borzois are elegant, dignified, and athletic canines (Credit: Pets4Homes)

12. Irish Wolfhound. They are like furry, platinum, courageous, dignified, kindly rocking horses. They have transitioned from powerful hunting dogs to sugar sweet companions. They also are pretty protectors, as they are too serene to be guard dogs but can scare off shady people with just their looks. While they are bigger pups, I like to think they are that way so they can shower their humans with as much love as possible. They are also rapid gallopers, which make them a wonderful jogging friend. A mood enhancing, exercise-encouraging pup? Sign me up!

11. Dalmatian. There’s no secret as to why these dignified, smart, and outgoing spotted sweeties are a firefighter’s best friend. They are strong, elegant dogs who are built to take on the tough jobs. They also are described as good watchdogs. I appreciate that, as my anxiety makes me paranoid, and I would love reassurance that things will be safe and okay. In addition, they are athletic pups, which make them a great dog to have with on hikes and jogs. They also are love bugs. I remember petting a dalmatian on my way home from work one day, and the dog leaped up onto me, joyfully and lovingly. So sweet!

10. Basset Hound. The long, floppy ears on these charming, patient, and low-key dogs are hard to forget. They may look moody, but they are loyal pups. They are very endurable dogs with a great sense of smell. I would trust them to use their scent to smell out anxiety attacks, sketchy people, pests, and funny smells. In addition, when on hikes or runs, I would definitely trust the to sniff out plants, animals, and people who could pose a threat. They are trustworthy companions.

9. Pug. Who can resist the angelic face of these charming, mischievous, and loving fur babies? Not me! These are loyal and royal pups, with history as Chinese emperor companions and being part of Holland’s House of Orange. They are born to be loved and be loved. I can attest to that. I got to pet a pug my senior year in college. He was all smiles from getting all the pets from the students and I could feel the love radiating around the room. Their facial cuteness gives them the adorable happy, curious, and surprised expressions. They are literal angels and must be protected at all costs.

8. Siberian Husky. The very beautiful, musical, loyal, mischievous, and outgoing dogs are beyond wonderful. Their piercing blue, amber, or dichromatic eyes will win your heart over. They are super friendly dogs because they are born as pack dogs. Therefore, I would definitely want to turn to a husky for love and comfort. In addition, they are built to withstand chilly conditions and are high energy. Consequentially, they’d be wonderful for hikes and jogs even on cooler days. What’s amazing is that they are a clean, low-odor dog. That’s wonderful, on top of their amazing personality qualities.

7. Weimaraner. Not only are they pretty puppers, but they are also friendly, fearless, and obedient. They are such graceful, loving pups. I would love to be around a Weimaraner. They are amazing candidates for comfort and companion pooches. Not only are they very loving to their owners, but they are active furry angel babies. Therefore, I would take one on my favorite hikes and on a Saturday morning jog in a heartbeat. Weimaraners are amazing BFFs: Best Furry Friends.

6. Bull Terrier. The Target mascot and her friends and relations are amazing. The penultimate personality puppers who are playful, charming, and mischievous will steal all four chambers of your heart. Their strength, power, and agility make them wonderful workout partners. They also love being babied. Loving up on dogs makes my heart happy. I would love up on and baby every single bull terrier ever. I mean, who could resist their cute little egg-shaped, smiling faces? Not me!

Bullseye, the adorable Bull Terrier mascot, poses for a photo in a Target cart (Credit: Pinterest)

5. French Bulldog. I fell in love with the playful, smart, and adaptable breed due to a Frenchie from Texas named Walter Geoffrey. That doggy and his “musical meltdowns” never fail to bring a smile to my soul. Their cuteness and irresistibility are just the start of the package of puppy purity. While they don’t bark a lot, they are alert and are decent watchdogs, which will really put my anxiety at ease. While they don’t need too much exercise, they adapt to any situation and are excellent companions. I would love to love and be loved by one of these sugar sweet pups.

4. Pit Bull. These doggies have a reputation for being mean, aggressive, dangerous, and violent dogs. In fact, many areas voted to ban or restrict the animal. However, this reputation couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pit bulls are actually sweet, loyal, athletic, dedicated doggies. If I became a pit bull mama, I’d pamper and baby my dog, raising him or her to be a four-legged angel. I remember seeing a cute gray pibble at a local pet supply store during an adoption event a few years ago. Had I not known better; I would have instantly brought her home. I hope to one day cuddle, kiss, noggin pat, and go hiking with a pibble!

3. Golden Retriever. The third most popular dog breed in the United States, these big beautiful puppers will steal your heart with their friendly, intelligent, and devoted personalities. Once they win you over with their sturdy bodies and elegant coats, their joyful outlook on life will keep you barbarically joyful. They’re just such happy puppies! I remember petting a golden named Wyatt. He was just the happiest doggy in the world and he really cheered me up just in time for finals week. That’s one reason why they are magical. I hope to take a Golden Retriever or two with me on a hiking excursion!

2. Dachshund. With their friendly, curious, and spunky personalities, dachshunds are a big dog package in a little dog’s body. Even though they are short dogs with long bodies, they pack a powerful bark which makes them a talented watchdog. That’s a wonderful combination: a doggy I can easily cuddle with and kiss but has the bravery to protect me. They are active with their hunting natures, which makes them good buddies for walks and maybe even hikes. One of my acquaintances has a dachshund, and the pup is so cute I can’t get over the extreme cuteness.

1. Corgi. They are affectionate, smart, and alert little angel baby loaves. Their cute little sausage bodies and their cute black leather-looking noses steal my hearts. They are real people dogs who love loving and being loved by their humans. I love that for them, they are amazing comfort pupper candidates. They also are good watchdogs with their big dog bark and strong senses. I love that because it will keep me safe and my anxiety at bay. They also are really active, which means a wonderful companion for mood boosting walks. Honestly, this goes for all kinds of corgis. I’m a member of a corgi group on Facebook and I adore all the puppies I get to see. For those reasons, I love corgis the absolute best.

HONORABLE MENTION: Samoyed. Samoyeds are quite literally adaptable, friendly, and gentle polar bear/cloud hybrids. Change my mind. They love getting love and affection, which means I can cuddle, pet, and play with them and both the pup and I will be on cloud nine.

HONORABLE MENTION: Rottweiler. The loyal, loving confident guardians with their adorable eyebrows and black-and-caramel coats are endearing. Their elegant and playful personalities combined with their watchdog tendencies make them a sugar sweet companion who will also keep me safe.

HONORALBE MENTION: Labrador Retriever. These friendly, outgoing, and active fur babies are the most popular breed in the United States for a reason. They are just super happy and elegant, making them an excellent comfort companion. They are also energetic canines, which means amazing hiking buddies.

HONORABLE MENTION: Beagle. I dare you to not have your heart stolen by these friendly, curious, and merry love bugs. It is scientifically impossible. Their cute little faces combined with their loving personalities make them ideal comfort companions. Their adoration of playtime makes them a super cute workout friend.

HORABLE MENTION: Shi Tzu. These affectionate, playful, and outgoing pups are just so beautiful! They also are good for apartments or homes with small backyards. They love to cuddle and melt hearts. They are a big reason why dogs are better than people, at least in my opinion.

Do you have a dog? What are your favorite kinds of dog? Let me know in the comments below.




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