20 Master’s Programs I’m Interested In

In May of 2019, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Sociology with minors in Communications and International Studies. I’ve been looking into getting a master’s degree to expand upon my skills and interests. In addition, I am interested in getting a master’s degree to open more doors in life. I’m also really interested in getting a license in Property & Causality insurance. Here are twenty master’s degree programs that I am interested in, based on my interests, past education, and goal of obtaining an insurance license.

#1: Master of Science in Human Services—Walden University. Helping others is something that makes me happy. In my opinion, a Master of Science in Human Services will complement my Bachelor of Arts very well. My education was centered on how people interact with society, other people, and the environment. This program seems like one that will combine my studies in college and my passion for giving people a helping hand.

#2: Master of Sport Management—Colorado State University. Sports mean a lot to me. My siblings played soccer, basketball, and baseball/softball. I used to do gymnastics and dance (although I am getting back into dance). I almost participated in basketball, softball, and track and field. In addition, my sports studies professor from my last semester of college (who is a Super Bowl champion himself, by the way!) left a really positive impression on me. Those two factors make me interested in the program.

#3: Master of Business Administration—Colorado State University. An MBA degree sounds like it would complement an insurance license very well. In addition, I feel like it would give me skills to excel in the insurance industry. Sometimes I envision having my own insurance branch office or insurance firm.

#4: Master of Communication and Media Management—Colorado State University. I remember back in July I posted a blog ranking my favorite Major League Baseball social media accounts. I also wrote appreciation posts of the Colorado Rockies’ and Colorado Avalanche’s social media teams. In general, I’m impressed with how companies, especially sports teams, handle social media and communications. For that reason, I’m interested in this degree.

Image result for colorado state university mascot
Cam The Ram, the Colorado State University mascot (Credit: Her Campus)

#5: Master of Science in Marketing—Walden University. Marketing is my favorite branch of business administration. I have certifications in content marketing, inbound sales, and frictionless sales. I hope to get certified in sales enablement and email marketing. I feel like a master’s in marketing would complement those certifications, as well as an insurance license

#6: Master of Science in Communication—Walden University. I would love the chance to expand upon my communications minor. Getting a master’s degree in communications will allow me to do just that. Some of the courses I took in that minor include television evaluation, advertising, and journalism ethics. In my opinion, the Master of Science in Communication will be a wonderful way to combine the education I got in my communications minor classes.

#7: Master of Arts in Public Relations—Southern New Hampshire University. I am very fascinated by public relations. I actually took a public relations class in college, and I really liked the class and my teacher. I actually did a campaign group project for a local ice cream parlor in the city where the university I attended was located. This is just a theory, but I feel as if the group project somehow reached said ice cream parlor and triggered a sequence of events that lead to their product being served in the dining hall. The largest dining hall on the campus had undergone major renovations during the 2017-2018 school year, and when said hall reopened, the ice cream parlor’s ice cream was served! It’s really yummy.

#8: Master of Science in Social Media Marketing—Southern New Hampshire University. My interest in social media marketing stems from my desire to get certified in the field, as well as how impressed I am with how sports teams run their social media accounts. I have a strong feeling that a social media marketing degree could complement my interests, hopes, and potentially an insurance license.

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A high school marketing textbook (Credit: eCRATER)

#9: Master of Science in Sport Management—Southern New Hampshire University. My father has mentioned multiple times that he believes I should keep my eyes out for jobs with the Colorado Rockies. To be quite honest, I feel like a Sport Management degree would be highly helpful in that regard. Whether I do front office stuff or social media stuff, I think it will be beneficial in something like that. I also kind of feel like the sport management education might complement my marketing/sales education and an insurance license as well.

#10: Master of Science in Organization Leadership—Colorado State University Global Campus. The emphasis I’m most interested in is applied management. If I want to have my own insurance firm or branch office one day, I believe that the applied management emphasis will be most helpful. It will help me be my best in the branch/firm, and really help me develop a decent career in the insurance career field.

#11: Master of Legal Studies in Criminal Law—Arizona State University. Of course, business and insurance are only two of the industries I’m interested in. I’m also interested in law, since my mother is employed in the legal industry. Criminal law is one of the fields I am interested in. I’m very fascinated by how prosecutors and defenders make their case for a conviction versus an acquittal. It would be very fascinating to perhaps one day work in that field.

#12: Master of Legal Studies in Sport Law and Business—Arizona State University. The great MLB cheating scandal that has Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, and New York fans locked in a bitter feud against each other has left an impact on me. It made me realize that I wanted to get into sports law. I’m also intrigued about arbitration hearings for baseball players.

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An Arizona State University dorm room (Credit: Pinterest)

#13: Master of Legal Studies in HR & Employment Law—Arizona State University. HR & Employment Law sounds like a best of both worlds education. It combines my interests in business administration and law. I am interested and driven to make sure people get treated fairly in the workplace. In fact, this combines three passions, law, business, and helping people.

#14: Master of Arts in Political Psychology—Arizona State University. Politics, justice, and activism are three things that really pique my interest. In addition, social studies was my favorite subject in high school. Therefore, this program will be great for my interests. In addition, I am fascinated by political parties and why people have the political opinions that they have.

#15: Master of Science in Family & Human Development—Arizona State University. Family & Human Development seems like a subject that would relate to my sociology degree. It also feels like something that would complement the fact I liked social studies classes the best in high school (shout out to my tenth grade geography teacher for inspiring me to love the subject!). Third of all, I believe this could allow me to assist others.

#16: Master of Arts in Sociology—Arizona State University. I absolutely adored my sociology classes back in college. I knew I made the right choice when I decided to change my major from literature to sociology. I was very fascinated with racial and ethnic diversity in baseball, and I was very passionate when it came to writing my undergraduate thesis report on the topic. My passion for the subject inspired me to write a report on cultural discrimination in professional hockey for a sports studies class. This passion will help me thrive in a sociology master’s program.

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An introductory sociology textbook (Credit: Slugbooks)

#17: Master of Legal Studies in Intellectual Property Law—Arizona State University. My mother is a paralegal at an intellectual property/trademark law office in the area where my family lives. That is the main reason I am interested in intellectual property law. In addition, I recall in my public relations class about how seriously trademark law is taken, and I fondly remember a couple of conversations I had with my sister over copyright. I remember discussing how Nintendo can take legal action against people who use characters from their games in their books, and how I didn’t feel right using Ratatouille character Remy the Rat in an imaginary video game because Remy was Disney Pixar’s property.

#18: Master of Science in Legal Studies—Purdue University Global. While I love the idea of getting a legal studies graduate degree in a specific field, I also love the idea of getting a Master of Science in Legal Studies degree. I believe that this degree can help get me ready for a variety of legal fields, from criminal law to business law. I wish I had taken more economics and political science classes in college.

#19: Master of Arts in Criminal Justice—Arizona State University. Criminology and criminal justice is another subject I’m fascinated by. I am guilty as charged of watching crime shows such as Castle, Blue Bloods, and Dateline. I also remember doing a project in high school about the United States justice system. In addition, when I took a criminology class in college, I read a book that I enjoyed, The Monster by Kody Ko. I highly suggest it, side note.

#20: Master of Science in Human Services—Purdue University Global. I have heard quite a few phenomenal rave reviews about Purdue University Global. I love the idea of getting a quality education and getting to study something I love. I will get to use my undergraduate education and give my community a helping hand.

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Master’s degree graduation regalia (Credit: Graduation World)

What did you study in college/graduate school/doctoral school? What do you want to study in college/graduate school/doctoral school? Let me know in the comments below.


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