Event Report: Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco Giants, Friday, August 19, 2022

The Colorado Rockies made a post on Twitter asking people who their favorite Rockies player was and why. The task was to quote-tweet with the response for a chance to win four free tickets to that night’s game. I responded with catcher Brian Serven. My reasoning? He is the love of my life. I have a huge crush on him. I love seeing him play and I enjoy his defensive skills. In addition, I mentioned that I looked forward to seeing him hit some extra base hits.

It was just for fun. I just wanted to spread some love for Brian Serven after a week filled with aches and a depressive episode. Little did I know that I would be the lucky winner of the giveaway! Before I knew it, the Rockies contacted me to let me know that I was the lucky winner!

I knocked on the door as fast as I could to let my sister know that we were winners. We got the tickets together and I planned out my outfit. I wore a gray Rockies hat, a Nolan Arenado jersey, a magenta skort, gray leggings, and rain boots. My sister contacted two of her dearest friends to come with us to the game. Before we knew it, we were snacking on popcorn on the road down to Denver!

Catcher Brian Serven up to bat

We had amazing seats. The seats were along the first base line in Section 123. The tickets came with amazing perks! Included in the giveaway package was a set of four Purple brand seat cushions, coupons for pillows from the Denver Mattress company, and a Kris Bryant signed baseball. An amazing camera human filmed us being happy, and we were featured on the jumbotron during the giveaway winner recognition segment. 

Back in 2021, I spilled some cookies and cream Dippin’ Dots on my lap. It was a bummer, but I thought of it as good luck. My sister decided to get me another helping of my favorite ballpark dessert in that flavor to make up for the ones I had sacrificed on accident. The best part? There were tidbits of mint in them. I was happier than a woodchuck in a furniture store because of that fact.

I was so excited to see Elherius Montero play. In fact, he hit one of the seven runs that the team would hit that evening. Of course, to pay homage to Lil Nas X, whose real first name is Montero, I made a reference to the song Old Town Road by mentioning “horses in the back” to reference amazing things he has done.

Connor Joe mid-home run

The atmosphere was amazing. People were having a great time, regardless of who they were pulling for. I was so excited to see my favorite player, Brian Serven, play. I am so glad he is a Rockies player. He has demonstrated that he is a talented catcher, at least in my eyes. 

In case anyone was wondering, the Colorado Rockies emerged as victorious. I remember screaming as loudly as I could to send encouragement to Daniel Bard. I knew in my heart that he would help secure the victory, and I was right. As soon as the final out was recorded, I screamed for joy. Of course, I was screaming in stress as well since the relief pitchers were going through a rough patch in the seventh inning. Nevertheless, they persisted.

The fun didn’t stop there, however. On the way out, a fellow spectator was walking around with their hand in the air, giving me the impression that they were looking for a high five. Naturally, I offered to give them a high five, which I did, and a lot of people cheered. I like to think that it was because the person got a high-five from the winner.

Daniel Bard getting ready to get the save

All in all, it was a wonderful evening. I’m beyond elated that I attended.





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