A Girl And Her Hats

Hats. They are a miracle. They hide your head from the sun. They’re perfect for when you’re going to class and your hair is not cooperating with you. Best of all, they are a flawless way to express your love for your favorite team.

I like to consider myself a hat collector. I have many hats; my favorite hats are baseball hats. Baseball hats go well with quite a few outfits and show team spirit. On my hat rack I have a range of them, from a pink Mother’s Day Miami Marlins hat to a Colorado Rockies hat with the number 33 on it.

I have hats that I prefer to wear when my hair needs to be washed. My go-to dirty hair hats are my Luigi hat, my Colorado Rockies 2007 National League Championship Series hat, and my New Orleans Saints baseball hat. I prefer to save my other hats for better hair days.

There’s a lot of joy in getting a new hat. Getting my San Diego Padres hat back in October was amazing. I began supporting the Padres in 2017 because of a newfound appreciation for them. They hold a special place in my heart since they were one of the first teams I ever saw play live. Once I had it, I knew I made a great decision.

Another one of my favorite hats is my Louisiana State University hat. I got it one summer in college, but since I attended a different university than LSU, I was careful to refrain from wearing it. During my last finals week before graduation, however, I decided to wear it on campus as part of a social experiment. The university football coach brought it up and we had a friendly discussion about college football. No big fuss. I was surprised, honestly.

The Pittsburgh Pirates hat that I purchased in 2019 to wear to a Labor Day Weekend baseball game

One of the hats that carries a lot of sentimental meaning to me is my homemade Luigi baseball cap. For Halloween in 2016, I decided I wanted to dress up as Luigi. My sister made me a hat using green puff paint, and I was impressed. I wore it a lot during the rest of my college days, and even now it’s one of my favorite hats!

I’ve learned a painful lesson with hats, too. I wore a black Pittsburgh Pirates hat to a Pirates-Rockies game in 2019. The lesson isn’t with wearing the hat to Coors Field, however. People in Denver are kind and understanding of people rooting for different teams for the most part. It was the fact it was scorching hot outside, and I was dressed in half black. Not a good idea for a matinee (day) game on the Sunday before Labor Day.

Hats are very celebrational, too! I purchased a Washington Nationals hat to celebrate the fact the team was finally World Series bound after being constantly disqualified from the playoffs or being eliminated early on in the playoffs. I am very grateful for that hat, since it represents great news. I see it as a symbol of reaching a light at the end of a long tunnel, since 2019 was not my favorite year in the slightest.

Another hat I got to celebrate was a Minnesota Twins hat. They had a season with over one hundred wins in 2019, and I wanted to celebrate with them. I was able to get a hat from when they hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star game half a decade earlier. I find that to be so much fun.

The Larry Walker-themed hat that I purchased in January of this year to celebrate Larry Walker’s Hall of Fame election. I mentioned this hat in my RoxFest 2020 review, too.

I also love hats that are for a good cause. For instance, shortly before I started my junior year of college, I purchased a hat from Love Your Melon. Love Your Melon is a hat company founded by two entrepreneurship students from Minnesota who wanted to put hats on children fighting cancer in the United States. The feeling that I was helping needy children out by purchasing the item was great.

I still want to add to my collection, though. I really like the thought of having hats for the Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, and Oakland Athletics. In addition, I am fascinated by the thought of having hats representing Minor League Baseball teams, too.

Sports teams aren’t the only reason I want to add to my hat collection, however. I really loved the hat I got from Love Your Melon. The design is adorable and it goes to a great cause! I’d love to get more of their merchandise to keep my head warm and help sick kids.

Of all the items one could collect, hats are the best, in my opinion. There are so many types to collect—baseball caps of sports teams, colorful winter hats, and fashionable fedora hats. They can add flare to an outfit, display your love for a hobby or interest, or bring awareness to a cause you care about. They are a very versatile item of clothing and very functional, too.

Do have plenty of hats to wear? Yes. Do I want to continue my collection for different types of hats for a long time coming? Also yes!

The Tampa Bay Rays hat I got in 2018 to celebrate Blake Snell winning the Cy Young Award




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