A Definitive Ranking Of All The Mario Party 8 Minigames: 26-14

Mario Party 8 is one of my favorite video games. I don’t really play it to play the “party mode,” which is the mode where you play on different themed board game-like levels. I like to play the minigames. There are those I love, and those I don’t like very much. This list will be based on how difficult, fun, and engaging the games are. It will be divided into five posts. Extras Zone minigames are excluded from this list.

#26: Treacherous Tightrope. This is a nerve wracking minigame, but I actually kind of like it. They did a good job of picking the music for this game. It fits the suspense of who will make it to the end and who will lose their balance. It also reminds me of my slacklining days in high school.

#25: Speedy Graffiti. Do you like painting under pressure? Then this minigame is the one for you! The point of this game is to spray paint the shape on the rock enough times to win. It’s been a while since I’ve used spray paint, so this is a way to get the creative juices flowing with little danger from real life spray paint.

#24: Grabbin’ Gold. I have not played this game very much, but it’s the textbook definition of self-explanatory. Grab the coins, avoid the non-coins. Sounds simple, right? I should try to practice this game.

#23: Winner Or Dinner. It does not matter how poorly you perform this game. You’re still a winner at the end of this minigame. Why is that? The whole purpose of this minigame is to win coins! Takes a lot of the pressure off.

Image result for mario party 8 winner or dinner
Winner Or Dinner gameplay (Credit: Super Mario Wiki)

#22: Water Ski Spree. This is similar to Winner Or Dinner, but I like this one better. You literally water ski in this minigame for coin-collecting reasons. I want to learn some water sports, therefore, this is my favorite coin grabbing minigame.

#21: Boo-ting Gallery. It’s a race to become almost like you’re playing Luigi’s Mansion. The purpose of this minigame is to get rid of all the red Boo ghosts before the other pair of players does. It’s a test of teamwork and peripheral vision.

#20: Lob To Rob. Do you know those games at the fair, family entertainment centers, carnivals, and arcades where you throw items at targets to win prizes? This is what Lob To Rob is. It’s exactly like those games. Except virtual and the prize is not being chased through the forest by goombas. Also winning coins when playing in board game mode.

#19: Surf’s Way Up. Space nerds unite! I adore this game. It makes me feel like I’m doing the Star Trek or Star Wars version of the Olympic Games. The sport should be called Star Surfing. Heck, Nintendo might have even inspired a sequence of further fan events with this minigame.

See the source image
Surf’s Way Up gameplay (Credit: princessdaisyfan1995/YouTube)

#18: Cosmic Slalom. As much as I adore Surf’s Way Up, I love this one even more. It feels like outer space’s version of go-kart racing. It also makes me think of Star Trek. It’s kind of Warp Speed Kart.

#17: Pumper Cars. Is anyone looking for an arm workout? This is the minigame for you! Although you are really holding down buttons on the Wii Remote, it still feels like an arm workout because you are moving the Wii Remote up and down.

#16: Swing Kings. Those who have played baseball, softball, cricket, and similar sports: let me know in the comments if this is an accurate representation of batting practice. I wish I had played softball in my past. However, this game kind of makes up for it.

#15: Superstar Showdown. The last game you play in the Star Battle (Story) mode. The purpose of this game is to generate power from the Star Rod and defeat Bowser. It takes a while, but it’s worth it! It’s very satisfying beating this game and finishing out Story Mode, also known as the Star Battle.

See the source image
Superstar Showdown gameplay (Credit: EpicLugiKid/YouTube)

#14: Rotation Station. At first, I had a personal vendetta against this game because of how hard it was. However, the more I practiced it, the more I enjoyed it. It’s all a matter of the camera. The trick is to use it to your advantage.

This list is to be continued! Next: Rankings 13-1.


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