Beauty Review: Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Mascara

I just love Tarte Cosmetics! They have wonderful products that make me feel drop dead gorgeous. One of my very first Tarte products was a blush, and I have fallen in love with the brand since. Recently I decided to review their Maneater Mascara, which I was excited to review. The weird thing about mascara is that it’s the makeup product I need the least because I was blessed with naturally long eyelashes, but it’s the product I love the absolute most. Here are my thoughts on the Tarte Cosmetics Maneater Mascara.

*DISCLAIMER: I am NOT sponsored by or affiliated with Tarte Cosmetics. I have purchased the mascara with my own money, and the opinions presented in this review are my own.*


I like the print on the mascara container. It’s a gold tube with a leopard/cheetah print. I think it’s cute.


I like the dark color that appeared on the swatch I did on my hand. I knew that it would complement my dark eyelash color very well.


I was blown away with how beautiful this product made my lashes look! It made my lashes look extra long, full, and beautiful. I think it would complement hot pink eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner very well, at least in my opinion.


Literally one of the best mascaras I could have ever purchased. Absolutely worth the money. I strongly suggest pairing them with your favorite Tarte Cosmetics eyeliner and Tarte Cosmetics eyeshadow. In fact, I plan on doing a full face of makeup with mainly products from Tarte Cosmetics in the near future. It also consists of safe ingredients, so I don’t have to worry about getting an adverse reaction, which is something I appreciate.


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