A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Avalanche Defenseman Samuel Girard

Here’s a recipe: 11 cups of adorable giggles, 2.5 quarts of musical talent, 7 tablespoons of an adorable Quebec accent, 3 gallons of spin moves, and 9 cups of love for dogs. Gently stir the ingredients together and you will get a magical member of society known as Samuel “Sam” Girard. This young man is a glitter-covered tie-dye unicorn in a human’s body. I adore him very, very much.

Sam, a Taurus, was born on May 12, 1998, in Roberval, Quebec, Canada. His parents are forklift operator Tony Girard and daycare teacher Guylaine Girard. He has three siblings, Jeremy, Christopher, and Jessica. In addition, he is the grandson of a hockey coach and the nephew of the mayor of Roberval. I am very sure his family are very proud of Sam and his accomplishments. Side note, he and his brother Jeremy played hockey together, so I am very adamant that Jeremy is beyond happy for his brother.

Sam started playing hockey at the age of four, which I am sure is the reason he is a human unicorn. If it were possible for people to literally shapeshift between human beings and unicorns, I am very sure Sam would do it in a heartbeat! He was a top draft prospect for the Canadian Juniors leading up to his sixteenth birthday. He ended up being First-Team All-Star and got a Top Defenseman award. But wait, there’s more! His King of Human Tornadoes status only intensifies.

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Sam gets a hug from his teammate and close friend, Erick Johnson (Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

During his first year in junior hockey, Sam won the Defensive Rookie of the Year and was selected to the All-Rookie Team. Also, he was nominated for Rookie of the Year. Later on, he would go on to win a Defenseman of the Year award, a Most Sportsmanlike Player award, and Sportsman of the Year Award. Just when his King of Human Tornadoes status couldn’t get any more magical, it does.

Sam isn’t just a glittery tie-dye unicorn. He’s a glittery tie dye unicorn with burgundy emerald-studded wings, a 24-karat gold horn encrusted with rubies, a pearl-studded front left hoof, a diamond-studded front right hoof, a sapphire-studded rear left hoof, and a topaz-studded right rear hoof. If you do end up seeing a unicorn similar to that description exploring any corner of this world, make sure to wear sunglasses with strong eye protection because that is a very brightly colored, glistening creature.

What about Sam’s professional career, you may want to know? Good question! In five seasons, he’s put up some good-looking statistics. They include 77 assists, 90 points, 40 even-strength assists, and 37 power play assists. I stan a talented person like that. If Sam keeps up the good work, I am super duper party pooper sure that he will make it to the All-Star Game. I hope he does. He’s a deserving human, at least from my perspective.

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Sam drinks a bottle of Propel on the ice (Credit: Tumblr)

The whipped cream on the Spinny Boy pumpkin pie? His bubbly and wonderful personality! I love his very close friendship with Erick Johnson. On Twitter, I have a video bookmarked where Erick gives him a kiss while he’s doing a postgame interview. In addition, I bookmarked a video where he adorably laughs at a video he finds funny. I would want to be friends with him. I’d invite him over for spaghetti, honestly.

He also is very involved with cystic fibrosis fundraising since his cousin struggles with the disease. This is something I appreciate and relate to. I am the kind of person who wants to raise as much awareness about ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and endometriosis because they are causes close to my heart. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which means I can suffer from life-threatening forms of uterine and/or ovarian cancer. I don’t have endometriosis, but I still want to raise awareness for it since I have learned about the severe consequences of the disorder.

The best part? Sam is a loving dog dad! He has a goldendoodle name Tornade. Tornade is a very adorable dog, and from photos I have seen on Tornade’s Instagram page, Sam loves his fur baby very much. I’m an aspiring dog mom, I want to have a Corgi and a Basset Hound. I love people who love dogs. I’m not sure why I do. I have a feeling that it’s because it’s a wonderful thing to have in common with people, and it shows how loving people can be.

Image result for samuel girard dog
Sam with his dog, Tornade (Credit: Tumblr)

Go Avs, Go! Keep up the great work, Spinny Boy! You are a king and a unicorn!






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