21 Songs To Start 2021 Off Right

Music is a wonderful thing. It’s an escape from the world and brings happiness for a moment. I can’t count how many playlists I have made on Spotify. Heck, I hope to one day make a Spotify playlist with 700 songs on it. Here are 21 songs to start 2021 off on a good foot.

#1: My Heart Is A Bar—Old Dominion. This is my favorite song at the moment. It’s such a fun song to sing and dance along to. I strongly recommend listening to My Heart Is A Bar. It’ll put you in a really good mood. I also feel a motivational tone in the song. The thought of listening to this song while I do dishes or work out makes me smile inside.

#2: Love Bites (So Do I)—Halestorm. I love how this song really helps me feel better when I’m grumpy. I feel like that lead singer Lzzy Hale’s powerful vocals are motivational and mood-boosting. I recommend listening to this song to let your cares, past and present, go. It’s also a good laundry and cleaning power song, at least from my perspective.

#3: Neon Light—Blake Shelton. I absolutely love the sound of Blake Shelton’s voice. His handsome Oklahoma accent shines true in this song. In addition, I love the positive vibes I get from this song’s chorus. I strongly recommend listening to this song when you’re going through a rough patch to boost your morale.

#4: I’ll Be—Edwin McCain. I love the saxophone in this song. Edwin’s strong and talented vocals make this a really catchy and feel good song. Want a song to listen to for when you want to feel happy? This is a good song. Want a song to dance to in the kitchen to kick off your staycation week? This is a good song. Want a song to sing in the car or shower? This is a good song.

#5: Elastic Heart—Sia. This song is the textbook definition of uplifting power songs. The message I get from this song is that overcoming your demons makes your stronger inside. Elastic Heart is a wonderful song to cheer you up and get you through any difficult days.

#6: Titanium—David Guetta Featuring Sia. Yet another power song. Not only is it the picture perfect musical demonstration of resilience, but a great song to dance to. Want to use this song to celebrate getting your dual-major Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Engineering and Economics after eleven long semesters? Go for it! Want to use this song to celebrate getting your dream job? Go for it! Want to use this song to celebrate finally getting a car in your name after saving up the money for years? Go for it!

#7: Crazy Train—Ozzy Osbourne. Larry Walker is a Hall of Famer. I like to think of this as the Larry Walker song. Therefore, it’s a good song to celebrate with. Use it to celebrate getting a promotion at work, buying your first house, getting accepted into graduate school, or whatever else you would like to celebrate!

See the source image
Ozzy Osbourne, the singer of the hit song Crazy Train (Credit: NME)

#8: No Such Thing As A Broken Heart—Old Dominion. This is the very first Old Dominion song I have ever listened to. Whenever I listen to this song, I am in a really good mood. It’s a great song to listen to when walking your dog, baking cookies, or writing a book report on a historical fiction novel.

#9: Congratulations—Post Malone Featuring Quavo. It’s one of my favorite celebration songs. It’s excellent to listen to when you graduate from junior college, move into your first apartment, or open up your own Etsy shop. Listening to it will also make you happy in general.

#10: Beer Never Broke My Heart—Luke Combs. This is such a fun and upbeat song. Luke is a highly talented musician, in my opinion. It’s a great song to sing and dance along to, plus it is guaranteed to boost your mood. It will make anything, from vacuuming the stairs to cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen to dusting the dining room, cooking dinner to packing for a big move.

#11: Baggage Claim—Miranda Lambert. Miranda means business in that song. Whether someone broke a promise they made to you or was one of the worst drivers you have ever had to encounter, you can listen to this song to feel better. Whether you had a bad day at work or a bad day studying for graduate school finals, you can listen to this song to feel better. Whether you’re upset about your car breaking down or dishwasher overflowing, you can listen to this song to feel better.

#12: Still Breathing—Green Day. Of all the songs from the Revolution Radio album, this is my favorite album by far. It’s something awesome to listen to in the car when you’re running errands to get you in the mood to get your errands finished. It’s great to listen to when getting ready for work to pump you up for your shift. It’s something great to listen to when doing homework to motivate you to get it done to the very best of your ability.

#13: Jesus Of Suburbia—Green Day. Trust me. This song will be the best nine minutes of your life. I love the amazing guitar work and the aggressive vocals. It feels as if the band are expressing my anger and distress for me. Whether you’re in a grumpy mood or are looking for a song to pump you up for a big day, this is a great song.

#14: Backseat Serenade—All Time Low. This song puts a smile on my face without fail. I could be stressed, sad, grouchy, or irritated, and this song will drain every single care out of my body. I feel like this song will be a wonderful one for anyone to listen to when they want a mood booster.

Image result for all time low
All Time Low, the musical group behind the song Backseat Serenade (Credit: Film Music Reporter)

#15: Don’t Let Me Down—The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya. This is a wonderful song to dance to, as well as a good pump-up song. I feel like it’s a great song to pump you up at work and motivate you to get tasks done during your shift. In addition, I dare anyone to listen to this song and not get tempted to break into dance. It’s scientifically impossible.

#16: Run The World (Girls)—Beyoncé. Anyone else consider this the ultimate girl power anthem? It’s amazing motivation to start the day. Grab your pancakes, your coffee, your fruit juice, and your yogurt and blast this song. You will be beyond ready to take on your day.

#17: Last Of The American Girls—Green Day. What I really love about this song is the energy it gives me. It’s so much fun to listen to, and it will make tasks more fun. Whether you’re making a slow cooker cake or washing the dishes, this song will make you happy.

#18: I Write Sins Not Tragedies—Panic! At The Disco. I adore this song. It’s a song that’s perfect for any mood. If you’ve had a rough week at school or are fed up with your neighbors driving you crazy, this song will put you in a better mood. If you’re happy because you learned you will be graduating from college with honors, this song will be perfect to dance around to.

#19: Good Vibes—Chris Janson. This feels like such a sunny song. I was a happy human the first time I listened to it. I guarantee that anyone who listens to this song will be in a much better mood. All this song does is spread positive vibes and makes the heart of the listener smile. I strongly recommend this song as a mood booster.

#20: High Hopes—Panic! At The Disco. This is my favorite Panic! At The Disco song. I can’t recommend this song enough. It’s a combination of happy song and rock music. I cannot describe how tempted I am to dance to this song. If I ever get invited to a wedding where the guests get to pick the music, I will absolutely select this song.

#21: See The Light—Green Day. What I love most about this song is that it feels like Green Day mixed with AC/DC. This song will pump you up to make lasagna, get ready for work, or clean your entire condo. Plus, you will absolutely want to rock along, too, by dancing and playing an air guitar. That’s the beauty of rock music.

Image result for green day
Green Day, the musical group behind the song See The Light (Credit: Billboard)

What kinds of music do you like to listen to? Which songs put you in a wonderful mood? Let me know in the comments below.


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