Ranking My Top 10 Favorite Kinds Of Flowers

#10: Orchids. Orchids are small, but their beauty is big. My mother has orchids for the family members and she always likes to update us about the status of the flowers. The thought of being surrounded by orchid trees sounds like absolute heaven. I would love to just meditate in a field of those types of tress, or take a nap, or do a photoshoot. I might keep some orchids or some wall art of orchids in the next place I live in.

#9: Lilacs. My family have multiple lilac bushes in our front yard. They are very elegant flowers, with their vibrant colors ranging from white to purple. They would be the perfect flowers to do a first day of spring photoshoot. In addition, lilac photos seem like ideal laptop backgrounds. There’s nothing better than working on your laptop and seeing a wallpaper that makes you happy.

#8: Pansies. I adore these pretty, soft flowers. Their elegant multicolored appearances makes me melt. My mother would keep a gardening pot of them in the backyard, I still believe she does. I remember going to the garden store with her and picking some out. I will probably keep some photos, wall art, or glitter crayon drawings of them with me in the future.

See the source image
A beautiful bunch of purple and yellow pansies (Credit: Dallas Arboretum)

#7: Petunias. Step one: Go to Google Image Search. Step two: Type the search term “striped petunias” into the search bar. Step three: Marvel at the photos of these elegant flowers. You will thank me later. Don’t get me wrong, all petunias are beautiful, regardless of color. I think that I would like to have a flower garden with petunias in it.

#6: Lilies. Look at the big beautiful flowers. They come in so many colors, and the colors are so vibrant. I do hope that for my next birthday, I will get a flower bouquet with some lilies in it. They also seem like a very fragrant flower.

#5: Daisies. S/he loves me, s/he loves me not. I feel like daisy baskets should be a thing. I feel like that people should buy daisies for family and friends. I think they should put the flowers in a basket and give it to them. I propose that May 17 be National Daisy Basket Day in the United States. There should be cards for this. I love that idea. Who’s with me?

Image result for Gerber Daisies
An elegant red Gerber Daisy (Credit: The Home Depot)

#4: Roses. I love how these elegant flowers come in so many colors. The five rose colors I like the best are yellow, pink, orange, purple, and white. The thought of getting flowers as a gift is amazing in and of itself, but there’s something special about getting roses as a gift. I feel like that roses mean the person cares very much about you.

#3: Sunflowers. I will be honest, the song that Swae Lee and Post Malone recorded for the Spider-Man film is what made me love the flowers. I just love their beautiful yellow petals and their super elegant appearance. I love to believe they are called sunflowers because they are bright as the sun and put people in sunny moods.

#2: Carnations. I remember when I took my car to get the oil changed during the summer of 2014. Afterwards, I found a gorgeous carnation on the dashboard of my SUV. I love their bright colored and soft petals. I absolutely adore the idea of getting a carnation bouquet as a gift or giving someone one as a gift. As much as I love this flower, there is one I love even more.

Image result for pink carnation
An elegant bunch of pink carnations (Credit: Creative Market)

#1: Tulips. As a little girl, I loved tulips. I still do to this day. With their beautiful and vibrant colors, they scream “first day of spring.” Honestly, I would love to have a tulip garden. I would love to see all the beautiful colors all over the backyard. I would love to take photos on a tulip farm, wearing a very beautifully colored outfit and an elegant makeup look. I’d love to hold a bouquet in tulips when doing said photoshoot.

What is your favorite flower and why? Let me know in the comments below.


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