My Personal Top 10 Colorado Rockies Moments

I am a huge fan of the Colorado Rockies. They are my absolute favorite team in this world and Coors Field has become my second home in a sense. I like to refer to them as my Sugar Sweet Black Vest Boys. With my love of the team and the field comes my favorite moments.Continue reading “My Personal Top 10 Colorado Rockies Moments”

A Review On The Colorado Rockies #StayAtHomeOpener

Opening Day is a very special day, especially for the home team. On April 3, 2020, the Colorado Rockies would have played the San Diego Padres for the Rockies’ home opener. Sadly, the severity of the coronavirus pandemic prevented that from happening. However, since the Colorado Rockies social media team are amazing, they came upContinue reading “A Review On The Colorado Rockies #StayAtHomeOpener”

The Science Behind Being A Kyle Freeland Gal/Guy

There are baseball players, then there are baseball fans, then there are baseball players with the most dedicated baseball fans in the world. Kyle Freeland falls into the third category without a doubt. He has an army of dedicated fans, called Kyle Freeland Guys and Gals. There is even an Instagram account dedicated to beingContinue reading “The Science Behind Being A Kyle Freeland Gal/Guy”

I Went To The Rockies Fan Fest, Here’s How It Went

When I got the email that the tickets for Rockies Fan Fest were up for purchase, I felt my heart fill up with joy. I made sure to get those tickets to ensure I got them as soon as I could and the countdown began. I spent the second-to-last week of January looking forward toContinue reading “I Went To The Rockies Fan Fest, Here’s How It Went”

Larry Walker Is FINALLY A Hall Of Famer—My Reaction And Thoughts

I’d been very nervous for this day. It was Larry Walker’s last chance to make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame—literally. If he missed out, he would never get an opportunity to be a Hall of Famer. The fact that this was his last chance to get into the Hall made it a millionContinue reading “Larry Walker Is FINALLY A Hall Of Famer—My Reaction And Thoughts”