A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Denver Nuggets Point Guard Jamal Murray

Three trivia questions: Who is the first NBA player to score 50 points in a game without attempting a free throw? Who was drafted by the Denver Nuggets after his first year at the University of Kentucky? Who has a silver medal from the 2015 Pan American Games? If your answer to all three questions is Jamal Murray, you are correct!

Jamal, a Pisces, was born on February 23, 1997, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. His parents are Silvya and Roger Murray. Roger was a basketball player and track and field athlete himself, which is something that I believe shaped Jamal into the person he is today.

There are things that lead me to suspect that Jamal was born wearing a basketball uniform. He began playing at age three and at the age of six he was playing in a league for kids almost twice his age. I am adamant that some sort of magical basketball unicorn has blessed Jamal. That’s the only explanation for why he has been talented his whole life.

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Jamal is all smiles for a headshot (Credit: Denver Stiffts)

His talents continued over to high school, where he won multiple awards. These awards include an MVP recognition at the 2013 Jordan Brand Classic International Game, an MVP recognition at the 2015 Nike Hoop Summit, and an MVP recognition at the 2015 BioSteel All-Canadian Basketball Game. The theory that he was born in a basketball uniform starts to make a lot of extra sense.

At the University of Kentucky, Jamal continued showing his talents that he was given by the magical basketball unicorn. In his first and only year at the university, he earned multiple well-deserved recognitions. What are the recognitions, you may ask? Good question! They are a spot on the Associated Press Third Team All-American roster, a spot on the First Team All-SEC roster, an SEC All-Tournament recognition, and an SEC All-Freshman recognition.

Not only has Jamal been born in a basketball uniform and blessed by a magical basketball unicorn, but he is a magical unicorn himself! The unicorn is blue with white wings with red maples leaves all over them. The unicorn’s horn is platinum with pearls in them. The left front hoof is gold with amethysts, the right front hoof is sterling silver with sapphires, the left rear hoof is bronze with diamonds, and the right rear hoof is rose gold with emeralds. Lastly, there is a Canadian flag on the unicorn’s forehead. That has got to be the most descriptive unicorn analogy ever presented.

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Jamal is in a really great mood after a really great play (Credit: Sky Sports)

Ever since Jamal started playing professional basketball after his freshman year of college, he has been proving his awesomeness. His statistics include 611 three-point field goals; 759 free throws; 1,292 two-point field goals; 1,903 field goals; and 1,182 total rebounds. He’s one of the very best point guards to ever play for the Denver Nuggets. Change my mind. He’s the most magical unicorn in the team’s history.

Recently, this past Friday to be exact, Jamal made history! He scored fifty points, which is an extremely impressive feat in and of itself. There’s another wonderful fact about his fifty-point game: not a single free throw attempted or completed! That is the first time anyone in the National Basketball Association has ever completed this feat. You heard right! Jamal is literally the first player in the history of the National Basketball Association to score fifty points without a single free throw attempt. That is the best start to the weekend anyone could ask for.

I really admire Jamal’s leadership. After an interview last summer when he was getting ready to play basketball after the pandemic forced the association to go on a months-long hiatus, he wanted to listen to the media give their perspectives on racism before exiting the Zoom call. It shows that he likes to listen to many perspectives and wants people to have a voice. He’s a good example of how to show leadership skills, on and off the court. I’d love to be around an amazing member of society like him.

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Jamal does an archery pose (Credit: BSN Denver)

Denver Nuggets until the day I die! Blue Arrow Bubbas! Keep up the great work, Jamal!







My Struggle With Severe Depression

CONTENT AND TRIGGER WARNINGS: Mental Illness and Suicide

Picture this: You have absolutely zero energy in the morning. Even doing activities you enjoy, like drawing or swimming, sound like daunting chores you want to avoid doing if you can help it. You either want to eat a six-course meal to drown out your sadness, or get nauseous at the thought of eating a simple apple wedge. Either you’re a professional insomniac or you just want to sleep for the rest of your life. You feel like the future is bleak, hopeless, and destined to be doomed. Your emotional state has deteriorated to the point where you wish you weren’t living on this planet anymore. These symptoms last for two to six weeks, and it consumes your life.

This is what it’s like to live with severe depression. From what I remember, I have struggled with depression since I was in the fourth grade. At one point I would cry every single day. I had a hard time having fun at school. I was very upset about school being closed due to a major blizzard. The cafeteria staff and the physical education teacher were very worried about me.

Feeling depressed or worried over coronavirus? You're not alone - Los  Angeles Times
Depression is a barbaric mental health condition that can affect anyone, anytime, anywhere (Credit: Los Angeles Times)

I felt like the older I got, the worse my depression became. During two school years, specifically the eighth and eleventh grades, I was not in the best place ever. I just felt like I was floating on by and just waiting for summer break to come. In the eleventh grade I absolutely hated school. I only liked a select few classes and seeing friends and acquaintances. I wanted to change schools very badly for my last year of high school. 

The struggles didn’t stop there, however. It went on to affect me during college. The time period between September 25 and October 6, 2016 was a very difficult time to get through. I fell into an intense state of depression the day Jose Fernandez passed away. The next day on campus, I was just really upset. I was panicky, grief-stricken, fatigued, and lethargic. The fact that I was sick with bronchitis at the time made it even worse. That wasn’t my only bad depression moment. During the spring semester of my second year of college, I was in such a difficult state of mind that I wanted to honestly drop out of college.

Academic Pressure: 5 Tips From An Expert On Coping With School Stress |  HuffPost
Depression can make it extremely difficult to concentrate on schoolwork (Credit: HuffPost)

Things came to a tragic head on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. I was absolutely heartbroken about the passing of Roy Halladay. A serious threat on the campus and an argument with a friend tipped me over the edge. After multiple things that had already happened that year, I was just too heartbroken and crushed to continue. That night, when I went to bed,I decided I was going to just give up and end my life. The next day, I went to the university therapist first thing in the morning. Confessing the attempt to take my own life was terrifying. Getting through the rest of the semester felt like an ordeal. 

2019 was also a tough year for my depression. I had suffered from chronic, recurring bouts since New Year’s Day. Things came to a fevered pitch on July 1, 2019, when Tyler Skaggs’ body was discovered in a North Texas hotel. I was really devastated, and that just fueled my already existing depression. I could barely eat and I was already in shock. I was in on-again, off-again crisis for the rest of the month, including thoughts of suicide. That’s when I came to know that I had severe depression.

Here's What People Get Wrong About Depression | NAMI: National Alliance on  Mental Illness
Depression has many symptoms, and is treatable (Credit: NAMI)

To this day, it’s still something that affects me. I have a fluctuating appetite, problematic sleeping habits, lethargy, and am easily irritable. I have been controlling it through better eating habits, medication, therapy, and physical activity. It’s something that will be a part of my life forever, but I am doing what I can to keep it from having a brutal grip.

If you, or someone you know, is in crisis, here are some resources to help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line: 741-741

Canada’s Crisis Text Line: 686-868

United Kingdom’s Crisis Text Line: 852-58

The Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386 (Hotline), 678-678 (Text Line)

Trans Lifeline: 1-877-565-8860

I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any of these hotlines

A Definitive Ranking Of All The Mario Party 8 Minigames: 65-53

Mario Party 8 is one of my favorite video games. I don’t really play it to play the “party mode,” which is the mode where you play on different themed board game-like levels. I like to play the minigames. There are those I love, and those I don’t like very much. This list will be based on how difficult, fun, and engaging the games are. It will be divided into five posts. Extras Zone minigames are excluded from this list.

#65: Flip The Chimp. I find this to be the most frustrating minigame. I can never switch the monkey in time for me to avoid the falling coconuts. I always end up with the monkey at the very bottom of the tree. I swear, this minigame was invented with the intention of only letting the computer characters win. I internally scream as loudly as I can whenever this minigame is selected to play.

#64: In The Nick Of Time. This minigame is practically impossible for me to beat. No matter what I do, I can never get the hands on the clock to move. It says stagnant all the time. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or if the motion controls from the Wii Remote are broken. Either way, this minigame is frustrating, but less frustrating than Flip The Chimp. 

#63: Sick And Twisted. I literally have only seen one instance where a player actually won this minigame. Every other time has always been a tie. It’s really hard to predict when the platforms are going to stop and fall, taking the characters with them. Makes my brain bananas.

A screen shot of the Sick And Twisted minigame (Credit: Mario Party Legacy)

#62: Frozen Assets. I see this as a stressful hit or miss game. I feel really under pressure in this game. Trying to get even one gem is like trying to find a needle in eleven dozen haystacks. I think that with enough practice, I will feel less like that.

#61: Chump Rope. In my opinion, this game is extremely biased towards the player who is turning the rope. The only way I got the three players who were jumping over the rope to win was to intentionally turn the rope as few times as I can. It might be possible for the three players to win without the one player who turns the rope intentionally avoiding turning it. I can’t be sure, though.

#60: Cardiators. Another chance minigame. This is really nerve-wracking, because it’s impossible to know which card you will pick. You might do or receive little damage, or you might do or receive quite a bit of damage. There’s no way to know!

A screenshot of the Cardiators minigame (Credit: Mario Wiki/Fandom)

#59: You’re The Bob-omb. The suspense of this minigame is extreme. The fuse goes so slowly. You can never tell where that fuse will end! Halfway through, or trigger the Bob-omb? That is the question.

#58: Gun The Runner. I can’t be sure if this game was intentionally built to make the three players win. I’ve only seen the three players win. I might have seen the one player win, but I can’t be sure. This game feels like the opposite of Chump Rope.

#57: Cut From The Team. This is called a Challenge Minigame for a reason. It’s challenging to predict who will cut a string that will send someone flying and cause them to not be a winner of the game. Also, the suspense and then the surprise of being launched away is high. 

A screenshot of the Cut From The Team minigame (Credit: YouTube)

#56: Lava Or Leave ‘Em. I haven’t played this minigame much, but it looks tricky. Trying to avoid falling in the lava and being hit by the fire creatures is a big task to handle. I do like the idea of seeing your opponents burn. Kind of a mood booster after a rough day.

#55: Power Trip. Another minigame I haven’t played in a long time, if not ever. The goal here is to knock people off the stage. Sounds like a really tough minigame to win if you’re not the player knocking the players to the pits.

#54: Crops N’ Robbers. Love the gardening theme of it. It’s basically gardening in real life, picking carrots and getting rid of moles. Except in a video game. And with a time limit. And to win coins if you’re playing in board game mode.

A screenshot of the Crops N Robbers minigame (Credit: YouTube)

#53: Loco Motives. I played with trains a lot growing up. My siblings and I even had a train table for our toy trains. This is a nerve wracking one, I won’t lie! Hard to avoid popping the balloons.

This list is to be continued! Next: Rankings 52-40.

Ranking My Top 25 Favorite All-Time Low Songs

February marked three years since I first heard these amazing humans from the state of Maryland. I had just signed up for Spotify, something I had been meaning to do since the twelfth grade. Out of nowhere, a song called “Oh, Calamity!” started playing on Spotify radio. I fell in love with the song, and the group. One of my biggest regrets is not seeing them in concert in 2018 in Denver, Colorado, just before I started my last year of undergraduate studies. Here are my top 25 favorite songs by the group. 

#25: Cinderblock Garden. In 2019, I would routinely listen to All Time Low as a good luck charm for the Washington Nationals. This is one of the songs I listened to for good karma. I am very sure this is one of the songs I listened to on a shopping excursion with my sister. I will forever associate this song with good energy. 

#24: Wake Up, Sunshine. Another song that can be associated with good energy. The album that this song is from was released last year, when the coronavirus pandemic was just getting started. Perfect timing, at least from my perspective. Perfect way to bring happiness to a tough time.

#23: Basement Noise. This song is also from the album that was released during the height of the pandemic last year. From what I’m gathering from the song’s lyrics, this sounds like a very fun song. I’ll send myself G-mail reminders to purchase the song on iTunes.

#22: Satellite. My brain loves to confuse All Time Low’s version with Rise Against’s version. Nevertheless, I really enjoy this song. Though short, I can somewhat relate to the lyrics. I interpret it as a very bizarre, yet very awesome dream. I have that kind of dream all the time, for instance, meeting some of my dearest friends from the high school basketball team for graduate school at a small university in my home state’s capital city.

#21: The Reckless And The Brave. The vibe I get from this song is breaking free from your comfort zone and living life to the fullest. That was college for me. I have broken free from my comfort zone in so many ways, from living in a university apartment to switching majors three semesters in.

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The cover to the Nothing Personal album (Credit: Kerrang!)

#20: Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal. I really like the title of this song. It reminds me so much of Home Alone, where Kevin says, “Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!” after fending off some cold-blooded intruders. I also like the revenge vibes I get from the lyrics. Whenever I’m feeling grouchy and betrayed, I like listening to revenge songs. They make me feel better.

#19: Sick Little Games. I really like the theme of this song. When I read through the lyrics, I interpret it as the consequences of letting fame get to your head. This song will serve as a reminder to practice humility, at least in my opinion. 

#18: Kids In The Dark. One of my favorite lines in the song is “beautiful scars on critical veins.” I don’t know why I really like said line, but I just do. I think this song was very well recorded and composed. When I first heard it I couldn’t get enough of it.

#17: Sleeping In. The title is very relatable. So are the lyrics. I love getting the chance to sleep as long as I can whenever I can. Basically, the song is about staying in bed all day. That’s how I love to spend my weekends.

#16: Break Your Little Heart. I love the theme of this song: moving on from yicky experiences. I related to this song when I finally graduated from high school. I didn’t have the best high school experience on planet Earth, so graduating and attending college was a welcome relief. 

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The Wake Up, Sunshine album cover (Credit: The Daily Californian)

#15: Something’s Gotta Give. This is one of my favorite songs on planet Earth. The lyrics seem like they are describing a mental breakdown, at least from my perspective. As someone who has lived with anxiety, depression, and OCD basically her entire life, I relate so hard to the lyrics. One of the lyrics is, “I’m sinking.” That definitely accurately describes my depression and anxiety struggles. When my mental health issues are acting up, it feels like I’m sinking and there’s a weight on my head keeping me in a rut.

#14: Six Feet Under The Stars. It feels like this song is a relationship between two lovers of musical theatre. Musical theatre is one of my favorite things in the world. Some of my favorite broadway musicals include Dear Evan Hansen, Something Rotten!, and Fun Home.

#13: Melancholy Kaleidoscope. I will give this group credit where credit is due. They know just how to write, record, compose, and produce music exploring difficult subjects. I find this song to be describing the highs and lows of depression. It’s very accurate for me, especially since I experience mood swings frequently.

#12: Drugs & Candy. This song is another example of how well the group can create music based on heavy topics. Reading through the lyrics, I interpret it as the effects of a toxic relationship or friendship. I also think it could also be about addiction because the protagonist in the song mentions not wanting to give up on a relationship. That sounds similar to an addiction to, say, sports betting or chocolate milk. Deep, dark analysis, I know.

#11: Life Of The Party. Sounds like a sunny song about partying, right? That’s definitely my first impression of the song. Part of me also interprets it as a song about what it’s like to be a popular person. I was one of the most popular girls in my grade in middle school and high school. It was really nice, however, there were downsides, such as doubting whether I was that good of a person.

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The Future Hearts album cover (Credit: Wikipedia)

#10: Glitter & Crimson. I kept listening to this song whenever I posted it to my Instagram story. I really love how the song sounds. In addition, the theme of the song is something I can relate to, at least in a book I am working on. In the book, the main protagonist develops a crush on his classmate, then realizes that said classmate is the love of his life.

#9: Dear Maria, Count Me In. Ah, yes, probably the most iconic song in the history of the group. The guitar riff during the introduction to the song is an excellent build-up. Overall, the song’s lyrics and pop-rock beat are extremely fun to listen to! It’s hard to listen to this song and not smile.

#8: Birthday. This song is a two in one bonus! It’s content from one of my favorite musical groups, and I get to listen to it to send birthday wishes. Whenever my friends or a professional athlete I have a positive opinion has a birthday, I like to include the song in my Instagram stories to celebrate.

#7: For Baltimore. I would listen to this song walking home from work or school the fall semester of my last year of college. It was a real treat listening to the song and enjoying the beautiful sights of the university’s campus. It was one of the songs I listened to as a way to wish myself good luck in my studies for the semester.

#6: Dirty Laundry. I love the song’s very mellow instrumental. It demonstrates how good of a job the band does of recording songs of all kinds of instrumentals and topics. I also really enjoy listening to the lyrics, too. For some strange reason, I feel mellow. I think it’s because of how the song was recorded.

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The So Wrong, It’s Right album cover (Credit: Chordie)

#5: Last Young Renegade. During October 2018, I could not stop listening to this song. I was just so well recorded! It also really helped me focus on my schoolwork. The lyrics are supposed to pull on my heartstrings. However, the singing and instrumental talents make the opposite true.

#4: If These Sheets Were States. I am in love with the guitar riff at the start of the song. I could dance along to the rocking chorus of the tune for hours on end. I was very happy when I found that song on Spotify.

#3: Backseat Serenade. I love this song so much. I could dance along to the entire song. In fact, I have an entire dance choreographed in my head. It also is a song I associate with the 2019 Washington Nationals.

T-#1: Oh, Calamity! This song holds a special place in my heart. I had just joined Spotify and was listening to my introductory playlist. At the end, Spotify played suggested songs, and this was one that came up. I fell in love with All Time Low immediately.

T-#1: Bail Me Out (feat. Joel Madden). I had to include this as a tie with Oh, Calamity! It was tough picking between Bail Me Out and Oh, Calamity! as a favorite. So a tie it is. I love the vocals and instrumental. I never get tired of this song.

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The Put Up Or Shut Up album cover (Credit: Pinterest)

What is your favorite type of music? Let me know in the comments below.

A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Seattle Mariners Third Baseman Kyle Seager

Trivia Time! Who was a student-athlete at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was a 2014 All-Star Game player, won a Gold Glove in 2014, was named as the ninth best prospect in 2011, and led the American League with six sacrifice flies in the pandemic-shortened 2020 Major League Baseball Season? The correct answer: Kyle Seager! Mr. Seager is one of my favorite players on planet Earth because of his talent and his heart of gold.

Kyle, a Scorpio, was born on November 3, 1987, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the oldest of three brothers, his two younger brothers are named Justin and Corey. Since Corey is employed by the Los Angeles Dodgers, I like to think that Kyle is an excellent influence on the young star. Kyle is a star himself, since he won Co-North Carolina Player of the Year honors as a high school student.

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Kyle with the love of his life, wife Julie (Credit: From The Corner Of Edgar & Dave)

In my opinion, that’s a sign of amazing things to come. I remember in my post congratulating my high school pal Codi Heuer on getting called up to the Major Leagues (which I will link below) that Codi thrived in high school, setting school records even. I am adamant that Kyle thriving in high school made him a king.

Things only got better for Kyle when he started playing baseball for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied sports and exercise science. He helped the university’s team make the College World Series playoffs in all three of his years at the university. That is scary good. It only gets barbarically better, though. His college statistics include a .353 Batting Average, 17 Home Runs, and 167 Runs Batted In.

See the source image
Kyle tags out an opponent (Credit: Lookout Landing)

Kyle Seager is one of the most talented humans to ever be a student-athlete at UNC Chapel Hill. Change my mind. It is hard to do so. He’s a magical powder blue unicorn with glittery gold hooves, diamonds in the front left hoof, rubies in the right front hoof, emeralds in the left rear hoof, rubies in the left rear hoof, and a tie dye horn.

King Kyle has still been thriving ever since. His total career stats include a .255 Batting Average, 706 Runs Batted In, 633 Runs, 52 Stolen Bases, a .325 On-Base Percentage, 281 Doubles, and 52 Triples. I am so darn proud of the man. I am very grateful he’s with the Mariners organization. I feel like he is a good role model for the younger players. I feel as if his statistics prove that he is one of the most talented people that the Mariners have ever had on their roster. I am very blessed to have seen him play in person.

Kyle with his daughter (Credit: Seattle Times)

Best of all? Kyle is a gold-hearted class act! In 2015, Kyle paired up with the Vs Cancer foundation to fund pediatric cancer research and treatment. Kyle’s friend and college teammate, Chase Jones, is a brain cancer survivor. This is a cause that is very close to me. Two of my family members are cancer survivors themselves. I am at an elevated risk of getting cancer myself because of family history and health disorders. I appreciate that he has brought awareness to this cause.

Let’s go Mariners, and Kyle Seager! Keep up the great work, King Kyle!









Easter is a fun time for treats, fun, and tasty meals. Even though the coronavirus pandemic still has a brutal grip on the world, we can still have fun and enjoy the day. Here are ten ways to enjoy your quarantined Easter to the fullest.

#1: Easter themed cookies. This might mean baking some Pillsbury sugar cookies. This might mean baking cookies with M&M candies in them. This might mean baking some homemade sugar cookies, or enjoying frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store. Any way you slice it, cookies are a tasty Easter dessert.

#2: Paper easter egg hunt. Get your creative juices flowing! Use colored paper, felt, and any other crafts your heart desires. Your family members and roommates will have a blast finding these beautiful eggs. The best part? These crafts can be used for cards, collections, or office decorations.

#3: Egg shaped cakes. Of course, cookies aren’t the only treat that can make Easter yummy. You can make egg shaped cakes at home or purchase them from the grocery store, depending on your preference. I will link a recipe for Easter egg cake at the end of this post.

See the source image
Easter egg shaped cake (Credit: Blogspot)

#4: Favorite Easter dinner on video conference. Video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime, has been our best friend during this pandemic. If you can’t have your family in person for Easter dinner, you can video conference during mealtime. It will feel different than having them in person, but it’s a wonderful way to stay in touch.

#5: Easter themed poetry contest. Poetry is another wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing. You can use whichever poetry type you would like! Whether you prefer haiku poems, limerick poems, free verse poems, or any other types of poem, you’ll have a blast. Prizes can be anything from picking the next board game to play to a new colorful eyeliner.

#6: Pink and blue nail polish. Pink and blue are colors I like to associate with Easter. They are fun colors that I think represent happy moods very well. Painting my nails is something I like to do to celebrate fun days.

Image result for pink and blue nails
An adorable pink and blue manicure (Credit: DevianArt)

#7: Bright green eyeshadow. I really like the color of bright green. It’s a really happy spring color. Also, I feel like it would really complement the blue, green, and grey eye colors.

#8: Lavender lipstick. Purple, especially light purple, feels like a really Easter color. Therefore, bright purple lipstick feels like the perfect lipstick for Easter. Side note: my personal recommendation for bright purple lipstick is NYX Professional Makeup.

#9: Pink, green, and yellow homemade bracelets. Pink, green, and yellow sound like the ultimate happy color trio. Bracelets with these colors of beads are perfect not just for Easter, but any occasion. They also make great gifts!

Image result for pink and yellow bracelet
A pink and yellow braided bracelet (Credit: Pinterest)

#10: Purple and blue homemade necklaces. In my opinion, purple and blue are calming colors. Not only are they a wonderful craft, but they also make amazing presents and are wonderful for any occasions. Now that I think about it, they would make a good necklace to sell on Etsy.

What are some of your favorite Easter traditions? Let me know in the comments below.


How to Make an Easter Egg Cake | Easter Recipes & Menus: Breakfast, Dinner, Dessert and Sides | Food Network

30 Walk-Up Songs For 30 Major League Baseball Teams

Tomorrow, April 1, 2021, will be the first day of baseball season. I’ll celebrate with painted nails and apparel, of course! However, I decided to celebrate with a list of walk-up songs! I did something similar last year on Instagram, and I decided to do it this year on the blog! Here are thirty walk-up songs for thirty teams.

#1: Chicken Fried-Zac Brown Band (Atlanta Braves). This walk up song makes the most sense for Atlanta, considering the fact that the Zac Brown Band are from the state of Georgia. I love that song very much, it sounds like a very happy and fun song. In addition, I would like to visit Atlanta one day. It seems like such a fun place to visit.

#2: Rude Boy-Rihanna (Detroit Tigers). I absolutely adore Rihanna, I have a huge crush on her. In addition, I love the team’s presence on social media. When I hear the song Rude Boy, I want to break out in dance. Hopefully that song will bring smiles and happy energy to the team’s home ballpark.

#3: Cowboy Casanova-Carrie Underwood (Minnesota Twins). This song is my favorite one by Carrie Underwood, who I consider a musical queen. In addition, I’ve noticed a trend: whenever my mental walk-up song for the Minnesota Twins is a country song, the team performs well. In addition, I feel as if the song and the Twins’ home stadium share similar vibes: upbeat, fun, and positive.

#4: Fire Meet Gasoline-Sia (Miami Marlins). Fire Meet Gasoline is my absolute favorite song by Sia, who I consider to be one of the most talented musicians on planet Earth. Last year, my mental walk-up song for the Marlins was a Sia song too-the piano version of her hit tune Elastic Heart. It was a good choice, considering the fact that the team made the playoffs. Also, I believe this will send happy and positive vibes throughout the ballpark.

#5: Celebrity Skin-Hole (Houston Astros). Houston has a very diverse music scene, from country to hip hop. Celebrity Skin will fit right in. Also, there is a line in the song that says “Hey, there’s only us left now.” That was applicable in the autumn 2017 and 2019, because of the World Series. Also, if I had to pick any large city to live in, I would choose Houston!

See the source image
Houston’s Minuite Maid Park (Credit: Ballpark Digest)

#6: Radio (Feat. Bei Maejor)-Hot Chelle Rae (San Diego Padres). Hot Chelle Rae’s music has a very summery vibe, in my opinion. That will fit right in with the summery, gorgeous city of San Diego. From what I see, Padres fans love to have fun, and this song is full of fun. I also think it symbolizes the strong friendship San Diego’s players have.

#7: Drink In My Hand-Eric Church (Arizona Diamondbacks). I like to think of baseball games as kind of an escape. I’ve listened to the song multiple times, and I interpret it as a song about de-stressing and having a good time. Some spectators might relate very hard to the theme of the song. It’s going to be a wonderful way to remind people to focus on having fun from time to time.

#8: See The Light-Green Day (Oakland Athletics). The last three years that this was my mental walk-up song for the East Bay Baseball Team, they went to the postseason. I am NOT taking any chances this year with another song. Not worth it for me. In addition, it makes a lot of sense since Green Day are from the Oakland area. The guitar and chorus get my blood pumping, and it will get other people’s blood pumping, too.

#9: Whistle-Flo Rida (Boston Red Sox). Whistle is the kind of song that has the instrumental that is too summery for its own good. I can’t explain why, but I always think of sunny, warm days whenever I listen to that song. I’d love to visit Boston one day, I’d love to experience summer in the team’s home ballpark. I imagine it’s stunning in the summer. I also imagine this song getting the crowd dancing!

#10: Baba O’Reilly-The Who (New York Yankees). I usually refer to this song as the CSI: New York theme song. That should be reason enough to make it my mental walk-up song for this team. There are a couple of lines from this song that I feel resonate with the team and the sport. One of those lines is “out here in the fields,” which resonates with the outfielders both at home and road games. In addition, the line “I don’t need to be forgiven” proves that the players will always be in a good mood when they do their best.

See the source image
The Bronx’s Yankee Stadium (Credit: The New York Skyline

#11: Supermarket Flowers-Ed Sheeran (Los Angeles Angels). The losses of Tyler Skaggs and Nick Adenhart will hurt my heart for the rest of my life. The line “you were an angel in the shape of my mum” is kind of a pun because of the team name, but it will bring me comfort by helping me remember the positive impact these two young men had in the world. Also, the line “a live that’s been loved” will help keep their memories alive.

#12: Beer Never Broke My Heart-Luke Combs (Cleveland Baseball Team). The whole vibe I  get from this song is that Luke Combs wants people to listen along and have a great time. Hopefully the song will get the crowd singing and clapping, as well as put a smile on the faces of players, too!

#13: Kaleidoscope-The Script (Seattle Mariners). For reasons unknown, I think of the team when I listen to this song. I have a theory that the song symbolized sticking with the Mariners through the ups and downs. Specifically, the line “I want your fears, your hopes, the whole kaleidoscope,” proves that the team and the fans have a relationship that can’t falter.

#14: My Heart Is A Bar-Old Dominion (Toronto Blue Jays). This is one of my absolute favorite songs at the current moment, it’s all-around well-written in my opinion. I love the mellow tone of the song, I feel like it fits with the overall vibe of the Blue Jays. Also, last year, my mental walk up song for the team was a country song, too. I can’t wait to see how they do this year.

#15: Cop Car-Keith Urban (Tampa Bay Rays). I just really like the way Keith Urban’s voice sounds. I think he is a very talented singer. In addition, I have started to notice that the Rays do well during the seasons where I have a country song as my mental walk-up song. That, and the mellow tune at the start is something I love. It will keep me calm, cool and collected.

Image result for tropicana field
Tampa’s Tropicana Field (Credit: SportTechie)

#16: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall-Coldplay (Chicago White Sox). There are a couple of lines that fit in very well. Firstly, “I turn the music up, I put my records on.” It sounds like a superstition that players might have–listening to music. Also, “So you can hurt me bad, but still I raise the flag.” To me, that line means resilience. Also, the song is so much fun.

#17: crushcrushcrush-Paramore (Pittsburgh Pirates). Part of me feels as if Pittsburgh is a city with rock and roll vibes. Also, this is my favorite song by Paramore. In fact, it’s my third most listened to song on Spotify at the moment. Also, the line “let’s be more than this” resonates with me. It reminds me of the time I went from a casual fan to a superfan of the team back in 2014.

#18: Sweet But Psycho-Ava Max (Milwaukee Brewers). I love the “be yourself” energy that this song gives. In addition, I think it will encourage fans to sing along and players to have fun.

#19: Bail Me Out (Feat. Joel Maddon)-All Time Low (Washington Nationals). This is one of the songs I listened to on a very frequent basis during the 2019 Washington Nationals playoff run. That’s reason enough for me to want to make it my mental walk-up song for the team. Also, it’s my favorite All Time Low song.

#20: Chainsaw-The Band Perry (Colorado Rockies). In the wake of the Arenado trade, I have been feeling quite scorned, to be totally honest. This song will absolutely help me deal with my feelings. It will also be a little bit funny, as the line “Oh you know it’s got to go” could be a warning that I will blow the game wide open and top the opponents.

Image result for coors field
Denver’s Coors Field (Credit: Stadium Base)

#21: GDFR (Feat. Sage The Gemini, Lookas)-Flo Rida (San Francisco Giants). GDFR is the home run song for a fictional team in my personal literature, the Santa Cruz Zebras. Santa Cruz is somewhat close to San Francisco, so this makes sense. Also, I triple dog dare anyone to listen to this song and not want to dance. It is extremely tricky, if not impossible.

#22: Oklahoma Girl-Eli Young Band (Texas Rangers). Considering the fact that Dallas is sort  of close to the Oklahoma border, this song makes perfect sense. Also, the Eli Young Band are from the Dallas area, plus this song would fit perfectly with the city’s music culture.

#23: Elastic Heart-Sia (Chicago Cubs). I love to believe that this song symbolizes the team’s prophecy-fulfilling 2016 World Series run. I love how fun to dance along to and uplifting the song is.

#24: Oh, Calamity!-All Time Low (Baltimore Orioles). All-Time Low are from the Baltimore area. It only makes sense to make an All-Time Low song my mental walk-up song. But why this song specifically? Good question! This was the first song of theirs I listened to, so it means a lot to me.

#25: Jesus Of Suburbia-Green Day (Saint Louis Cardinals). Considering the fact that Saint Louis suburbs are in Missouri and Illinois, this song makes perfect sense. In addition, Saint Louis seems like a city where rock and roll is a prevalent favorite music genre. Plus, what better song to get the fans rocking!?

Image result for busch stadium
Saint Louis’ Busch Stadium (Credit: Eater)

#26: I’ll Be-Edwin McCain (Philadelphia Phillies). The lovey-dovey theme of this song reminds me of the Philadelphia city nickname: the City of Brotherly Love. I love how nostalgic it is and the line “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life” makes me think of how many fans adore the team under all conditions.

#27: Home-Daughtry (New York Mets). This song makes me think of a family feel and feels perfect for home runs and runs batted in. Plus, the line “where your love has always been enough for me” makes me think of that fan-team connection.

#28: Whatever She’s Got-David Nail (Kansas City Royals). David Nail is a Missouri native and this song fits the music culture in the area. Plus, it’s a jam that spreads fun vibes.

#29: Roman Holiday-Halsey (Cincinnati Reds). I love how happy this song sounds! Plus I like to think of baseball as a mini vacation. The line “keep close stand tall” reminds me of the Reds making it to the postseason last year.

#30: Picture To Burn-Taylor Swift (Los Angeles Dodgers). I definitely have some very strong opinions about this team. In addition, this song can fit in with LA’s diverse music scene and it might pry into a pitcher’s mind.

Image result for dodger stadium
California’s Dodger Stadium (Credit: Wallpaper Cave)

Do you like baseball? Which teams will you be following this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Android App Review: Instacart

I wanted to go get some bread, bagels, and snacks from Safeway one day. Unfortunately, it was snowing outside. Due to past experiences on snowy roads that I have had and that others close to me have had, I am terrified at the prospect of driving on snowy roads. I decided to use Instacart to get the groceries instead. Quickly, Instacart has become one of my favorite things on planet Earth. Here is my overall review of the Instacart app for Android.

***NOTE: I am NOT sponsored by or affiliated with Instacart. All opinions expressed are my own.***


I love that Instacart has a wide variety of stores to shop from. I also appreciate that they have a healthy foods section on their app. I believe that the healthy options section in stores is so wonderful. I have physical health concerns and would like to improve my eating habits and food choices to keep as healthy as I can.

Image result for instacart
The Instacart logo (Credit: University of Waterloo)

Something else I love about the app is the fact you can put in custom tips for the driver. I’m of the opinion that delivery drivers deserve hefty tips, especially considering traffic and the fact that it’s hard to predict how their outside lives are going. I have a habit of making sure I have enough money to give delivery drivers a decent tip.

One of the best parts of the app? You can chat with the drivers to make sure that things are going well. I do remember I was ordering some cheesecake to satisfy a craving, however, the brand I originally purchased was not available. The Instacart human worked with me to find a wonderful alternative. I adore how the employees will work with consumers to make sure they get quality products.

See the source image
The Cheesecake Factory’s strawberry ice cream (Credit: Kroger)


I have a hard time finding the cat feature in the app. Granted, I’ve only used it a few times. I think if I keep searching, I’ll become better at finding it.


Instacart is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a great way to get groceries when you don’t want to or can’t leave your home. I love their customer service very much. I’m glad it’s on my phone.

Good & Gather Creamy Peanut Butter (Credit: Target)

17 Ways To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day In Quarantine

Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful day filled with wonderful traditions. However, since the coronavirus pandemic is still posing a very real, very barbaric threat to the world, some traditions like parades and charity marathons are off the table. But don’t fret! Here are seventeen ways to enjoy the holiday while staying safe and healthy!

#1: Enjoy a mint milkshake. This past Friday, March 12, I decided to order a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds to see what all the fuss was about. I am happy to report that I enjoyed the delicious, seasonal mint treat (although I brushed my teeth vigorously afterwards because of the high sugar content!). For some reason, I have started associating the mint flavor with Saint Patrick’s Day. A mint milkshake sounds like a tasty way to celebrate!

#2: Paint your nails green. I love painting my nails for different occasions. I recall painting my nails teal and nude in September 2019 for reproductive cancer awareness. In 2015, my profile picture and cover photo on Facebook were photos of my nails painted to celebrate Opening Day. I painted my nails blue and yellow to celebrate Edgar Martinez getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame, also to fulfill a promise to the Seattle Mariners. Therefore, I love the idea of painting one’s nails green to celebrate the holiday.

#3: Learn about Irish history. I’m actually Scots-Irish on my father’s side of the family. I’m very interested in learning about the history of the country that some of my ancestors have lived in. If you have ever been interested in the history of Ireland or if you have some Irish DNA in your bloodline, Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to learn about how Ireland came to be.

#4: Enjoy rotisserie or beer can chicken. I had to quarantine myself for ten days last year, starting on Saint Patrick’s Day. That evening, my family brought me some chicken and a piece of bread. Initially, I believed it was a homemade beer can chicken, although I later learned it was Costco rotisserie chicken. I have started associating chicken with Saint Patrick’s Day because of the tasty quarantine dinner I had the first day of isolation.

See the source image
Costco rotisserie chicken (Credit: Blogspot)

#5: Treat yourself to some potatoes. Name a more iconic duo than Irish culture and potatoes. I’ll wait! Something I really love is homemade mashed potatoes. Mix them with sour cream and voila! Yummy! I also like to eat boiled potatoes that aren’t mashed. Boiled, unmashed potatoes are the Eastern European person’s best friend. 

#6: Bake some Pillsbury shamrock cookies. I’m not sure if they’re still made, or if I started searching for them too late on Instacart. Shamrock cookies are always a good idea on this holiday. Frosted Lofthouse sugar cookies and shamrock-shaped sugar cookies purchased from the grocery store are also tasty options.

#7: Whip up some all-green cupcakes. You can use a homemade cupcake recipe or a cake mix recipe. Something I love is the idea of coloring Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix green and using green frosting. Back in college, I had cupcakes that were all green in the dorm cafeteria the Friday before spring break. Therefore, I love festive cupcakes.

#8: Bake a batch of Shamrock brownies. I baked a batch of brownies, topped them with chocolate frosting, used green frosting to make a shamrock, and topped it with green sugar. They were delicious, although I did have to brush my teeth to keep them from decaying from all the sugar in the dessert. I recommend baking and enjoying them.

See the source image
A cute shamrock-shaped brownie (Credit: Passion for Savings)

#9: Wear Saint Patrick’s Day sports gear. My favorite piece of sports gear that is Saint Patrick’s themed is my Detroit Tigers hat. I also intend on getting shamrock green merchandise from teams including the Colorado Avalanche, Houston Astros, and Atlanta Braves. It’s a great way to get into the spirit and represent your favorite sports team!

#10: Drink a glass of green soda. Take your favorite lemon-lime soda, add some green food coloring, and enjoy! This can also work with seltzer water, tonic water, and mineral water. 

#11: Bead some green and orange bracelets. Beading bracelets sounds like a really fun, relaxing hobby. Green and orange bracelets are a wonderful way to get into Saint Paddy’s spirit. Honestly, they sound like a wonderful craft for an Etsy shop.

#12: Irish flag-shaped cookies. These sugar cookies can be shaped like rectangles, hearts, circles, stars, or any other shape your heart desires. They can be colored dough or iced with green, white, and orange icing.

See the source image
Irish flag cookies (Credit: Allrecipes)

#13: Put on some green eyeshadow. Some recommendations I have for eyeshadow include Clinique, I Heart Revolution, and Ulta Beauty. I also believe the Baby Yoda eyeshadow palette is an amazing choice. That reminds me, I want to do a Brutally Honest Beauty Review of the palette.

#14: Make paper shamrocks in the colors of the Irish flag. Why just have green shamrocks when you can have shamrocks in white and orange, too? They can also be cute little notes. You can leave a kind note in someone’s lunch or tell your significant other or sibling how much they mean to you.

#15: Read up on Irish culture. If you’ve ever been curious about Irish dishes, literature, or artwork, Saint Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to learn. You can learn about the wonderful country of Ireland, and it might even be extremely helpful if you’re doing a project for school in Ireland.

#16: Have an Irish trivia competition. Gather your friends or roommates and compete for who knows the most about Ireland, from history to literature. Give treats such as cookies or M&Ms as prizes. You can even try on video conferences with family and friends!

See the source image
A map of Ireland (Credit: Mapsland)

#17: Listen to music from Ireland-based musicians. Some examples include The Cranberries, The Script, and Hozier. You can also listen to traditional Irish music, or write your own song or poem about Ireland (which can be a big help when it comes to schoolwork, too!).

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? Let me know in the comments below.

Ranking My Top Fourteen Favorite Pies

Stanley Hudson from the hit mockumentary The Office once wisely said, “Next stop, PIES!” That is no truer than March 14, Pi Day. I feel weird if I don’t enjoy the delicious dessert on this treat-filled, mathematically-inspired day. Here are fourteen of my favorite pies, based on the pies I like to enjoy the best and pies I would love to try one day.

#1: Chocolate Cream Pie. I honestly think of chocolate as a food group now. That’s how much I enjoy it. I love getting a two-pack of chocolate cream pies from Target. I made sure to order some through Instacart this past week so I wouldn’t have to worry about the snowstorm in my hometown preventing me from getting it. Don’t worry, I made sure to give the driver a generous tip to make sure that they could have some extra income during the storm!

#2: Cookies & Cream Pie. I’m super interested in trying this pie. I have seen this on the Instacart app for the Target near my home. I love cookies & cream ice cream, so this is a treat I look forward to enjoying. Spoiler alert: I do plan on sharing my opinions on the Instacart app in a later post.

#3: Apple Pie. I can’t begin to describe how proud I was of myself for baking a homemade apple pie in July of last year. It took several hours, and I ended up learning a method of coring apples the same day I made the pie, but it was wonderful! The pie was very delicious and my family loved it. I would definitely bake another one again.

#4: Pumpkin Pie. Making a homemade pumpkin pie sounds like a delicious activity. Heck, I’m drooling and smelling the spices just writing about it! There’s actually a recipe in a cookbook that my mother and I frequently use for pumpkin pie with a layer of chocolate on top. That sounds like heaven!

See the source image
An elegant pumpkin pie (Credit: Stacie Flinner)

#5: Coconut Cream Pie. This is one of my father’s favorite desserts. Each year on his birthday, my family and I make sure that we get a coconut cream pie to celebrate. I actually feel the need to persistently remind my family to get the pie before his birthday, and I also have committed to memory which brands of coconut cream pie he likes best. Call it a daughter’s Pie-Q. I sincerely apologize for all the cringing that pun has caused.

#6: Ice Cream Pie. I recall a recipe for ice cream pie in a youth Betty Crocker cookbook that fell apart years ago. In addition, there is a recipe for a peppermint ice cream holiday pie in a Strawberry Shortcake cookbook I got when I was in elementary school. I would love to make an ice cream pie one day.

#7: Peach Pie. I adore peach-scented things. In addition, my mother enjoys purchasing peaches from peach stands and farmer’s markets. I got a doctoral degree in being an insanely finicky eater when I was two years old, but I’m convinced that I like peaches despite what I’ve always told myself. Once I finally determine that I do like the taste of peaches, peach pie sounds like a tasty treat to make.

#8: Blueberry Pie. Growing up, I was skittish of blueberries. However, in the summer of 2019, I ate a blueberry bagel at a work breakfast, and I was pleased to learn that I actually do enjoy the  taste of blueberry bagels. I’m confident that I will like blueberry pie, too.

See the source image
A rustic blueberry pie (Credit: Everyday Diabetic Recipes)

#9: Blackberry Pie. No, I’m not talking about the mobile phone manufacturer! I am discussing the fruit, a fruit that I am sure that I will enjoy after I try it. Blackberry pie sounds like a magical southern treat. Being from Texas, I appreciate when food makes me feel connected to the state I was born in.

#10: Walnut Brownie Pie. This is a best of both worlds treat. I love brownies, and especially brownies with pecans or walnuts baked in. I actually would love to bake one of my own one day. It sounds like a great way to satisfy one’s sweet tooth and also complete a very rewarding, very yummy activity.

#11: Raspberry Pie. My mother grows raspberries in her garden. She makes jam that complements waffles well. I would love to enjoy a raspberry jam bagel, and I would love to perhaps bake a raspberry pie with homegrown raspberries. 

#12: Strawberry Pie. Another fruit that my mother grows in her garden is strawberries. She likes to make dehydrated strawberry chips in the dehydrator. I also believe homegrown strawberries would make a wonderful strawberry pie.

See the source image
A crustless strawberry pie (Credit: Averie Cooks)

#13: Banana Cream Pie. Banana cream pie sounds like a very delicious food. I like banana nut bread and banana nut flavored ice cream. I think that I might like banana cream pie.

#14: Candy Bar Pie. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of candy bar pie until recently, but I’m adamant that it’s a wonderful idea. I mean, a pie with Hershey bars, Reece’s cups, and M&Ms sounds so yummy! I think Cookie Monster from Sesame Street would approve.

What’s your favorite kind of pie and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Should I Major In Sociology? Ten Things To Know

Going into college, I studied English literature and writing with hopes of carving out a career for myself in the novel-writing field. Halfway through my second year of college, however, I decided it wasn’t the right path for me. I spent the next two and a half years studying sociology, something I was passionate about. In May of 2019, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Sociology, along with minors in communications and international studies. Sociology is a really fascinating subject and is a major that can enhance skills you can use in the classroom and workplace. Here are ten things to know about majoring in sociology.

#1: Be prepared to do quite a bit of writing. This tidbit comes from personal experience. From weekly three-page essays in my introductory sociology class to an eleven-page report on Puerto Rican water quality after Hurricane Maria for an environmental sociology class, I can honestly say that my coursework has played a major role in shaping my written communication skills. Be prepared to write quick essays on textbook chapters and long reports on class topics. Advanced writing skills are the sociology major’s best friend.

#2: Keep in mind that you’ll have to take additional math classes. At the university I attended, to receive a bachelor of arts degree, students were required to take a statistics course, a research methods course, and a computer methods course. You’ll want to pay special attention in research- and statistics-based courses during your sociology education. I can speak from experience, doing my best in the classes really helped me with my undergraduate thesis!

#3: Get ready to read. Sociology is a reading-heavy class. There’s a method to the endless read-a-thons, however. You’ll understand how sociology is applied in the real world. From how the criminal justice system varies greatly from country to country, to how weather events such as major snowstorms or heat waves affect people of various socioeconomic statuses, you’ll learn so much about the world around you!

See the source image
An introductory sociology textbook (Credit: Simon & Schuster)

#4: Be prepared to face a great mix of topics. Sociology covers a wide variety of topics. After all, it’s the science of society. You’ll learn about how you connect to the world in things such as nonverbal communication and how you achieve goals you set for yourself. There are also some not-so-pretty topics, such as racism, sexism, and poverty. It’s important to keep in mind that it’s wise to consider the perspectives of others on all different kinds of issues.

#5: You’ll develop oral communication skills. Surprise! Oral communication is a key classroom and workplace skill that sociology majors develop. Whether you’re doing a presentation on how low-income students can get access to quality education or a group project on whether or not the death penalty should be abolished, you’ll become an effective communicator. Oral communication is helpful in many different industries.

#6: Research is your best friend. I got emotionally invested in doing research for my undergraduate thesis, I won’t lie. As soon as I saw a source that I would find helpful, I made sure to save it in any way I could. I was very fascinated by the research I did. The information I gathered to support my perspectives left me completely blown away. I also had fun doing research for my environmental sociology report on Puerto Rico’s post-hurricane water supply. It was really interesting learning new things. Research is your best friend because you’ll develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

See the source image
A relatable, accurate, and funny meme about my life as a sociology major, but I wouldn’t trade my sociology studies for anything (Credit: Blogspot)

#7: Sociology degrees will teach you survey skills. I’m convinced that survey skills are the reason I like to do polls on Twitter on topics ranging from whether or not it’s okay to recline your seat on an airplane and how many times people click the lock button on their car keys. I also have seen classmates and friends do surveys for school work-related reasons. I even created a survey myself! Whether for class, work, or fun, survey-based knowledge is a robust bonus.

#8: Current events can be a real lifesaver. From what I remember in my introductory sociology class, I was supposed to find news articles to go along with the topic being covered in class. If I’m being honest, current events have helped me throughout my sociological studies. Being aware of what was going on in the world helped me with assignments from a corporate social responsibility project in my sports studies class to the eleven-page report I wrote for environmental sociology. In fact, keeping up with the news can help in all subjects, in my opinion.

#9: Be open to many opportunities. In addition to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, you might pursue a minor or a second major. Someone might double major in sociology and psychology. Someone might double major in sociology and political science with minors in business administration and history. Someone might pursue a master’s degree, medical school, law school, or a doctoral degree. Be open to the opportunities sociology presents. It made me want to pursue a master’s degree.

See the source image
A list of career opportunities for sociology students (Credit: The University Network)

#10: Application is more prevalent than memorization. This has been a theme throughout my education. I found myself looking more into how Sociologist PQRS’ framework fits into educational inequality than every tidbit of Sociologist PQRS’ complete works. Reports were more about how Social Theory X is applicable to global health than they were about all the facts about Social Theory X. Assigned readings were less about sociological concepts and more about how said concepts were applied to global water inequality. Story in short: sociology is great for people who want to learn more about the world around them.

What other questions do you have about studying sociology? Let me know in the comments below.



35 Cars I’d Be Interested In Driving One Day

One of my biggest financial goals is to own my own car one day. I plan on building up my financial health so I can afford to purchase my own vehicle, as well as excellent car insurance. I am currently making a list of vehicles that pique my interest. Three factors that are important to me in purchasing are overall vehicle safety (both National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings), a comfortable ride, and practicality for weekly activities. Here are 35 cars I might be interested in driving in the somewhat near future.

#1: Ford Fusion. My dream car, honestly. I wish I knew why. I think it could be that a college classmate had a wonderful experience with their Ford Fusion. Anyway, what really drives me to this car (no pun intended!) is its safety and practicality. The Fusion has performed well in crash tests and even have features that will prevent people from getting in crashes. In addition, they look like they are comfortable and highly practical. I can drive it to the store, the dentist, and walking trails.

#2: Nissan Murano. I LOVE THE NISSAN BRAND. My family owned a 2004 Nissan Qwest 3.5 SE for 14 years. Not only is the Murano SUV safe and comfortable (I rode in my friend’s Murano in the past), but highly beautiful and practical. The elegant vehicle will not only transport hiking and dance gear, but will be great in snowy conditions, which are common in the region I live in.

#3: Ford Escape. The family of one of my closest childhood friends owns/owned a Ford Escape. I enjoyed riding in the car. As a result, I am interested in driving an Escape one day. They are safe, depending on the model year, and also practical. The Escape would be helpful driving in the mountains and in inclement weather.

#4: Nissan Altima. I love being charitable and crafty. The Nissan Altima, which I trust to be a safe, reliable, and comfortable-to-drive vehicle, will be wildly practical for that. I can transport crafts and donations. Plus, I can drive the elegant sedan to hiking trails and sporting events.

#5: Toyota Camry. My family has owned a Toyota Camry since I was in the fourth grade. It’s  one of the cars I share with my father and brother. I know from experience that they are safe, reliable, a comfortable ride, and very practical. For these reasons, I’d love to drive a Camry of my own one day.

See the source image
A red 205 Toyota Camry SE (Credit: Motor Trend)

#6: Honda Accord. My father drove a stick-shift Accord back in the 1990s. In addition to that, my aunt drove an Acura TSX (which I consider the luxury version of the Accord) which she sold to my family five years ago. These experiences make me interested in driving an Accord of my own in the future.

#7: Toyota RAV4. I drove a RAV4 up until the afternoon I crashed it. How do I know it’s safe? I walked away with nothing more than a sore side and the feeling of being extremely shaken up from the sequence of events. I would love to drive another RAV4 again. I am grateful for their safety, reliability, and practicality.

#8: Honda CR-V. When I was in my third year of college, my mother test drove a 2017 or 2018 CR-V. It was a wonderful ride. CR-Vs are just awesome, at least from my perspective. Hopefully I will probably get to drive one of these safe, reliable, and practical SUVs some day.

#9: Jeep Renegade. Two words to describe the Renegade: TOO CUTE. I love that they are safe vehicle options with safety features that will not only keep me safe, but dramatically cut down the chance I get into a crash to begin with. They will also be wonderful for driving in the snow and in the mountains.

#10: Jeep Compass. Another great option for those looking for a safe vehicle with excellent safety features. Jeep did a good job redesigning the SUV. I like that I can drive in the mountains and the snow. It’s a practical vehicle for my region.

Image result for 2019 jeep compass
A blue 2019 Jeep Compass Latitude (Credit: Legend Leasing)

#11: Hyundai Sonata. My family and I are very loyal to the Hyundai brand. My sister and mother both drive Tucsons. In addition, my father and brother drove to my aunt’s house in Oklahoma in a Hyundai rental. It got them there reliably and in one piece. I’m used to driving medium-sized sedans, especially since I share a Camry with two family members, so a Sonata makes sense.

#12: Nissan Maxima. I like the idea of a sports car or luxury car. However, I prefer something much more practical for things I frequently love to do, such as hiking and volunteering. The Nissan Maxima would bring together the best of both worlds. A safe and practical car with beauty to boot!

#13: Hyundai Elantra. The practicality of this vehicle is very high. It will be wonderful for driving to dance classes, art classes, outdoor walking trails, and volunteer opportunities. They are also safe and reliable vehicles, something I love about Hyundai.

#14: Honda Civic. I usually drive by myself when running errands, from Target to the ice cream parlor. Civics are cute, safe, reliable, and practical. Should I become a dog mom, I will trust the Civic to help keep my pup safe and comfortable.

#15: Chevrolet Cruze. One of my family’s dearest friends drives a Cruze. They love their Chevy very much. They are known for being safe, plus when I drive 75 minutes south to watch my favorite hockey team, I am sure the Cruze will do an excellent job of getting me there.

See the source image
A red 2014 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ (Credit: Top Speed)

#16: Ford Focus. This sedan has piqued my interest for a while. I can trust it to keep me safe on the road. Also, while it is small, I believe the Focus will have plenty of room to carry groceries, craft supplies, even a friend or two.

#17: Nissan Rogue. This was my dream car when I was nineteen years old. I wanted one very badly, and I still would like to possibly drive one to this day. The perfect trifecta: safe, reliable, practical. Nissans are amazing.

#18: Volkswagen Passat. Ah, yes. The gorgeous German sedan. Volkswagens are safe, and combine the practicality I prefer with the luxury that sparks my eye. I would feel like a princess if I were behind the wheel of a Passat.

#19: Volkswagen Jetta. I really adore Jettas. They are beautiful and graceful, inside and out. My goal one day is to become a Colorado Avalanche season ticket holder. I definitely trust the Jetta to get me to and from Ball Arena, the home of the Burgundy Boys.

#20: Kia Forte. I actually imagine the perfect Forte: red, with a Colorado Avalanche headrest cover, many Avalanche bumper stickers, an Avalanche steering wheel cover, an Avalanche face mask on the rearview mirror, and a burgundy scrunchie on the gear shift. I’d call it the Avalanche Forte. It will be very easy to locate in the Ball Arena parking lot.

See the source image
A silver 2017 Kia Forte EX (Credit: Fredericton Kia)

#21: Kia Soul. These cars are really cute. I also like the cargo space and safety of the Soul. I could carry so much pizza, donuts, cookies, cheesecake, and Chick-fil-A in the Soul. Oddly specific and extremely unhealthy food, I know. But I love delicious food, and the Soul will protect my dinner.

#22: Nissan Sentra. Not only is the Sentra an amazing choice as it’s a Nissan product (well, awesome in my opinion just based on the make alone), but as a sports fan, it will be practical. What do I mean by practical, you may ask? Good question! It will make it easier to park at sports venues because of its good size.

#23: Nissan Versa. A memo to the Music Garage in the ballpark district of Denver, Colorado, watch your back! The safe, practical, comfortable, and reliable Nissan Versa is here to take me to Denver. I will park in this garage with safety and ease! Sincerely, me.

#24: Subaru Outback. The outback is my favorite Subaru model. My favorite generation is the 2010-2014 generation. When I go on my trip to the Mighty Five national parks in Utah, the Outback will be amazing on that ride.

#25: Toyota Corolla. I like the 2009-2013 generation Corollas the best. I also am impressed with the 2021 Corolla, too. It’s a safe car that will keep my multiple Raising Cane’s meals secure while I drive them home to have a feast.

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A gray 2011 Toyota Corolla S (Credit: Layal Automotive)

#26: Chevrolet Impala. There are days where I will want meals from multiple restaurants. The Chevrolet Impala will be a lifesaver in that situation. Since it’s a large sedan, I can transport Culver’s, Dominos, Wendy’s, Arby’s, and Noodles & Company meals in it. It will also keep my five-restaurant feast safe.

#27: Mazda Mazda3. These sedans are cute. I actually re-learned how to drive in a Mazda sedan. I think it was a 3, but I can’t be sure. Either way, they’re the reason I like the Mazda brand.

#28: Mazda Mazda6. I knew that I wanted a Mazda the second I sat in that driving school car re-teaching myself how to drive in order to conquer an intense fear of driving. I like to think of the Mazda brand as an elegant company that I like to associate with bravery and strength. I like when I associate a brand with good feelings

#29: Toyota Prius. The monarch of hybrid cars. I love the Toyota brand, but that’s not the only reason I’d like one. I love the safety of the Prius and how practical it is. Since it is a hybrid car, it will assist me in terms of fuel costs when I make multiple trips to Denver for sporting events, performing arts events, and entertainment.

#30: Honda Fit. After the international pandemic is far less barbaric, I would love to make trips to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and Buell Theater in the Performing Arts district of Denver, Colorado. The Fit will be practical, to help me save money on gas, as well as safely transport myself, my mother, and my sister to performing arts events.

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An orange 2015 Honda Fit Sport (Credit: The Torque Report)

#31: Chevrolet Malibu. I would love to take a few of my friends who were on the high school basketball team to a Denver Nuggets game. The safe and practical Malibu will be a big help, as it will be roomy for my friends.

#32: Chevrolet Trax. One trip I would love to go on is a trip to Mesa Verde National Park. The Trax will be fantastic for that. This cute little SUV is a decent size and will be a great mode of transportation to the park.

#33: Subaru Legacy. The Legacy will be the best of both worlds. It will cross the all-wheel drive that will be practical for the snowy region I live in with the sedan body style I enjoy driving. Also, the Legacy is probably the safest sedan to exist.

#34: Subaru Impreza. Snowy day on Avalanche gameday? No problem! The Impreza will not only keep me safe on the snowy roadways, but will be simple to park at the arena. They are also beautiful.

#35: Subaru Forester. Snowfall during a friends’ trip to Denver for a Nuggets game is no match for the Forester! Roomy, safe, all-wheel drive, and easy-looking to park! The latest Forester is really attractive, in my opinion.

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A white 2020 Subaru Forester Premium (Credit: CarBuzz)

What is your dream car and why? What do you find important in a car? Let me know in the comments below.