How To Eat Pollotarian At Sporting Events

As of March 2021, I am pollotarian. A pollotarian is a person who eats poultry, but not red meat. I have adopted this diet for health reasons, plus, I prefer the taste of chicken and turkey over beef and pork. There are foods that I miss, though. I miss eating a Rockie Dog at every single game I attend at Coors Field, and I wish I knew how badly I would miss Chef Boyardee’s Beefaroni when I cut red meat out of my diet. Not to fear, I have found some very tasty sporting event treats free of red meat. These are suggestions based on food available at Colorado’s Coors Field, Texas’ Minute Maid Park, and California’s Petco Park.

Gluten Friendly Chicken Sandwich. This feeds two cats with one can of Fancy Feast (I know this is way different than the actual saying, but I like this saying). Looking for a chicken option whilst avoiding gluten? This tasty treat from Coors Field has your back! I would like to try one for myself. I am curious to see how reducing gluten will impact my health.

Vegan Dog. I’ve never had a vegan dog before. I am interested in trying one. It will be a great way for me to get my hot dog fix at the ballpark while staying on the right track on my health journey. I’ll have to check to see if it has soy in it. If so, I myself will have to rule it out since my health history recommends against eating soy. It’s still a good idea if you are able to consume soy, however.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich. As a Texas girl at heart, I love barbecue food. I could have barbecue pulled chicken for every single meal if it were possible. The fact that this is a food option at the ballpark is heaven! Trust me, it’s delicious!

Burritos & Burrito Bowls. These are the best because you can customize them to your liking. Want a burrito stacked with grilled chicken and cilantro? Go for it. Want a black bean burrito bowl with both black and pinto beans? Bon appetit!

See the source image
The Steel Cactus Burrito (Credit: Ballpark Guides)

Custom Salads. Salads are some of my favorite things on the planet. My ideal salad is lettuce, spinach, carrots, cheese, chicken, and croutons. It’s the beauty of the food. You can add tofu, beans, banana peppers, and much more.

Veggie Quesadillas. I can smell the bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms being cooked while I’m writing this post. The best part of them? These can be for pollotarians, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans!

French Fries. I could eat them for every single meal. The Coors Field French fries are really delicious. I am adamant that they are the same way at other ballparks, do let me know if this is the case. Nonetheless, they are tasty.

Macaroni & Cheese. Now that I think about it, this would complement a barbecue chicken sandwich very well. If you can customize it, even better! I love the idea of a bowl of ballpark mac with barbecue sauce, turkey, and breadcrumbs.

See the source image
Delicious baked macaroni and cheese (Credit: Taste Of Home)

Chicken Tenders. This is my favorite food at Coors Field. In fact, it’s perfect for adults and younger humans. I consider myself a second-grader at heart, so the chicken tenders feel extra awesome as a ballpark dinner. It’s my favorite meal at the diamond now.

Dippin’ Dots. After having sold the delicious treat at minor league hockey games during my third year of my degree, I fell in love with it. I love the fudge brownie flavor the best. I also like the Cookies N’ Cream, Rainbow, and Mint Chocolate Chip flavors. 

Chicken Wings. After an experience where I ate severely undercooked chicken wings at lunch at work, I was turned off by chicken wings. However, I do think they are a good idea, especially if you’re with a group at a restaurant with a great view of the infield. Kind of like a party for when the team performs exceptionally.

Cheese Pizza. If I had a dollar for each slice of cheese pizza I have eaten ever since starting this diet, I would probably be able to buy five or six Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes at Sephora. The next time I have one at a sporting venue, I will absolutely dip it in ranch dressing. Pizza with ranch sounds absolutely tasty.

See the source image
Six cheese pizza with garlic sauce (Credit: Yelp)

Turkey Sandwiches. I’m more of a turkey kind of gal than I am a chicken kind of gal. Turkey sandwiches are some of my favorite things to eat in the world. They are very well complemented with side dishes such as bbq chips, apples with peanut butter, or French fries. Honestly, if ballparks had tomato soup, I would try a turkey sandwich with tomato soup, too.

Chicken Quesadillas. You know what would complement chicken quesadillas? Not just salsa, but also guacamole, queso, and sour cream! In fact, they should be served with a side of nachos in a helmet. That would be extreme Tex-Mex heaven, in my opinion.

Ice Cream. If ice cream for breakfast is acceptable during university undergraduate years, then ice cream for dinner is perfectly acceptable at the ballpark. Back in 2018, I wanted to get ice cream in a helmet during my first game between the Rockies and the Astros, alas, I was much too late. I will get it as soon as I can, though.

Funnel Cake. They are not just for state fairs! Powdered sugar, cream cheese frosting, red velvet batter, oh my! The perfect way to satisfy one’s sweet tooth when one wants to have all the fun possible.

See the source image
Red Velvet Funnel Cake (Credit: Pinterest)

Fish Tacos. Okay, maybe not everyone who is pollotarian is into fish. However, if you are having a hankering for seafood, fish tacos are excellent. I also really like the idea of fish tacos. I have to wonder if it’s because I have family who live in an area where seafood is a common part of the food culture.

Veggie Sandwiches. Of course, even as a poultry eater, there are days where I just wanna have plants for every single meal. Veggie sandwiches are amazing. I can smell the cheese, peppers, onions, and mushrooms being grilled from right in front of my laptop. Yum!

Popcorn. My favorite kind of popcorn is the kind where the bag is filled part of the way, topped with butter, fully filled up, and topped with more butter. It’s heaven in a bag. Where would I be without popcorn? A grumpy state of mind, honestly.

Pretzels. Soft pretzels with sauce are the best. I’m German on my mother’s side of the family, so I appreciate a good pretzel, especially Barvarian pretzels. I also love the soft pretzel sticks. Salty pretzels and cinnamon pretzels are my favorite. I wish they could be fed to me through IV.

See the source image
Homemade soft pretzels similar to the Auntie Anne’s recipe (Credit: The Spruce Eats)

What are some of your favorite ballpark foods? What other questions can I answer about the pollotarian diet? Let me know in the comments below.



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