A Definitive Ranking Of All The Mario Party 8 Minigames: 65-53

Mario Party 8 is one of my favorite video games. I don’t really play it to play the “party mode,” which is the mode where you play on different themed board game-like levels. I like to play the minigames. There are those I love, and those I don’t like very much. This list will beContinue reading “A Definitive Ranking Of All The Mario Party 8 Minigames: 65-53”

Ranking My Top 25 Favorite All-Time Low Songs

February marked three years since I first heard these amazing humans from the state of Maryland. I had just signed up for Spotify, something I had been meaning to do since the twelfth grade. Out of nowhere, a song called “Oh, Calamity!” started playing on Spotify radio. I fell in love with the song, andContinue reading “Ranking My Top 25 Favorite All-Time Low Songs”

A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Seattle Mariners Third Baseman Kyle Seager

Trivia Time! Who was a student-athlete at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was a 2014 All-Star Game player, won a Gold Glove in 2014, was named as the ninth best prospect in 2011, and led the American League with six sacrifice flies in the pandemic-shortened 2020 Major League Baseball Season? The correctContinue reading “A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Seattle Mariners Third Baseman Kyle Seager”

30 Walk-Up Songs For 30 Major League Baseball Teams

Tomorrow, April 1, 2021, will be the first day of baseball season. I’ll celebrate with painted nails and apparel, of course! However, I decided to celebrate with a list of walk-up songs! I did something similar last year on Instagram, and I decided to do it this year on the blog! Here are thirty walk-upContinue reading “30 Walk-Up Songs For 30 Major League Baseball Teams”

Android App Review: Instacart

I wanted to go get some bread, bagels, and snacks from Safeway one day. Unfortunately, it was snowing outside. Due to past experiences on snowy roads that I have had and that others close to me have had, I am terrified at the prospect of driving on snowy roads. I decided to use Instacart toContinue reading “Android App Review: Instacart”

17 Ways To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day In Quarantine

Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful day filled with wonderful traditions. However, since the coronavirus pandemic is still posing a very real, very barbaric threat to the world, some traditions like parades and charity marathons are off the table. But don’t fret! Here are seventeen ways to enjoy the holiday while staying safe and healthy!Continue reading “17 Ways To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day In Quarantine”

Ranking My Top Fourteen Favorite Pies

Stanley Hudson from the hit mockumentary The Office once wisely said, “Next stop, PIES!” That is no truer than March 14, Pi Day. I feel weird if I don’t enjoy the delicious dessert on this treat-filled, mathematically-inspired day. Here are fourteen of my favorite pies, based on the pies I like to enjoy the bestContinue reading “Ranking My Top Fourteen Favorite Pies”

Should I Major In Sociology? Ten Things To Know

Going into college, I studied English literature and writing with hopes of carving out a career for myself in the novel-writing field. Halfway through my second year of college, however, I decided it wasn’t the right path for me. I spent the next two and a half years studying sociology, something I was passionate about.Continue reading “Should I Major In Sociology? Ten Things To Know”

35 Cars I’d Be Interested In Driving One Day

One of my biggest financial goals is to own my own car one day. I plan on building up my financial health so I can afford to purchase my own vehicle, as well as excellent car insurance. I am currently making a list of vehicles that pique my interest. Three factors that are important toContinue reading “35 Cars I’d Be Interested In Driving One Day”