Film Review: Top Gun: Maverick

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! I strongly recommend watching one or both of the Top Gun movies before reading. Tom Cruise. Miles Teller. Glen Powell. Those are three of the actors who star in the hit summer film Top Gun: Maverick. That movie is popular for a variety of magical reasons, from the fantastic plot to theContinue reading Film Review: Top Gun: Maverick

I Thought I Was Pansexual, And Then Realized That I Am Queersexual Instead

Back in the summer of 2020, I made a blog post about what pride month means to me. In that post, I came out as pansexual. I will leave a link to that below. In that post, I mentioned that I thought originally that I was bisexual. Then I started thinking, am I really pansexual?Continue reading “I Thought I Was Pansexual, And Then Realized That I Am Queersexual Instead”

Walk-Up Songs For All Thirty Teams For 2022

I’m really looking forward to baseball season, I will be brutally honest. However, with the whole lockout situation going on, it’s been a wild ride. Still, I wanted to make a list of walk up songs for all thirty teams. I love making this project, and it will bring happiness during this wild period ofContinue reading “Walk-Up Songs For All Thirty Teams For 2022”

Remembering Demaryius Thomas

I wish I could describe the grief, devastation, and disbelief when I first heard the news. I didn’t want it to be real. I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to think at all that this was true instead of a cruel joke. Then, slowly but surely, the tragic news was confirmed: retiredContinue reading “Remembering Demaryius Thomas”

What I’m Looking Forward To For My First Avs Game

It’s the year 2020. I had purchased tickets to see the Colorado Avalanche play the Vegas Golden Nights on Sunday, March 15 of that year. I was really excited for it. I even planned out an outfit in my head: my Nathan MacKinnon jersey, blue jeans, an Avs beanie, and burgundy boots. It was goingContinue reading “What I’m Looking Forward To For My First Avs Game”

The First Elephants & Extra Base Hits Post Of 2022!

I am so grateful to be blogging again! It feels so good to be blogging again. the last few months have been crazy, with the holiday season, my health, and moving from my childhood home into my first adult apartment. While it was great taking the time to concentrate on myself and take care ofContinue reading “The First Elephants & Extra Base Hits Post Of 2022!”

Minor League Baseball Players Are Getting Housing Covered: My Take On It

Back in 2019, I wrote a blog post about how I was of the opinion that Minor League Baseball players deserved much better salaries and quality of life. I recall describing how very little the people are paid. In addition, recently, I have seen minor league baseball players speak out about the ugly truth aboutContinue reading “Minor League Baseball Players Are Getting Housing Covered: My Take On It”

Ten Destinations I’d Love To Visit In Ohio

I really wanted to go to Ohio the summer after I graduated from college. The reason is that I wanted to see the All-Star Game at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Come to think of it, I’m really interested in taking a trip to Ohio in general. One day, I’d like to write a novel thatContinue reading “Ten Destinations I’d Love To Visit In Ohio”

Fifteen Tips For Packing For A Move

My favorite thing about moving is the opportunity to change and grow into a new person in a new place. The thing I hate the most about moving? Packing. At least from my perspective, it feels like a chore that I wish I could get out of doing with a few Harry Houdini illusions. However,Continue reading “Fifteen Tips For Packing For A Move”

Ranking My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants

Restaurant meals are what get me through a craving, a tricky day, or a celebration. There’s just something about a feast of breadsticks, chicken, molten lava cake, and strawberry lemonade that just brings a smile to my whole face. Maybe it’s the cravings being satisfied. Maybe it’s knowing that I will be in a betterContinue reading “Ranking My Top 10 Favorite Restaurants”