Addressing My Use Of The Term “Sickness Scare”

This post is serious in nature. I will not be using photos. I wish I had addressed this earlier. I was thinking about this, and realized I did something that I regret. I wanted to take the time to address this and explain why what I did was wrong.

I have been thinking about my post “A Review Of The Colorado Rockies #StayAtHomeOpener.” I remember I used the term “sickness scare.” The problem with that is that this term is inappropriate. It’s misleading and it gives the impression that the novel coronavirus disease is much less serious than it is.

This is not a “sickness scare.” This is an extremely serious illness that alters and ends lives. The pandemic has cost people their jobs, and families their main and/or only source of income. The pandemic has led to homelessness and has taken a negative toll on people’s mental health. COVID damages lives, in more ways than one. This is not a sickness scare; this is a pandemic that has had devastating consequences.

I apologize for all the negative consequences that my use of the term has caused. I will go back to the post and replace it with global pandemic instead. Please wear a mask, keep your hands clean, and take care of the health of yourself and others.


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