Fourteen Musicians I Hope To See Live

Music is awesome. So is getting to see some of your favorite musicians live and in concert. Here are fourteen musicians I hope to see live, whether in-person or virtually over social media.

#1: Green Day. Green Day are my favorite band of all time. I actually have three different Green Day CDs in my CD collection: Warning, Dookie, and 21st Century Breakdown. I would have gone to see them in July in suburban Denver, Colorado; unfortunately, due to the pandemic, they were forced to postpone their big tour. Hopefully by the middle of August of next year, the pandemic will be under a lot more control than it is now. They have really amazing music; I love to listen to them when I’m moody or when I am really wanting to listen to alternative rock music. I can’t wait till I see them in a real concert or a virtual concert.

#2: Love And Theft. Believe it or not, I first heard of this country music duo at a restaurant at the very beginning of my third year of college. My siblings and I were eating dinner at a Culver’s when I heard a song I really liked. I decided to look it up on Shazam, and it turned out to be one of their most popular songs, Angel Eyes. Not long after that, I added that song to my library. I wanted to go see them back in February, but things ended up not working out. Hopefully I get to see them somewhat soon.

#3: All Time Low. All Time Low is a band whose music I fell in love with at first listen. I had just joined Spotify at that point and had finished out a playlist. Suddenly, their song Oh, Calamity! had begun playing. I started to really like that song. Suddenly, I began listening to a lot more of their music. It got to the point where I listened to their song For Baltimore on a daily basis for a little while. I really regret not seeing them in concert in 2018. I do hope I get to see them in concert one day, however, be it in-person or virtual.

#4: Machine Gun Kelly. I recall I posted on Twitter that I felt a tinge of regret of not becoming familiar enough with his music and missing out on a chance to see him in concert. I really like a lot of the songs off of his Hotel Diablo album. I could listen to his songs Half-Naked & Almost Famous and bloody valentine for hours on end. Hopefully I get to see him in concert. I really enjoy his music.

See the source image
Machine Gun Kelly with his daughter (Credit: The Blast)

#5: Zac Brown Band. I could listen to listen to their songs Keep Me In Mind and Chicken Fried for hours on end. Hopefully, they come to Coors Field again one day. Coors Field seems like an amazing concert venue. Add my favorite ballpark to one of my favorite bands and that’s the perfect combination. There’s nothing wrong with multiple talented Georgia-based musicians bringing their musical gift to the ballpark.

#6: Old Dominion. Yet another band I fell in love with at first listen. They blew me away with their hit No Such Thing As A Broken Heart. I could not stop listening to it. Currently, I’m obsessed with their song My Heart Is A Bar. If you want to know what my thoughts are on their self-titled album, 18/10 would recommend it. I really hope they go back on tour when it’s safe, or hopefully for my birthday in January they will do a virtual concert on Instagram Live.

#7: Travis Scott. When Travis came to Denver in December 2018, I really wanted to see him. Unfortunately, I had an economics final that I absolutely had to get a passing grade on. Therefore, I had to skip the concert to study for the exam instead, and I was bummed out about the entire situation. Still, I adore his Astroworld album. I previewed a lot of the songs and liked many of them. That, and the fact he is a fellow Texan, like me, makes me want to see him. If you’re curious about the final, I did well enough to pass the class.

#8: Imagine Dragons. My sister tagged me in a Facebook photo announcing the band’s tour back in 2015. I shared the photo the following year and said, “I wish we went!” I really do feel sad that I had to miss out on that concert. I really love a lot of their music, from Radioactive to Demons, Bleeding Out to I Bet My Life, Thunder to Whatever It Takes. If I’m being honest, I’d also love an Imagine Dragons virtual concert for my birthday.

See the source image
An Imagine Dragons tour announcement (Credit: Scottrade Center)

#9: Panic! At The Disco. I really am not pleased with myself for choosing to skip going to see them in 2018. It was a huge regret of mine looking back, although at the time I wasn’t as into their songs as I was now. Considering the fact I would add High Hopes to the list of songs I would sing at a party or request to have played at a wedding, plus the fact I mentally am creating a parody of I Write Sins Not Tragedies called I Write Sines Not Tragedies: The College Calculus Anthem, that’s a sign I have become more familiar with them and now want to see them live or virtually.

#10: Dan + Shay. Three words: SHAY. MOONEY’S. VOICE. I am beyond obsessed with their songs From The Ground Up and Tequila. I’ve been meaning to listen to 10,000 Seconds with Justin Bieber, in addition to Speechless. These two are insanely talented musicians. That alone will make me want to go to a concert. From what I remember, they were coming to Colorado for a concert. I will have to see if I will be able to make it, depending on the pandemic, concert dates, and my bank account. If I have to wait, I will patiently wait for the chance.

#11: Eli Young Band. There literally have been two opportunities in the last three and a half years to see them that I didn’t take, but I wish I could have. The first chance was in January of 2017, but I couldn’t make it for personal and family reasons. They also came in September of last year, but my sister and I already had gone to the zoo that day. Hopefully they come back to my state soon. They seem to come frequently.

#12: Rise Against. Fun fact, their song Satellite was recorded in the city where I live. In addition, I adore their songs Prayer of the Refugee and Miracle. From what I researched; they should be going on tour soon. Hopefully, I will be able to see them, but it will be dependent on three key factors: affordability, time, and public health. If I do get to go, expect me to sing along to those three songs at the top of my lungs.

Image result for rise against endgame album cover
The cover for the Rise Against album Endgame (Credit: Wikipedia)

#13: Kenny Chesney. I wanted to see him the summer after I finished high school, but life got in the way. I was absolutely obsessed with his album The Big Revival when I was in high school. I love how his natural voice is very talented and wonderful. If I went to that concert, I would have sung songs like Flora-Bama, American Kids, and Till It’s Gone at the top of my lungs.

#14: Luke Combs. I could listen to Hurricane and Beer Never Broke My Heart for hours on end. He will be coming to my state soon, sadly, due to the pandemic and other factors, I have made the decision to wait to see him. Hopefully, I will get to see him in person or virtually.

Which musician do you want to see live the most? Let me know in the comments below.


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