Fifteen Crafts I’d Love To Make For An Etsy Shop

I love crafting very much. Art was one of my favorite subjects in school. One of my favorite crafts was when I did an Oregon Trail-inspired drawing in the seventh grade. I recently decided I wanted to perhaps open up my own Etsy shop and share my love of crafts with the world! Here areContinue reading “Fifteen Crafts I’d Love To Make For An Etsy Shop”

Addressing My Use Of The Term “Sickness Scare”

This post is serious in nature. I will not be using photos. I wish I had addressed this earlier. I was thinking about this, and realized I did something that I regret. I wanted to take the time to address this and explain why what I did was wrong. I have been thinking about myContinue reading “Addressing My Use Of The Term “Sickness Scare””

Ranking My Top Ten Favorite Green Day Songs

I remember in 2015, my sister shared a post about the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins having a Back to the Future themed game. She tagged me and wanted to know why we couldn’t have been in Florida at the time. I commented and asked her why we couldn’t have been in California during LaborContinue reading “Ranking My Top Ten Favorite Green Day Songs”

The Magic Of Colorado Rockies Photo Day

July 2010. My very first Colorado Rockies game. It turned out to be Photo Day, too! I remember that day very well. Reminiscing on my first trip to the ballpark makes me happy as a woodchuck in a furniture store. I was so excited. From what I remember, I was wearing a bracelet that lookedContinue reading “The Magic Of Colorado Rockies Photo Day”

An Ode to Mark Reynolds’ 13-Year Major League Baseball Career

Who played for eight different Major League Baseball teams, lettered in four different sports in high school, and has the second most home runs in the history of the University of Virginia baseball team? If you guessed Mark Reynolds, you are correct! Mark Reynolds, who was born in Kentucky and raised in Virginia, has hadContinue reading “An Ode to Mark Reynolds’ 13-Year Major League Baseball Career”

My Personal Top 10 Colorado Rockies Moments

I am a huge fan of the Colorado Rockies. They are my absolute favorite team in this world and Coors Field has become my second home in a sense. I like to refer to them as my Sugar Sweet Black Vest Boys. With my love of the team and the field comes my favorite moments.Continue reading “My Personal Top 10 Colorado Rockies Moments”

A Review On The Colorado Rockies #StayAtHomeOpener

Opening Day is a very special day, especially for the home team. On April 3, 2020, the Colorado Rockies would have played the San Diego Padres for the Rockies’ home opener. Sadly, the severity of the coronavirus pandemic prevented that from happening. However, since the Colorado Rockies social media team are amazing, they came upContinue reading “A Review On The Colorado Rockies #StayAtHomeOpener”

15 Reasons Randal Grichuk Is Awesome

Baseball players are amazing in their own way, each and every day. May be a single statistic. Might be who they are on and off the field. Here are fifteen reasons why I believe Toronto Blue Jays player Randal Grichuk is a wonderful human. 1. He’s a Texas boy. Randal was born in Rosenburg, Texas,Continue reading “15 Reasons Randal Grichuk Is Awesome”

29 Reasons I Love The Colorado Avalanche

To many other people, they are the Colorado Avalanche. To fans, they are the Avs. To me, they are the Sugar Sweet Burgundy Boys. They are my absolute favorite hockey team in the entire world. They are the one team whose victories I love to celebrate on my Instagram story. Here are the top 29Continue reading “29 Reasons I Love The Colorado Avalanche”

Learning Continues Long After Graduation

It’s finally within reach. After multiple semesters/quarters, a truckload of studying, and feeling every single emotion humanly possible, you’re finally seeing the neon light at the end of the tunnel (partially intentional reference to Blake Shelton). Graduation day is here, and you are finally ready to earn your diploma/degree. Your first thought: It’s finally over.Continue reading “Learning Continues Long After Graduation”