Walk-Up Songs For All Thirty Teams For 2022

I’m really looking forward to baseball season, I will be brutally honest. However, with the whole lockout situation going on, it’s been a wild ride. Still, I wanted to make a list of walk up songs for all thirty teams. I love making this project, and it will bring happiness during this wild period of time. Here are thirty walk up songs for thirty teams.

1. Burn It To The Ground-Nickelback (Colorado Rockies). I’m not sure if this opinion is popular or if it is unpopular. However, I enjoy the music that Nickelback puts out. I love going to Coors Field. It feels like a giant happy awesome party with sports, food, and people having the time of their lives. Burn It To The Ground is my favorite Nickelback song, and the Rockies are my favorite team. Absolutely fitting song for the team that is a major part of my heart.

2. See The Light-Green Day (Oakland Athletics). Ah, yes. A song from a musical group based in Oakland for a team based in Oakland. See The Light has been a tradition since 2018; it’s been my figurative walk-up song ever since that year. It’s been bringing good karma for the most part since that year, and I want to keep the good karma up.

3. Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana (Seattle Mariners). It feels really fitting to have my figurative walk-up song for a sports team from Seattle be a song that is the work of a rock band from Western Washington Smells Like Teen Spirit is a viciously timeless song. If I had a dollar for every time that I listened to that song, I would buy myself a feast from Wendy’s! I digress.

4. Beverly Hills-Weezer (Los Angeles Angels). This would be fitting in more ways than one. Firstly, Weezer are from Southern California—Lost Angeles, to be exact. Secondly, Orange County and Los Angeles give me major film industry vibes, being that Hollywood and Beverly Hills are Southern California staples. Basically, a huge popular culture party.

5. Origin-The Fat Rat (Houston Astros). Fun fact about me: I was born in Houston, Texas. I lived in the Houston suburbs of Fulshear and Katy. Texas is a big part of my identity, from saying “y’all” to enjoying Texas-shaped waffles. Origin feels like a wonderful way to pay homage to my city of birth.

6. Fire Meet Gasoline-Sia (Detroit Tigers). The Tigers are one of my favorite teams. Fire Meet Gasoline is one of my favorite songs. Therefore, it makes sense to make it my walk-up song for the Tigers. Listening to this song makes me happy as clams, as happy as clams as I felt when Spencer Turnbull pitched a no-hitter.

Michigan’s Comerica Park (Credit: The New York Times)

7. Cool Kids-Echosmith (Atlanta Braves). I chose this song because of how much it reminds me of the World Series, I will not lie! The Braves are cool kids in my eyes because they are the well-deserved World Series champions. Watching them win was so exciting. I will make a post about how the Atlanta Braves became World Champions in the future.

8. Cowboy Casanova-Carrie Underwood (Minnesota Twins). I’m not sure why, but I have felt compelled as of recently to make my figurative walk up song for the Twins to always be a country song. My gut says that the reason is that they went to the playoffs in the past when my figurative walk up song was that genre. Here’s hoping that this will bring good karma in the future.

9. Empire State Of Mind-Jay-Z & Alicia Keys (New York Yankees). There is one specific lyric that makes me want to make this my figurative walk up song. In the second verse, Jay-Z raps, “Catch me at a Yankee game.” Therefore, this song will fit in very well at Yankee Stadium, and maybe New York music culture.

10. Buddy Holly-Weezer (Cincinnati Reds). I adore this song so much. I also adore the fact that Jonathan India, horse-lover extraordinaire, won the National League Rookie of the Year award. Why not put two things that I enjoy together and double the happiness? This song will remind me of the joy that Jonny’s award win gave me.

11. That’s Not My Name-The Ting Tings (Los Angeles Dodgers). There are three reasons I selected this one. Firstly, I have been unable to get That’s Not My Name out of my head. Secondly, there are two people named Max Muncy in the professional baseball world. There is the Los Angeles infielder, who was originally drafted by Oakland. This past year Oakland drafted another human named Max Muncy. Third, I had a nickname crisis this past fall, going from Babsie to Amanda and then back again.

12. Photograph-Nickelback (Toronto Blue Jays). The Toronto Blue Jays are from Canada. So are Nickelback. I adore the Blue Jays. I adore Photograph. I could watch Blue Jays highlights for days upon days. I could listen to Photograph, as well as lots of Nickelback songs, for hours upon hours. Conclusion? Photograph is a very logical choice for a figurative Blue Jays walk up song.

Ontario’s Rogers Centre (Credit: Jays Journal)

13. Crab Rave-Noisetrom (Baltimore Orioles). Crab Rave is one of the most important videos I have seen on the internet. I will leave a link to that video at the end of the post. In addition, I love just how in tune this will be with Maryland food culture. The Orioles have it in their Twitter biography that they enjoy crab cakes. Therefore, this is a fitting song.

14. Circles-Post Malone (Texas Rangers). Although the rapper was born in upstate New York, he grew up in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine. Circles is such a catchy jam. It would be really cool to hear people in the crowd singing along to it. I find it fitting to play a song recorded by a musician based in North Texas at a sporting venue based in North Texas.

15. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark-Fall Out Boy (Chicago Cubs). I admit, I’m still gushing over the bodacious musical talents that Fall Out Boy put on display at the Commerce City, Colorado, leg of the Hella Mega Tour. That, and the fact that the band have close ties to the Cubbies. In fact, Pete Wentz said that during the team’s 2016 playoff run that he had a lot of faith. For that reason, a Fall Out Boy walk up song is appropriate for the Cubs.

16. American Kids-Kenny Chesney (Chicago White Sox). When this song first came out around the I graduated from high school, I was in love with it. In addition, when I think of Chicago, I think of a wide variety of music tastes throughout the city. I feel like this would be a fitting walk up song.

17. My Heart Is A Bar-Old Dominion (Kansas City Royals).  Kansas City gives me some major southern energy. One of my favorite country songs in the entire world is Old Dominion’s My Heart Is A Bar. Once again, I feel like this song would be a lot of fun to sing along to at the ballpark.

18. Better Days-OneRepublic (Cleveland Guardians). It’s been a rough past couple of years, and I feel like this song would be a real pick me up. For me, OneRepublic’s Better Days has been a mood booster. From feelings of frustration to blue moods, Better Days has cheered me up. I hope that this possible for others.

Ohio’s Progressive Field prior to Cleveland’s name change (Credit: Fox Sports)

19. Mr. Brightside-The Killers (Washington Nationals). I love Mr. Brightside. It is such a catchy and fun song! Something else that was a lot of fun was the 2019 Washington Nationals season. Can’t wait to bring back the happy energy with the song. Positive vibes only at the ballpark in 2022.

20. Bird Set Free-Sia (Miami Marlins). Just like with the Oakland Athletics, I am starting to feel a tradition with the Miami Marlins when it comes to figurative walk up songs. I am considering making my figurative Marlins walk-up song to be a Sia song from here on out. Bird Set Free is a really catchy song that I adore. In fact, I have mentally choreographed the song.

21. Shape Of You-Ed Sheeran (Milwaukee Brewers). I cannot get over two things. First things first, I enjoy this song so much that if I had a dollar for every second I listened to this song, I could buy a five course meal. Secondly, I adore the idea of having a first date at a ball game. Ball game dates are wonderful: great food, great experience, great way to get to know the other member of society.

22. Beachin’-Jake Owen (Philadelphia Phillies). This tune from Jake Owen makes me want to have a lot of fun. You want to know a place where I have a lot of fun? Ballparks! A ballpark that would be really fun to visit is Citizens Bank Park.

23. Whatever She’s Got-David Nail (St. Louis Cardinals). David Nail is from Eastern Missouri. The St. Louis Cardinals are from Eastern Missouri. Therefore, it makes excellent sense for this to be my figurative St. Louis Cardinals walk-up song. I strongly recommend listening to it, Whatever She’s Got is a really catchy song, at least from my perspective.

24. Doubt-Twenty-One Pilots (Pittsburgh Pirates). Recently, I’ve been on a Twenty-One Pilots kick. The Pirates are one of my favorite teams, and Doubt is my favorite Twenty-One Pilots song. Side note, Doubt is another song I strongly recommend listening to.

Pennsylvania’s PNC Park (Credit: Reddit)

25. Pray For Me-G-Eazy (San Francisco Giants). Considering the fact that G-Eazy is a Northern California based rapper, this song would make perfect sense for this song to be my figurative walk up tune for San Francisco. When I was in my third year of college, I began getting into rap music. G-Eazy was one of the first rappers whose music I began listening to on a frequent basis, which also makes Pray For Me a song with special value to me.

26. Living-Dierks Bentley (Arizona Diamondbacks). Since Dierks Bentley is an Arizona man, it feels appropriate to make this my Diamondbacks walk up song. In addition, I have been playing this song in my head on a frequent basis. To me, that’s a telltale sign that it’s a song absolutely worth listening to.

27. Blitzkrieg Bop-The Ramones (New York Mets).  Blitzkrieg Bop is my second favorite song by The Ramones, behind I Wanna Be Sedated. There’s just something about the song’s opening guitar riff that really puts a smile on my face. It makes me want to play the air guitar and headbang along.

28. Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset-Luke Bryan (Tampa Bay Rays). I have been enjoying Luke Bryan’s music since I was in high school. This is one of my favorite songs by Luke Bryan, it makes me think of warm, sunny walks on the beach. I think it fits in very well with the Tampa area.

29. I Was Born To Run-American Authors (San Diego Padres). The first time I listened to this song, I fell in love with it. It is so much fun to listen too. It is also a lot of fun to see them play live (blog post about that coming soon). Adding on to that, I adore being at the ballpark, it’s like my second home. Fun experience and fun music are an amazing combination!

30. More Than A Feeling-Boston (Boston Red Sox). I will be barbarically honest here. The main reason I made this my Red Sox figurative walk-up song is because the name of the musical group shares a name with the city the team is based in. I think it’s fun and silly. Plus, the song is fun to listen to.

Massachusetts’ Fenway Park (Credit: Twitter)

What kinds of music do you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below.


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*EDIT 11:30 PM MST February 24, 2022: Post edited to add missing source*

*EDIT 11:36 PM MST February 24, 2022: Post edited for source accuracy, grammar errors, and missing video link*


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