A Definitive Ranking Of All The Mario Party 8 Minigames: 39-27

Mario Party 8 is one of my favorite video games. I don’t really play it to play the “party mode,” which is the mode where you play on different themed board game-like levels. I like to play the minigames. There are those I love, and those I don’t like very much. This list will be based on how difficult, fun, and engaging the games are. It will be divided into five posts. Extras Zone minigames are excluded from this list.

#39: Paint Misbehavin’. Raise your hand if you are up for a virtual paintball fight! For whatever reason, this game reminds me of The Big Bang Theory. It reminds me of the fun activites the main characters did outside of their work lives at a local university. Paintballing sounds like such a fun activity. Well, maybe not if you’re one of the goombas in this game.

#38: Aim Of The Game. This is the lottery in video game format. The point of this game is to collect cards that will give you the most points. It’s a matter of luck and skill, but mostly luck. I have barely played this game at all, though.

#37: King Of The Thrill. Calling all fans of WWE, UFC, and MMA! I am adamant that this minigame was designed with you in mind. It’s also a wonderful way to blow off steam. Having a bad day? Frustrated with technology? Stressed out with outside life stuff? Playing this minigame will let you unleash your feelings!

#36: Lean, Mean Ravine. I like to think of this game as a crossover between NASCAR and Olympic water sports. Also, even though I have never played Diddy Kong Racing before, I have seen people play this game on YouTube. This minigame pays homage to the water levels in that game on YouTube, too.

See the source image
Lean, Mean Ravine gameplay (Credit: Super Mario Wiki)

#35: Rowed To Victory. This minigame reminds me of some watersports I would like to do. Once the pandemic is at a much less barbaric state, I would like to go to a swimming reservoir/lake in my area. Not only does swimming sound like a fun idea, but so do paddleboarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding.

#34: Grabby Gridiron. This game pays a tidbit of homage to some of my experiences. I have attended two high school football games and worked security for multiple college football games. I believe this minigame somewhat/partially encapsulates what happens at American Football practice, but feel free to let me know if I am incorrect on this theory.

#33: Snow Way Out. This game is a snowball fight, but with the effects of coffee mixed with 5-Hour Energy, Rockstar Energy Drinks, and Red Bull! The purpose of this game is for the one player to knock the three players off the roof with snowballs. In the developers’ defense, however, it is a good way to blow off steam.

#32: Thrash ‘N’ Crash. Ah, yes. The most chaotic skateboarding park in the world. I mean, what other skateboarding park has Bullet Bills, tumbling barrels, and toppling poles? I can’t think of one under any circumstances.

See the source image
Thrash ‘N’ CRash gaemplay (Credit: Super Mario Wiki)

#31: Picture Perfect. Nit picking moment: I don’t know why this is a one versus three minigame. I think it should be a two versus two minigame. Anyway, in my opinion, this is the perfect way to test your reaction time and attention to detail. It’s kind of funny how the pictures look when they don’t match how they are supposed to. 

#30: Swervin’ Skies. Flying balloon party! Also another nit-picking moment: How can planes be powered with petrol and balloons? Okay, I am overthinking things. Maybe Nintendo wanted to mess around with aerodynamics a little bit.

#29: Bob-ombs Away. According to YouTube, this is a game you can win while not doing anything. Just look up “Luigi Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing” on YouTube, and select the video about Mario Party 8. Also, it’s a good way to vent your mood.

#28: Wing And A Scare. I’m a little bit of an airplane nerd, not going to lie. Now that I think about it, this is an excellent way to feel like you’re in flight school. Except it’s flight school crossed with parkour. Also I like parkour.

See the source image
Wing And A Scare gameplay (Credit: arronmunore/YouTube)

#27: Alpine Assault. I have been wanting to learn how to snowboard since the age of fourteen. Now I am a twenty-something, and I still have never learned. I get some thrill out of this minigame. It’s the best way to go snowboarding without actually going snowboarding, if that makes sense.

This list is to be continued! Next: Rankings 26-14.


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