Ranking My Top Fifteen Favorite Lipsticks

Lipstick is one of my favorite cosmetics items. I feel like it’s a wonderful way to bring together the penultimate makeup looks. I have decided to do a test of my top fifteen favorite lipsticks, and I decided I wanted to do it in a consumer test style. I have tested nearly two dozen different lipsticks and have chosen my fifteen favorite performers from this list. Rankings are based on my first impressions of the lipstick swatches, how the lipsticks performed when I kiss-tested them on my hand, how the lipsticks performed when I kiss-tested them on a sheet of copier paper, and my overall personal rating of the products. All opinions stated in this lipstick ranking are completely my own. DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by any of the brands of lipstick tested for this list. All of the items used were either given to me as gifts, or are products I purchased with my own money.

15.Lancôme Crushed Rose Lipstick.                                                   

Swatch First Impressions: This lipstick has an extremely elegant, rosy color. Rose colored lipsticks are some of my favorites, and the company did an excellent job creating this color of lipstick.                                                       

Hand Kiss Test: After this test, I noticed it left a considerably noticeable blotch of lipstick smudge.                                                                                  

Paper Kiss Test: On the piece of paper I used to conduct the paper kiss test, I noticed a medium sized lipstick smudge. The top and bottom prints were of noticeable size.                                                                                                     

Overall Rating: 9.393 points out of 10 points

14. NYX Professional Makeup Shout Loud Into The Night Lipstick.                                                                                                             

Swatch First Impressions: What I liked about this lipstick was that it’s a really nice dark purple. It’s perfect to wear to a hard rock concert at Coors Field.                                                                                                             

Hand Kiss Test: I noticed a considerable and noticeable smudge after this test.                                                                                                             

Paper Kiss Test: After this test, I noticed what I felt like was a large print on the sheet of test paper.                                                                              

Overall Rating: 9.731 points out of 10.

13. LA Girl Manic Flat Velvet Lipstick.                                               

Swatch First Impressions: This lipstick has a light magenta color that I find to be calming. I was surprised that the color came out this way since I thought it was a medium hue of purple at first.                                                                   

Hand Kiss Test: I couldn’t really notice the smudge this lipstick left following the hand test.                                                                                                            

Paper Kiss Test: There was a large, considerably noticeable smudge on the test paper, however, this is likely because I conducted the paper test first instead of the hand test.                                                                                                            

Overall Rating: 9.763 points out of 10.

12. Sephora #LipStories Cash Money Lipstick.   Swatch First Impressions: I noticed this lipstick has a dark green color. It reminds me of a very dense forest filled with pine and blue spruce trees.                                                      

Hand Kiss Test: I noticed a considerably lopsided smudge, which could be a result of how I applied the lipstick.                                                                        

Paper Kiss Test: The smudge this lipstick left was quite noticeable, in my opinion.                                                                                                                   

Overall Rating: 9.793 points out of 10.

11. Ulta Beauty Golden Age Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick.            

Swatch First Impressions: This is a shiny, dark lipstick with a creamy texture. It almost reminds me of a Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bar.                          

Hand Kiss Test: The lipstick left a small, shimmery smudge on my hand.       

Paper Kiss Test: The test paper showed a faded, shiny smudge.                        

Overall Rating: 9.807 points out of 10.

The Lancôme lipstick I tested had a very gorgeous and rosy color

10. Mary Kay Tuscan Rose Lipstick.                                                    

Swatch First Impressions: This lipstick has a dark, creamy, rose gold color. I feel like it complements my lip color very well.                                                        

Hand Kiss Test: The lipstick was barely detectable on my hand.                      

Paper Kiss Test: The smudge was noticeable, but not too conspicuous.            

Overall Rating: 9.814 points out of 10.

9. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Saw-C Lipstick.                                      

Swatch First Impressions: The lipstick is a very bright orange color, reminding me of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Not only can Rihanna make excellent music, but she sure can help make excellent lipstick!                                               

Hand Kiss Test: The smudge was small in size, but considerable.                    

Paper Kiss Test: The test paper showed that a light amount came off.              

Overall Rating: 9.843 points out of 10.

8. ColourPop Cosmetics Scorpio Moon Crème Lipstick.                    

Swatch First Impressions: This lipstick has a very elegant and pigmented magenta color. I also really liked the texture of the lipstick.                                            

Hand Kiss Test: The test showed a considerable yet small smudge.                 

Paper Kiss Test: 9.981 points out of 10.                                                             

Overall Rating:

7. ColourPop Cosmetics What If Lipstick.                                           

Swatch First Impressions: The lipstick is a nice and pigmented pink color. It would be perfect for a costume of a character from the Tina Fey film Mean Girls.

Hand Kiss Test: A very small amount came off to make a lipstick print.         

Paper Kiss Test: The lipstick left an inconspicuous smudge on the test paper. 

Overall Rating: 9.939 points out of 10.

6. E.L.F Cosmetics Wine Red Lipstick.                                                

Swatch First Impressions: This color is a very deep red color. It makes me think of sangrias and red wines restaurants like Olive Garden carry.                    

Hand Kiss Test: There was a faded color left on my hand after the test.           

Paper Kiss Test: The lipstick print was faded and harder to notice on the test paper.                                                                                                                   

Overall Rating: 9.973 points out of 10.

I was very impressed with how well this L’Oréal lipstick performed

5. L’Oréal Paris Matte-Itude Lipstick.                                                 

Swatch First Impressions: This lipstick is a nice light brown-grayish color. It makes me think of chocolate milkshakes.                                                                 

Hand Kiss Test: A very light amount of lipstick came off to make the print.   

Paper Kiss Test: There was a slightly more noticeable smudge, but nothing too major.                                                                                                                   

Overall Rating: 9.993 points out of 10.

4. Mary Kay Rose Lip Suede Lipstick.                                                 

Swatch First Impressions: I noticed this lipstick has a deep metallic color. It’s like a nugget of pure rose gold.                                                                          

Hand Kiss Test: There was a shiny, faded lipstick print following this test.     

Paper Kiss Test: The best way to describe the print on the test paper would be half faded yet half noticeable.                                                                                    

Overall Rating: 9.994 points out of 10.

3. Ulta Beauty Dusty Mauve Lipstick.                                                  

Swatch First Impressions: This lipstick’s color is a chocolatey brown. I think of a Hershey’s Almond Bar when I see it.                                                       

Hand Kiss Test: The lipstick print was very hard to see on my hand.               

Paper Kiss Test: There was a light smudge on the test paper.                            

Overall Rating: 9.996 points out of 10.

2. Tarte Cosmetics Salt Lyfe Lipstick.                                                  

Swatch First Impressions: This lipstick has a really nice and pretty color. I like to think of it as a balance between a neutral color and rose gold.                              

Hand Kiss Test: On my hand, the print was hardly noticeable.                         

Paper Kiss Test: On the test paper, there was a faint print.                                

Overall Rating: 9.998 out of 10.

1. ColourPop Cosmetics Disney Villains Collection Ursula Lipstick.

Swatch First Impressions: The color is very dark, just like Ursula’s personality and perhaps her opinion of the poor unfortunate souls that she encountered. Yes, I absolutely wanted to make a reference to that song from The Little Mermaid.                                                                                                                    

Hand Kiss Test: The print was so light it was very hard to notice.                    

Paper Kiss Test: I noticed that the lipstick print was much too light and faded to show up on the test paper.                                                                                       

Overall Rating: A perfect 10 out of 10 points! In my opinion, the absolute best of the best of the 21 lipsticks I tested for this post!

The sheet of paper with all the lipsticks I tested

Do you have a favorite lipstick? If so, what is it and why? Let me know in the comments below.


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