7 Tips To Enjoy The Holidays As An Adult

As a kid, I loved the holidays, especially Christmas. I could barely fall asleep on Christmas Eve because I was so excited about seeing what was coming on Christmas morning. As time went on, things changed. As a college student, I lost that feeling. I attributed it to the mental exhaustion of completing final exams.Continue reading “7 Tips To Enjoy The Holidays As An Adult”

Some Thoughts On Black Friday

November of 2010. That was the first time I recalled ever seeing an ad for Black Friday. I recalled that the sale started at four in the morning, or something like that. For me, it was somewhat baffling. All I could think to myself was, “Why would anyone want to wake up at two orContinue reading “Some Thoughts On Black Friday”

Why Minor League Baseball Players Deserve Better Salaries

Picture this: you finally got drafted to play the professional sport you love. It’s an amazing day for you. You’ve been hard at work since you were a little kid. You worked your way to play varsity sports in high school and found a great way to balance your sport in college with being anContinue reading “Why Minor League Baseball Players Deserve Better Salaries”

Why I Appreciate Baseball Mascots Very Much

A purple triceratops in a striped white jersey. A handsome elephant with a vibrant personality. An adorable fuzzy green space alien. What do these three characters have in common, you may ask? They are all Major League Baseball mascots. There are twenty-seven mascots in major league baseball. The only three teams without them are theContinue reading “Why I Appreciate Baseball Mascots Very Much”

From Laughingstocks to Champions: The Tale of the 2019 Washington Nationals

Nobody ever expected the Washington Nationals to come as far as they did. On May 23, 2019, they had 19 wins and 31 losses—one of the worst ways to start the year. In fact, they were on pace to lose one hundred games. They were counted out, big time. They were the laughingstocks of theContinue reading “From Laughingstocks to Champions: The Tale of the 2019 Washington Nationals”

College Campus Safety: My Take On It

In 2015, I graduated high school and started college. in 2019, I walked across the stage and earned my bachelor’s degree. In that four-year time span, hundreds of things happened. Some were amazing and memorable. Others were not so great, sometimes downright frightening. I remember one instance where I was walking home from the heartContinue reading “College Campus Safety: My Take On It”