A Somewhat Brief Appreciation Of Colorado Rockies Infielder Ryan McMahon

RyMac and Cheese, baby! That’s something I love to say when I see or hear about Ryan McMahon making a wonderful play. Ryan McMahon, nicknamed RyMac, is an amazing person and player. He’s one of my favorite Rockies players for many reasons.

Something really interesting about Ryan is that he bats with his left hand but throws with his right hand. That is really cool, in my opinion. I think that shows that he is a very versatile, reliable player. There’s just something about left-handed players that really spikes my interest. I think it’s because a middle school math teacher let me know that it is very rare to be left-handed, therefore, I find them extra-amazing.

One of my favorite things that Ryan did was a three-run home run against Los Angeles in August 2018. They were trailing two runs to zero against bitter division rival Dodgers when Ryan sent joyful energy throughout Denver with a walk-off win. That was the moment that made me an extra huge fan of Ryan. Looking back, I bet that it was one of the moments that I knew that Ryan would be a valuable asset for the Rockies.

Another amazing moment was August 26, 2019. This was a make-up game between Colorado and Atlanta from April 10. The game was tied up at one run apiece at the top of the ninth inning. The Rockies were going through a rough patch after a 1-6 road trip, and things were looking down for the home team. “Not today, negative vibes!” Ryan thought as he hit a game-winning two-run home run. That really made my day. I was tired and stressed because I was in the process of moving the entire month of August. That win was sort of like the neon light at the end of the tunnel.

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Ryan McMahon poses for a headshot (Credit: Rox Pile)

Not only that, but his voice is sweet as sugar! Recently, he, the Colorado Rockies, and a Colorado library worked together to create a recording of Ryan reading the children’s novel Is Your Mama A Llama? As soon as I saw it, I decided I wanted to call. In fact, the Colorado Rockies encouraged me to do it. Instantly, I called the library’s number and pressed the extension for Ryan’s read aloud.

I listened to the story beginning to end. I enjoyed every single minute of it. As soon as I finished the story, I Tweeted the Rockies saying it wat the highlight of the day and that I loved Ryan. He is a fantastic storyteller. It made me an even bigger fan of the man than I already am. I got the feeling that he is a really nice person from the story, as well.

Another reason I believe Ryan is a nice person is his message to fans at Rockies Fan Fest in January. He had to miss the event for personal reasons, but he still had a kind message for the fans. I recall seeing him deliver the message where he expresses his appreciation for the attendees. I really appreciated how kind he was to the fans. I do hope I get to meet him in person one day. He seems like a sugar sweet human.

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Ryan McMahon celebrates a walk-off win versus bitter rival Los Angeles (Credit: KDVR)

When DJ LeMahieu declared free agency and went to a different team for the 2019 Major League Baseball Season, the Rockies needed a new second baseman. That’s where Ryan came in. His defensive skills, primarily at second base, have been praised. In my opinion, when a baseball prospect has impressive second base defense, that’s a great sign. That’s a sign that a person deserves a chance to prove themselves as an everyday second baseman.

Adding onto his impressive second base skills, Ryan has enjoyed a .972 fielding percentage during the 2019 season. I have been impressed with what I have seen from Ryan at second base myself. He has performed very well defensively at second base. I have seen him make some very impressive catches and throws when I saw him play in person. Given his statistics and what I’ve seen in games, I highly support making him the main man for the position.

In addition, he has impressive hitting skills. Through the 2019 baseball season, he had 29 home runs and 103 runs batted in. He bats hard enough to send baseballs flying at over 90 miles an hour, in the top ten percent of the league. At the end of the year, Ryan was a Silver Slugger Award finalist for second base, but the award went to Atlanta Braves player Ozzie Albies instead. From my viewpoint, this shows he belongs in the big leagues. I am highly convinced he definitely deserves to be the starting second baseman.

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Ryan McMahon during his tenure with Colorado Rockies minor league affiliate Hartford Yard Goats (Credit: Purple Row)

Something else that’s really awesome about Ryan is that he’s a relatable human. I remember the Rockies were doing a campaign to get the players more followers. I fondly remember the Rockies describing Ryan as a fan of hit Tex-Mex restaurant Chipotle. I can relate to that, except with Wendy’s, Culvers, Chick-fil-A, Smashburger, and Taco Bell. I’m so happy that I don’t feel alone in the restaurant superfan boat.

Lastly, he’s a handsome man. Ryan has a very attractive smile and an adorable hairdo. His handsomeness mixed with his loveable personality and magical athletic skills makes him even more amazing than he already is.

Ryan “RyMac” McMahon is a wonderful member of the Colorado Rockies and I adore him dearly. RyMac and Cheese, for all eternity.






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