A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Basset Hounds

The long, floppy ears. The adorable, wrinkled faces. The loyal, loving nature. Those are just some of the things to love about the adorable Basset Hound dog breed. These sweet, smart, strong puppers are so amazing, it’s physically impossible not to adore them to pieces.

Something I admire about these dogs is how they aren’t afraid to speak their minds. They have a strong bark, and they aren’t afraid to use it when necessary. I could take a lesson or two from these pups. One of my resolutions is to have the courage to speak up more and to be more vocal about issues I care about.

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A Basset Hound puppy and a flower (Credit: Spock The Dog)

Another adorable fact about these canines are their strong bones, legs, and paws. They have big dog power packed in a smaller dog’s body, and they are endurance pups. They are the ideal candidate to take on a hike. They don’t have the highest activity need in the world, but they do love getting their exercise in the form of walks. I love the idea of walking dogs. I was a dog aunt in college and walked my roommate’s dog three times a week. Taking him on walks was something I looked forward to after class.

What really warms my heart about these pooches is their loyalty. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I would love to have these sweet doggies around to cheer me up and give me love.

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A Basset Hound spending quality time with his or her cat sibling (Credit: Dogappy)

They also are smart doggos! They have an amazing smelling ability, able to track a scent for a while without getting distracted. In fact, only the bloodhound’s scent-tracking abilities are stronger. I would definitely trust a Basset to sniff out anything that’s suspicious or even any dangers. I might have to write a book series about superhero Basset Hounds. I could call it Super Hound Squad, or something of the nature. They kind of are super dogs with their smelling skills.

Their ears are so cute! I could scratch a Basset behind the ears all day. I like to think they’re big so they can hear how amazing they are. Bassets are amazing. All they have to offer to this world is love, smartness, and awesomeness.

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A Basset Hound playing in the snow (Credit: Buzzsharer)

In addition, there’s something about their heads that are just so kissable! I think it’s because of their intelligence. They are such good doggies that they deserve nothing more to have kisses planted on their cute little heads.

All in all, Basset Hounds are strong, smart, and totally amazing doggies who have won all four chambers of my heart.



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