A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Rockies Pitcher Germán Márquez

Okay, @Rockies, here’s the deal. If y’all win 92 or more games this year, I will purchase a German Marquez [sic] jersey, a Rockies pajama set, a Rockies skirt, a Kyle Freeland plaque, and 2021 season tickets. We good? I will bookmark this to remind myself. In this Tweet promise to the Colorado Rockies, IContinue reading “A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Rockies Pitcher Germán Márquez”

Extending Netting At MLB Ballparks—My Take On It

It’s something I noticed when I went to the Colorado Rockies game on Saturday, August 3, 2019. There was netting behind home plate. I knew exactly why it was there. It was to keep me, and all the other patrons sitting behind home plate, safe from foul balls. From what I remember, the whole nettingContinue reading “Extending Netting At MLB Ballparks—My Take On It”

My Ultimate Coors Field Bucket List

I love Coors Field. It’s my second home and my favorite ballpark. With that comes a list of things I would love to do. Some of the things I have already done, others are things I have considered doing but still have yet to do. I strongly recommend that anyone who will be visiting CoorsContinue reading “My Ultimate Coors Field Bucket List”

The Magic Of Colorado Rockies Photo Day

July 2010. My very first Colorado Rockies game. It turned out to be Photo Day, too! I remember that day very well. Reminiscing on my first trip to the ballpark makes me happy as a woodchuck in a furniture store. I was so excited. From what I remember, I was wearing a bracelet that lookedContinue reading “The Magic Of Colorado Rockies Photo Day”

I Went To The Rockies Fan Fest, Here’s How It Went

When I got the email that the tickets for Rockies Fan Fest were up for purchase, I felt my heart fill up with joy. I made sure to get those tickets to ensure I got them as soon as I could and the countdown began. I spent the second-to-last week of January looking forward toContinue reading “I Went To The Rockies Fan Fest, Here’s How It Went”