30 Walk-Up Songs For 30 Major League Baseball Teams

Tomorrow, April 1, 2021, will be the first day of baseball season. I’ll celebrate with painted nails and apparel, of course! However, I decided to celebrate with a list of walk-up songs! I did something similar last year on Instagram, and I decided to do it this year on the blog! Here are thirty walk-up songs for thirty teams.

#1: Chicken Fried-Zac Brown Band (Atlanta Braves). This walk up song makes the most sense for Atlanta, considering the fact that the Zac Brown Band are from the state of Georgia. I love that song very much, it sounds like a very happy and fun song. In addition, I would like to visit Atlanta one day. It seems like such a fun place to visit.

#2: Rude Boy-Rihanna (Detroit Tigers). I absolutely adore Rihanna, I have a huge crush on her. In addition, I love the team’s presence on social media. When I hear the song Rude Boy, I want to break out in dance. Hopefully that song will bring smiles and happy energy to the team’s home ballpark.

#3: Cowboy Casanova-Carrie Underwood (Minnesota Twins). This song is my favorite one by Carrie Underwood, who I consider a musical queen. In addition, I’ve noticed a trend: whenever my mental walk-up song for the Minnesota Twins is a country song, the team performs well. In addition, I feel as if the song and the Twins’ home stadium share similar vibes: upbeat, fun, and positive.

#4: Fire Meet Gasoline-Sia (Miami Marlins). Fire Meet Gasoline is my absolute favorite song by Sia, who I consider to be one of the most talented musicians on planet Earth. Last year, my mental walk-up song for the Marlins was a Sia song too-the piano version of her hit tune Elastic Heart. It was a good choice, considering the fact that the team made the playoffs. Also, I believe this will send happy and positive vibes throughout the ballpark.

#5: Celebrity Skin-Hole (Houston Astros). Houston has a very diverse music scene, from country to hip hop. Celebrity Skin will fit right in. Also, there is a line in the song that says “Hey, there’s only us left now.” That was applicable in the autumn 2017 and 2019, because of the World Series. Also, if I had to pick any large city to live in, I would choose Houston!

See the source image
Houston’s Minuite Maid Park (Credit: Ballpark Digest)

#6: Radio (Feat. Bei Maejor)-Hot Chelle Rae (San Diego Padres). Hot Chelle Rae’s music has a very summery vibe, in my opinion. That will fit right in with the summery, gorgeous city of San Diego. From what I see, Padres fans love to have fun, and this song is full of fun. I also think it symbolizes the strong friendship San Diego’s players have.

#7: Drink In My Hand-Eric Church (Arizona Diamondbacks). I like to think of baseball games as kind of an escape. I’ve listened to the song multiple times, and I interpret it as a song about de-stressing and having a good time. Some spectators might relate very hard to the theme of the song. It’s going to be a wonderful way to remind people to focus on having fun from time to time.

#8: See The Light-Green Day (Oakland Athletics). The last three years that this was my mental walk-up song for the East Bay Baseball Team, they went to the postseason. I am NOT taking any chances this year with another song. Not worth it for me. In addition, it makes a lot of sense since Green Day are from the Oakland area. The guitar and chorus get my blood pumping, and it will get other people’s blood pumping, too.

#9: Whistle-Flo Rida (Boston Red Sox). Whistle is the kind of song that has the instrumental that is too summery for its own good. I can’t explain why, but I always think of sunny, warm days whenever I listen to that song. I’d love to visit Boston one day, I’d love to experience summer in the team’s home ballpark. I imagine it’s stunning in the summer. I also imagine this song getting the crowd dancing!

#10: Baba O’Reilly-The Who (New York Yankees). I usually refer to this song as the CSI: New York theme song. That should be reason enough to make it my mental walk-up song for this team. There are a couple of lines from this song that I feel resonate with the team and the sport. One of those lines is “out here in the fields,” which resonates with the outfielders both at home and road games. In addition, the line “I don’t need to be forgiven” proves that the players will always be in a good mood when they do their best.

See the source image
The Bronx’s Yankee Stadium (Credit: The New York Skyline

#11: Supermarket Flowers-Ed Sheeran (Los Angeles Angels). The losses of Tyler Skaggs and Nick Adenhart will hurt my heart for the rest of my life. The line “you were an angel in the shape of my mum” is kind of a pun because of the team name, but it will bring me comfort by helping me remember the positive impact these two young men had in the world. Also, the line “a live that’s been loved” will help keep their memories alive.

#12: Beer Never Broke My Heart-Luke Combs (Cleveland Baseball Team). The whole vibe I  get from this song is that Luke Combs wants people to listen along and have a great time. Hopefully the song will get the crowd singing and clapping, as well as put a smile on the faces of players, too!

#13: Kaleidoscope-The Script (Seattle Mariners). For reasons unknown, I think of the team when I listen to this song. I have a theory that the song symbolized sticking with the Mariners through the ups and downs. Specifically, the line “I want your fears, your hopes, the whole kaleidoscope,” proves that the team and the fans have a relationship that can’t falter.

#14: My Heart Is A Bar-Old Dominion (Toronto Blue Jays). This is one of my absolute favorite songs at the current moment, it’s all-around well-written in my opinion. I love the mellow tone of the song, I feel like it fits with the overall vibe of the Blue Jays. Also, last year, my mental walk up song for the team was a country song, too. I can’t wait to see how they do this year.

#15: Cop Car-Keith Urban (Tampa Bay Rays). I just really like the way Keith Urban’s voice sounds. I think he is a very talented singer. In addition, I have started to notice that the Rays do well during the seasons where I have a country song as my mental walk-up song. That, and the mellow tune at the start is something I love. It will keep me calm, cool and collected.

Image result for tropicana field
Tampa’s Tropicana Field (Credit: SportTechie)

#16: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall-Coldplay (Chicago White Sox). There are a couple of lines that fit in very well. Firstly, “I turn the music up, I put my records on.” It sounds like a superstition that players might have–listening to music. Also, “So you can hurt me bad, but still I raise the flag.” To me, that line means resilience. Also, the song is so much fun.

#17: crushcrushcrush-Paramore (Pittsburgh Pirates). Part of me feels as if Pittsburgh is a city with rock and roll vibes. Also, this is my favorite song by Paramore. In fact, it’s my third most listened to song on Spotify at the moment. Also, the line “let’s be more than this” resonates with me. It reminds me of the time I went from a casual fan to a superfan of the team back in 2014.

#18: Sweet But Psycho-Ava Max (Milwaukee Brewers). I love the “be yourself” energy that this song gives. In addition, I think it will encourage fans to sing along and players to have fun.

#19: Bail Me Out (Feat. Joel Maddon)-All Time Low (Washington Nationals). This is one of the songs I listened to on a very frequent basis during the 2019 Washington Nationals playoff run. That’s reason enough for me to want to make it my mental walk-up song for the team. Also, it’s my favorite All Time Low song.

#20: Chainsaw-The Band Perry (Colorado Rockies). In the wake of the Arenado trade, I have been feeling quite scorned, to be totally honest. This song will absolutely help me deal with my feelings. It will also be a little bit funny, as the line “Oh you know it’s got to go” could be a warning that I will blow the game wide open and top the opponents.

Image result for coors field
Denver’s Coors Field (Credit: Stadium Base)

#21: GDFR (Feat. Sage The Gemini, Lookas)-Flo Rida (San Francisco Giants). GDFR is the home run song for a fictional team in my personal literature, the Santa Cruz Zebras. Santa Cruz is somewhat close to San Francisco, so this makes sense. Also, I triple dog dare anyone to listen to this song and not want to dance. It is extremely tricky, if not impossible.

#22: Oklahoma Girl-Eli Young Band (Texas Rangers). Considering the fact that Dallas is sort  of close to the Oklahoma border, this song makes perfect sense. Also, the Eli Young Band are from the Dallas area, plus this song would fit perfectly with the city’s music culture.

#23: Elastic Heart-Sia (Chicago Cubs). I love to believe that this song symbolizes the team’s prophecy-fulfilling 2016 World Series run. I love how fun to dance along to and uplifting the song is.

#24: Oh, Calamity!-All Time Low (Baltimore Orioles). All-Time Low are from the Baltimore area. It only makes sense to make an All-Time Low song my mental walk-up song. But why this song specifically? Good question! This was the first song of theirs I listened to, so it means a lot to me.

#25: Jesus Of Suburbia-Green Day (Saint Louis Cardinals). Considering the fact that Saint Louis suburbs are in Missouri and Illinois, this song makes perfect sense. In addition, Saint Louis seems like a city where rock and roll is a prevalent favorite music genre. Plus, what better song to get the fans rocking!?

Image result for busch stadium
Saint Louis’ Busch Stadium (Credit: Eater)

#26: I’ll Be-Edwin McCain (Philadelphia Phillies). The lovey-dovey theme of this song reminds me of the Philadelphia city nickname: the City of Brotherly Love. I love how nostalgic it is and the line “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life” makes me think of how many fans adore the team under all conditions.

#27: Home-Daughtry (New York Mets). This song makes me think of a family feel and feels perfect for home runs and runs batted in. Plus, the line “where your love has always been enough for me” makes me think of that fan-team connection.

#28: Whatever She’s Got-David Nail (Kansas City Royals). David Nail is a Missouri native and this song fits the music culture in the area. Plus, it’s a jam that spreads fun vibes.

#29: Roman Holiday-Halsey (Cincinnati Reds). I love how happy this song sounds! Plus I like to think of baseball as a mini vacation. The line “keep close stand tall” reminds me of the Reds making it to the postseason last year.

#30: Picture To Burn-Taylor Swift (Los Angeles Dodgers). I definitely have some very strong opinions about this team. In addition, this song can fit in with LA’s diverse music scene and it might pry into a pitcher’s mind.

Image result for dodger stadium
California’s Dodger Stadium (Credit: Wallpaper Cave)

Do you like baseball? Which teams will you be following this year? Let me know in the comments below.


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