35 Cars I’d Be Interested In Driving One Day

One of my biggest financial goals is to own my own car one day. I plan on building up my financial health so I can afford to purchase my own vehicle, as well as excellent car insurance. I am currently making a list of vehicles that pique my interest. Three factors that are important to me in purchasing are overall vehicle safety (both National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings), a comfortable ride, and practicality for weekly activities. Here are 35 cars I might be interested in driving in the somewhat near future.

#1: Ford Fusion. My dream car, honestly. I wish I knew why. I think it could be that a college classmate had a wonderful experience with their Ford Fusion. Anyway, what really drives me to this car (no pun intended!) is its safety and practicality. The Fusion has performed well in crash tests and even have features that will prevent people from getting in crashes. In addition, they look like they are comfortable and highly practical. I can drive it to the store, the dentist, and walking trails.

#2: Nissan Murano. I LOVE THE NISSAN BRAND. My family owned a 2004 Nissan Qwest 3.5 SE for 14 years. Not only is the Murano SUV safe and comfortable (I rode in my friend’s Murano in the past), but highly beautiful and practical. The elegant vehicle will not only transport hiking and dance gear, but will be great in snowy conditions, which are common in the region I live in.

#3: Ford Escape. The family of one of my closest childhood friends owns/owned a Ford Escape. I enjoyed riding in the car. As a result, I am interested in driving an Escape one day. They are safe, depending on the model year, and also practical. The Escape would be helpful driving in the mountains and in inclement weather.

#4: Nissan Altima. I love being charitable and crafty. The Nissan Altima, which I trust to be a safe, reliable, and comfortable-to-drive vehicle, will be wildly practical for that. I can transport crafts and donations. Plus, I can drive the elegant sedan to hiking trails and sporting events.

#5: Toyota Camry. My family has owned a Toyota Camry since I was in the fourth grade. It’s  one of the cars I share with my father and brother. I know from experience that they are safe, reliable, a comfortable ride, and very practical. For these reasons, I’d love to drive a Camry of my own one day.

See the source image
A red 205 Toyota Camry SE (Credit: Motor Trend)

#6: Honda Accord. My father drove a stick-shift Accord back in the 1990s. In addition to that, my aunt drove an Acura TSX (which I consider the luxury version of the Accord) which she sold to my family five years ago. These experiences make me interested in driving an Accord of my own in the future.

#7: Toyota RAV4. I drove a RAV4 up until the afternoon I crashed it. How do I know it’s safe? I walked away with nothing more than a sore side and the feeling of being extremely shaken up from the sequence of events. I would love to drive another RAV4 again. I am grateful for their safety, reliability, and practicality.

#8: Honda CR-V. When I was in my third year of college, my mother test drove a 2017 or 2018 CR-V. It was a wonderful ride. CR-Vs are just awesome, at least from my perspective. Hopefully I will probably get to drive one of these safe, reliable, and practical SUVs some day.

#9: Jeep Renegade. Two words to describe the Renegade: TOO CUTE. I love that they are safe vehicle options with safety features that will not only keep me safe, but dramatically cut down the chance I get into a crash to begin with. They will also be wonderful for driving in the snow and in the mountains.

#10: Jeep Compass. Another great option for those looking for a safe vehicle with excellent safety features. Jeep did a good job redesigning the SUV. I like that I can drive in the mountains and the snow. It’s a practical vehicle for my region.

Image result for 2019 jeep compass
A blue 2019 Jeep Compass Latitude (Credit: Legend Leasing)

#11: Hyundai Sonata. My family and I are very loyal to the Hyundai brand. My sister and mother both drive Tucsons. In addition, my father and brother drove to my aunt’s house in Oklahoma in a Hyundai rental. It got them there reliably and in one piece. I’m used to driving medium-sized sedans, especially since I share a Camry with two family members, so a Sonata makes sense.

#12: Nissan Maxima. I like the idea of a sports car or luxury car. However, I prefer something much more practical for things I frequently love to do, such as hiking and volunteering. The Nissan Maxima would bring together the best of both worlds. A safe and practical car with beauty to boot!

#13: Hyundai Elantra. The practicality of this vehicle is very high. It will be wonderful for driving to dance classes, art classes, outdoor walking trails, and volunteer opportunities. They are also safe and reliable vehicles, something I love about Hyundai.

#14: Honda Civic. I usually drive by myself when running errands, from Target to the ice cream parlor. Civics are cute, safe, reliable, and practical. Should I become a dog mom, I will trust the Civic to help keep my pup safe and comfortable.

#15: Chevrolet Cruze. One of my family’s dearest friends drives a Cruze. They love their Chevy very much. They are known for being safe, plus when I drive 75 minutes south to watch my favorite hockey team, I am sure the Cruze will do an excellent job of getting me there.

See the source image
A red 2014 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ (Credit: Top Speed)

#16: Ford Focus. This sedan has piqued my interest for a while. I can trust it to keep me safe on the road. Also, while it is small, I believe the Focus will have plenty of room to carry groceries, craft supplies, even a friend or two.

#17: Nissan Rogue. This was my dream car when I was nineteen years old. I wanted one very badly, and I still would like to possibly drive one to this day. The perfect trifecta: safe, reliable, practical. Nissans are amazing.

#18: Volkswagen Passat. Ah, yes. The gorgeous German sedan. Volkswagens are safe, and combine the practicality I prefer with the luxury that sparks my eye. I would feel like a princess if I were behind the wheel of a Passat.

#19: Volkswagen Jetta. I really adore Jettas. They are beautiful and graceful, inside and out. My goal one day is to become a Colorado Avalanche season ticket holder. I definitely trust the Jetta to get me to and from Ball Arena, the home of the Burgundy Boys.

#20: Kia Forte. I actually imagine the perfect Forte: red, with a Colorado Avalanche headrest cover, many Avalanche bumper stickers, an Avalanche steering wheel cover, an Avalanche face mask on the rearview mirror, and a burgundy scrunchie on the gear shift. I’d call it the Avalanche Forte. It will be very easy to locate in the Ball Arena parking lot.

See the source image
A silver 2017 Kia Forte EX (Credit: Fredericton Kia)

#21: Kia Soul. These cars are really cute. I also like the cargo space and safety of the Soul. I could carry so much pizza, donuts, cookies, cheesecake, and Chick-fil-A in the Soul. Oddly specific and extremely unhealthy food, I know. But I love delicious food, and the Soul will protect my dinner.

#22: Nissan Sentra. Not only is the Sentra an amazing choice as it’s a Nissan product (well, awesome in my opinion just based on the make alone), but as a sports fan, it will be practical. What do I mean by practical, you may ask? Good question! It will make it easier to park at sports venues because of its good size.

#23: Nissan Versa. A memo to the Music Garage in the ballpark district of Denver, Colorado, watch your back! The safe, practical, comfortable, and reliable Nissan Versa is here to take me to Denver. I will park in this garage with safety and ease! Sincerely, me.

#24: Subaru Outback. The outback is my favorite Subaru model. My favorite generation is the 2010-2014 generation. When I go on my trip to the Mighty Five national parks in Utah, the Outback will be amazing on that ride.

#25: Toyota Corolla. I like the 2009-2013 generation Corollas the best. I also am impressed with the 2021 Corolla, too. It’s a safe car that will keep my multiple Raising Cane’s meals secure while I drive them home to have a feast.

See the source image
A gray 2011 Toyota Corolla S (Credit: Layal Automotive)

#26: Chevrolet Impala. There are days where I will want meals from multiple restaurants. The Chevrolet Impala will be a lifesaver in that situation. Since it’s a large sedan, I can transport Culver’s, Dominos, Wendy’s, Arby’s, and Noodles & Company meals in it. It will also keep my five-restaurant feast safe.

#27: Mazda Mazda3. These sedans are cute. I actually re-learned how to drive in a Mazda sedan. I think it was a 3, but I can’t be sure. Either way, they’re the reason I like the Mazda brand.

#28: Mazda Mazda6. I knew that I wanted a Mazda the second I sat in that driving school car re-teaching myself how to drive in order to conquer an intense fear of driving. I like to think of the Mazda brand as an elegant company that I like to associate with bravery and strength. I like when I associate a brand with good feelings

#29: Toyota Prius. The monarch of hybrid cars. I love the Toyota brand, but that’s not the only reason I’d like one. I love the safety of the Prius and how practical it is. Since it is a hybrid car, it will assist me in terms of fuel costs when I make multiple trips to Denver for sporting events, performing arts events, and entertainment.

#30: Honda Fit. After the international pandemic is far less barbaric, I would love to make trips to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and Buell Theater in the Performing Arts district of Denver, Colorado. The Fit will be practical, to help me save money on gas, as well as safely transport myself, my mother, and my sister to performing arts events.

See the source image
An orange 2015 Honda Fit Sport (Credit: The Torque Report)

#31: Chevrolet Malibu. I would love to take a few of my friends who were on the high school basketball team to a Denver Nuggets game. The safe and practical Malibu will be a big help, as it will be roomy for my friends.

#32: Chevrolet Trax. One trip I would love to go on is a trip to Mesa Verde National Park. The Trax will be fantastic for that. This cute little SUV is a decent size and will be a great mode of transportation to the park.

#33: Subaru Legacy. The Legacy will be the best of both worlds. It will cross the all-wheel drive that will be practical for the snowy region I live in with the sedan body style I enjoy driving. Also, the Legacy is probably the safest sedan to exist.

#34: Subaru Impreza. Snowy day on Avalanche gameday? No problem! The Impreza will not only keep me safe on the snowy roadways, but will be simple to park at the arena. They are also beautiful.

#35: Subaru Forester. Snowfall during a friends’ trip to Denver for a Nuggets game is no match for the Forester! Roomy, safe, all-wheel drive, and easy-looking to park! The latest Forester is really attractive, in my opinion.

Image result for 2020 subaru forester premium
A white 2020 Subaru Forester Premium (Credit: CarBuzz)

What is your dream car and why? What do you find important in a car? Let me know in the comments below.


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