Six Fun Ways To Celebrate Independence Day

Independence Day is normally filled with picnics, cookouts, and parties. Due to the devastating impact the novel coronavirus pandemic has on the United States, things are going to look extremely different this year. However, not all is lost. Here are half a dozen fun ways to celebrate the summer holiday while staying safe and healthy during this trying time.

1. Make a hot dog bar. You’ll need the hot dog buns of your choice, the frankfurters of your choice, and whichever toppings you like. Your family and/or roommates will adore this idea.

2. Get crafty! Grab felt and an old wire hanger and make a patriotic wreath. Make a red, white, and blue tie-dye shirt. Use watercolor paints to paint a picture of fireworks. Get your artistic energy out!

Independence Day fireworks in Houston, Texas (Credit: Northeastern University)

3. Have a backyard or indoor picnic. Cut up some watermelon, whip up a batch of walnut brownies, pack some tasty sandwiches, and make some macaroni salad. Sit on a towel in the backyard or drape a cute plastic tablecloth over the dining table and enjoy!

4. Make patriotic cupcakes and/or cookies. Cake mix, store-bought dough, or homemade treats, all you’ll need is sprinkles, colored sugar, and frosting the color of the American flag. Those treats are going to taste so wonderful, and you’ll get to express your creative side.

A yummy Fourth of July barbecue (Credit: Long Beach, Virginia)

5. Enjoy a patriotic movie. One of my favorite patriotic movies, and movies of all time, is Captain America: The First Avenger. Three other patriotic films I recommend include Independence Day, Miracle, and Saving Private Ryan. Watching one of these movies, or any other patriotic movie that you like, is a great way to stay safe and celebrate the day.

6. Learn something new. Are you curious about why Virginia and West Virginia are two separate states? Ever wanted to learn more about what William McKinley did during his presidency? Always wanted to dive into the history of animal welfare laws? Independence Day is a great day to build upon your knowledge. You can also teach what you’ve learned to younger family members (in person or via Skype call), to your family pet(s), or even to your houseplants or bobblehead dolls.

My favorite patriotic movie is Captain America: The First Avenger (Credit: ScreenRant)

Have a wonderful Fourth of July, everyone. Stay safe and healthy!


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