Easter is a fun time for treats, fun, and tasty meals. Even though the coronavirus pandemic still has a brutal grip on the world, we can still have fun and enjoy the day. Here are ten ways to enjoy your quarantined Easter to the fullest.

#1: Easter themed cookies. This might mean baking some Pillsbury sugar cookies. This might mean baking cookies with M&M candies in them. This might mean baking some homemade sugar cookies, or enjoying frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store. Any way you slice it, cookies are a tasty Easter dessert.

#2: Paper easter egg hunt. Get your creative juices flowing! Use colored paper, felt, and any other crafts your heart desires. Your family members and roommates will have a blast finding these beautiful eggs. The best part? These crafts can be used for cards, collections, or office decorations.

#3: Egg shaped cakes. Of course, cookies aren’t the only treat that can make Easter yummy. You can make egg shaped cakes at home or purchase them from the grocery store, depending on your preference. I will link a recipe for Easter egg cake at the end of this post.

See the source image
Easter egg shaped cake (Credit: Blogspot)

#4: Favorite Easter dinner on video conference. Video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime, has been our best friend during this pandemic. If you can’t have your family in person for Easter dinner, you can video conference during mealtime. It will feel different than having them in person, but it’s a wonderful way to stay in touch.

#5: Easter themed poetry contest. Poetry is another wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing. You can use whichever poetry type you would like! Whether you prefer haiku poems, limerick poems, free verse poems, or any other types of poem, you’ll have a blast. Prizes can be anything from picking the next board game to play to a new colorful eyeliner.

#6: Pink and blue nail polish. Pink and blue are colors I like to associate with Easter. They are fun colors that I think represent happy moods very well. Painting my nails is something I like to do to celebrate fun days.

Image result for pink and blue nails
An adorable pink and blue manicure (Credit: DevianArt)

#7: Bright green eyeshadow. I really like the color of bright green. It’s a really happy spring color. Also, I feel like it would really complement the blue, green, and grey eye colors.

#8: Lavender lipstick. Purple, especially light purple, feels like a really Easter color. Therefore, bright purple lipstick feels like the perfect lipstick for Easter. Side note: my personal recommendation for bright purple lipstick is NYX Professional Makeup.

#9: Pink, green, and yellow homemade bracelets. Pink, green, and yellow sound like the ultimate happy color trio. Bracelets with these colors of beads are perfect not just for Easter, but any occasion. They also make great gifts!

Image result for pink and yellow bracelet
A pink and yellow braided bracelet (Credit: Pinterest)

#10: Purple and blue homemade necklaces. In my opinion, purple and blue are calming colors. Not only are they a wonderful craft, but they also make amazing presents and are wonderful for any occasions. Now that I think about it, they would make a good necklace to sell on Etsy.

What are some of your favorite Easter traditions? Let me know in the comments below.


How to Make an Easter Egg Cake | Easter Recipes & Menus: Breakfast, Dinner, Dessert and Sides | Food Network


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