Colorado Rockies Game Review: 2021 Star Wars Night

Wendy’s meal? Check. Sunscreen? Check. BB-8 Sunhat? Check. Department of Analytics & Laundry T-shirt worn in memory of a dearly departed acquaintance? Check. Galaxy print jeans? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Gray high tops? Check. Clip-on moon earrings? Check. Baby Yoda bracelet, necklace, and ring? Check. Face masks for days? Check. Immense love for a professional sportsContinue reading “Colorado Rockies Game Review: 2021 Star Wars Night”

A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Rockies Infielder Joshua Fuentes

INGREDIENTS: 713 cups of handsomeness, 915 milliliters of talent, 232 grams of lust for life, 741 tablespoons of loveable character, and National League Player of the Week honors. Mix it all together and you get an adorable human being named Joshua Fuentes. The young man has really grown on me as of late and heContinue reading “A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Rockies Infielder Joshua Fuentes”

My Personal Top 10 Colorado Rockies Moments

I am a huge fan of the Colorado Rockies. They are my absolute favorite team in this world and Coors Field has become my second home in a sense. I like to refer to them as my Sugar Sweet Black Vest Boys. With my love of the team and the field comes my favorite moments.Continue reading “My Personal Top 10 Colorado Rockies Moments”