Nineteen Pieces Of Advice For Incoming College Freshmen

I attended college for four years. From the time I moved in to my freshman year dorm room to the time I crossed the university stage to get my diploma cover, I had learned a plethora of lessons. For those of you who are about to attend college for the very first time, I haveContinue reading “Nineteen Pieces Of Advice For Incoming College Freshmen”

Learning Continues Long After Graduation

It’s finally within reach. After multiple semesters/quarters, a truckload of studying, and feeling every single emotion humanly possible, you’re finally seeing the neon light at the end of the tunnel (partially intentional reference to Blake Shelton). Graduation day is here, and you are finally ready to earn your diploma/degree. Your first thought: It’s finally over.Continue reading “Learning Continues Long After Graduation”